Katsav Gets 7 Years, Yet Ireland Still Has Far To Go In Holding Politicians To Account

Israel has demonstrated commitment to the rule of law this week, with former President Moshe Katsav finally receiving a 7 year sentence for rape and sexual assault. Though it has taken 5 years, Israel has made it clear no one, not even a former Head of State, is above the law. Surely, Ireland can learn a thing or two from this in light of its never-ending costly tribunals? Ehud Olmert is similarly being brought to justice for what seem like minor matters in comparison to the likes of Charles J. Haughey, though it is satisfying to know that he will be punished while he is still alive if found guilty.

Its amazing to think that a former Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, vacated his position due to having an American bank account – containing something like 2,000 US Dollars – that he had left open after his stint as Ambassador to the US. This was an offence (albeit a minor one) under Israeli law at the time.

This attitude seems almost alien when seen in light of Ireland’s political and journalistic class, with Irish Times journalist Sarah Carey shamelessly declaring that she lied to the Moriarty Tribunal on Primetime recently:

It is clear that in Ireland there still exists a different legal code for the elite and for the ordinary man.

Much has been made about Katsav’s Iranian background and his meteoric rise from a disproportionally disadvantaged demographic. However, one aspect of the case which is very much in the public’s interest to know is that the presiding Judge, George Karra, was an Arab born in Jaffa.

The other Judges were women, Judith Shevach and Miriam Sokolov.

And people still claim this is an Apartheid State?


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2 Responses to Katsav Gets 7 Years, Yet Ireland Still Has Far To Go In Holding Politicians To Account

  1. Gubu World says:


    The capability to Confront corruption, in other words, having an independent judiciary is probably the most practical test of democracy. Ireland is learning, and several politicians have been jailed and I have a feeling quite a few more will. But I think in Ireland the problem is that the Criminal Justice System is just too lenient, both on conventional and corporate crimnals. Hence the endless and directionless tribunals. Even if corrupt officials are caught, nobody seems to know what to charge them with.


  2. Jack says:

    Did Ray Burke get away with political corruption? No.

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