Oh, No! Jim Corr Is After Me!

Evil practitioners of Alternative (aka non-working) Medicine abound…

Recently I posted a link on my Facebook account about Jim Corr from broadsheet.ie. HERE it is, and its funny.

Within a short time I received this hilarious message from a certain Sandra Barr, who appears to have pestered the folks at broadsheet.ie as well:

… someone hacked into Jim Corrs Facebook account, and posted this stuff all over facebook. Jim did not post this stuff, nor would he ever. I spoke with him at length this morning, and whoever the hackers are, they seem to have had a well organised plan, that when they hacked Jims account and posted this stuff, that it would at once go viral on the net. I have already contacted the Broadsheet site admin about this matter.

I can assure you 100% that Jim did not post that link, and he is currently looking into legal action, and trying to trace the hackers. In the mean time, anyone seen posting this stuff and attributing it too Jim, will be viewed as suspect, and possibly connected to the hackers.
I would advice you remove that post, or face being connected to them, as Jim is taking this matter very seriously

Sandra Barr

Sandra Barr is a reflexologist and Reiki practitioner. You have to love these moments, when someone who believes you are as ignorant of the law as they are issues you with these threats.

But this wasn’t the end of it. Nine people subsequently private messaged me menacing death threats and accusing me of the usual: being a Mossad agent, a Rupert Murdoch minion and employee of Royal Bank of Scotland out to bring Jim Corr down. Seven out of ten members of Jim Corr’s army who contacted me are apparently in the field of ‘alternative medicine’. This actually seems to be typical homeopath and crystal healer behavior.

One man, trying to be the next Joseph N. Welch inquired: ”HAVE YOU NO DECENCY, SIR?!”

To which I responded in the positive: ”Indeed I do sir, though I appear to have left it on Sharon Corr’s nightstand”.

I have no desire to bring down Jim Corr. I have never even visited his website, that the journalist Harry Browne complained about on his Late Late Show appearance. It does bother me, however, that the brave and truthful Lord Monckton was interviewed alongside Mr. Corr on the Late Late Show, which was a clear attempt to put skeptics of the Global Warming scam on the same level as ”9/11 Truthers” and anti-Mossad conspiracy peddlers. I complained about this to RTÉ and they have never given me a satisfactory response.


Eugene Terre’Blanche

Its been over a year since the leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, which seeks independence for the Afrikaners of South Africa, was murdered in a particularly brutal manner on his farm during the Easter period. The precise date was April 3rd, and I had planned to write something on it then. However, Freedom Forum 2011, a gathering of young libertarians from across the UK was taking place in Birmingham at the time and it slipped my mind. I was delighted to attend this wonderful event, and may the Forum go from strength to strength!

Back on topic, however: It seems that the news media to this day insists Terre’Blanche was killed in some kind of labour dispute with his farmhands. This is a lie. Eugene Terre’Blanche was a victim of a farm murder – a gruesome aspect of the War on White South Africa, happening with the help of a government that runs the ‘New South Africa’ as an effective one-party state. This ‘Rainbow Nation’ is a place where dissident bloggers are found dead in the toilets of police stations, and where the regime has passed media censorship laws far harsher than anything seen under the Apartheid system. Whatever you think of Terre’Blanche, Mandela or the ANC, certain facts have to be recognised and serious problems tackled head on. Problems which many people in the media and academia all over the world don’t want to acknowledge.

Before Eugene Terre’Blanche’s death, 3149 white farmers had been murdered in a strikingly similar manner: more often than not, the target’s corpse is mutilated beyond recognition, with the victim  being humiliated and some  body parts frequently being used as a form of ‘trophy’. Two weeks before Terre’Blanche became the target of barbaric hooligans, a seventeen year old girl, Anika Smit, was raped, had her throat slashed (sixteen times) and her hands removed, presumably to be kept as mementos. Terre’Blanche appeared to have been sexually molested also, with his trousers removed by the killers to display his genitals. Crimen injuria (the dehumanization of the victim) is a noticeable feature of South African criminal law. Terre’Blanche was clearly murdered for the same reason as Anika Smit and thousands of others.

Afrikaner farmers effectively feed the Continent. They do this despite a constant campaign of genocide being waged against them. The annual casualty rate for a white South African farmer is 313 per 100,000 – four times the rate for the rest of the population, according to Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, who runs ‘Genocide Watch‘. This makes their job the most dangerous on earth. Miners in Third World countries suffer something like 278 casualties per 100,000.

We must not forget the tragedy of the Afrikaner people and their highly vulnerable position. People like the Boers, the first victim of ‘concentration camps’ have certainly suffered enough at the hands of the British. The fact that the current aggressors are the darlings of the Human Rights Industry on our soil makes it all the worse to bear.

Survivor of an attempted ‘farm murder’

Peaceful demonstration against the mass killings in Pretoria. We owe these civilised people some support

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An Interesting Historical Parallel – When is FDR like Nasser?

I was intrigued by this Eric Margolis article in Lew Rockwell’s site today. Margolis is a man I often disagree with, particularly on the subjects of Israel, Islam and the EU, but he does trump most of the other foreign affairs ‘experts’ out there.

Margolis points out one of the main reasons Imperial Japan chose to attack the United States when it did:

When in late 1941, US President Franklin Roosevelt sought (my view) to push Japan into the war by imposing an embargo of oil and scrap metal on Japan, Tokyo had a two-year stockpile of oil.

Tokyo’s military-dominated government faced a stark choice: go immediately to war in hopes of a quick victory while there was still oil, or watch its oil stores dwindle way and thus face military impotence. War was the choice.

This all reminded me of another war under three decades later: Israel’s spectacular Six Day War, in which three Arab (Soviet-sponsored) armies were utterly humiliated, though this in turn left Israel with the curse of having to rule over another people until this day. One of the major catalysts of this war was the Egyptian decision to block ships bound for Israel through the Straits of Tiran, depriving Israel of most of its main access to oil. The Israelis were then facing a similar predicament to Japan’s in 1941.

One of the reasons I write this is to address the historical revisionism that has taken place around the Six Day War. Nasser knew by closing the Straits he would provoke Israel into making war, a war he was certainly looking to fight. UN peacekeeping troops had been expelled from the Sinai by the Egyptians with no opposition. Israel was on alert, but it was the closure of the Straits that made war inevitable. As Nasser said in a cabinet meeting on May 21st: ”Now with our concentrations in Sinai, the chances of war are fifty-fifty… But if we close the Strait, war will be a one hundred percent certainty”.

I suppose the main lesson from all this is that the great classical liberal theorist Frédéric Bastiat was right:

”When goods don’t cross borders, armies will”.

Israel-Nasser Cartoon

Letter to Tamar Fogel from Irish Academic and Author, Dennis MacEoin

NOTE: This letter has recently been translated into Hebrew and I am told will reach Tamar Fogel, who survived the recent massacre of her family. I have no further comments to make.


Dear Tamar,

We have never met, nor are we likely to. I am not a Jew nor an Israeli, though for many years I have defended both Jews and Israelis from the physical and political attacks that are made on them. I live in England, though I’m Irish. The Irish used to be great enemies of the English, who did bad things to us, but who gave us their language, something in which we excel. But many years ago, long before you were born, the enmity between the Irish and the English faded. We are not the same people, but we no longer hate each other, and the English Queen will soon make her first visit to Ireland, in a gesture that the past is past, that we are now allies, not enemies.

The most important thing for you is to be sure that the only guilty parties were the terrorists who carried out the slaughter. And I need not tell you that these were not the first Palestinian terrorists to take out their hate, their resentment, and their jealousy on helpless Jews living on Jewish land.

I have watched you in two videos, the first time when Binyamin Netanyahu came to visit you and your grandparents, and I still remember the force with which you challenged him, such an important man and such a young girl. And after that your tears. It seemed to me then, and it seems to me now that the dead are at peace, and your two living brothers may grow up with less dark memories, but that you above all are old enough and aware enough to carry the most terrible memories through the rest of your life. But I also saw a second video in which you spoke to a reporter from Israeli National Television, and here your tears gave way to a most articulate, awesomely mature, and moving assertion of your right to live in Samaria. I wish every Palestinian could watch that video with an Arabic voice-over. Perhaps there and then they might see that their fight against Israel is worthless, that you will never surrender, that you will not let yourselves be led to the slaughter as happened all those years ago. Rabbi Chaim Potok once wrote that there are no more gentle Jews. He did not mean that Jews are no longer kind or good, but that they now know how to fight back. Kol Hakavod for every word you spoke.

You will grow up among strong people, and you will finally marry and have children of your own. That may seem far off to you, but to someone much older like myself, it will happen in no time at all. When that happens, and when your two brothers find wives and have children, there will soon be more Fogels than before. They cannot substitute for the dead, but they can stand up and speak for them down the long years to come. Your life, however much you may wish it otherwise, will be overshadowed by the terrible event that has fallen on you. You will ask questions and you may find answers. After the Shoah, many rabbis tackled the question of hester panim, asking why HaShem had seemed to turn his face away from his people. I am not a Jew, and I cannot provide easy answers to those questions. You must seek your own answers from your rabbis and in your scriptures. One answer may be found in a short sound recording that was made in Belsen shortly after its liberation by British forces. It was made by the BBC and contains at the end description of a Shabbat service held by a British rabbi, at the end of which the survivors stand and sing HaTikva. They are weak, they are out of tune, some of them will still die: but they are singing in open defiance of the very great Nazi evil that had overwhelmed them and their families. Three years after that, the state of Israel was established.

I’m writing, first because I’m a writer and that’s how I express my feelings best. But also because I want to convey just how many people’s thoughts are with you. You have your grandparents and aunts or uncles, and after that you have your small and concerned community of I’tamar, but beyond that you have a world of people, Jews and non-Jews, who stand with you in your grief. We feel helpless, not knowing what we can or should do to help, yet longing to do so. How many people can say they truly love the murderers who came to your house that night? Some may hand out candies and dance in the streets, but how meaningful is that? They love themselves and their own dreams of glory, but who can truly love men of blood, people who kill infants in their cradles?

For you the greatest problem of the next few years may be this: you are still a child and you deserve to be reading funny books and watching films and playing games and going to your youth club; but many will treat you as an adult before you are entirely ready for adult responsibilities. You do seem older than your years, but you should not be rushed into adulthood. I am sure your grandparents and others will understand this and will do their best to protect you from those who want to take your childhood away from you.

Enough of the advice! Everyone likes to give advice. You don’t have to listen to any of it, and advice isn’t really the reason I’ve written. You are in my thoughts and in the thoughts of millions of other people because the murder of your family has gone so deeply into so many people’s hearts. The list of atrocities carried out on Jews, not just in Israel but beyond, is very long. As a result, it’s easy to let them all blur together into one mass. But every so often one death or a group of deaths stands out and demands special attention. One day there will be a memorial to the sacrifice your family made. People from far away may come to visit it. Photographs of it will appear in the press. But the true memorial will be you, an ordinary girl, with a torn heart and a wounded soul, going to school, going to shul, making friends, baking bread, sewing, cooking, reading, blushing when a certain young man comes to speak to you, going to Kever Yosef to marry him, giving birth to your first child. I just mean to say that no-one expects from you heroic deeds, no-one wants you to have to shoulder resistance to all the evils you know better than most. It is your ordinary deeds, the day-to-day living of an ordinary life that are for the creators of horror the most painful thing of all, that Jews will continue to live on land sanctified by Jewish blood. At the end of that recording made in Belsen, someone calls out ‘Am Yisrael Chai’. By living, the killers only bring eternal disgrace on themselves, their families, and everyone who shelters them. By living, you make clear to everyone that the People of Israel live, that their light will not be snuffed out, and that when your enemies have gone to dust and seen a darkness beyond measure engulf them, the light of the Jews will illuminate the nations. Grow and be happy and tell us what you see on your journey.

Denis MacEoin


Goldstone Admits Report Is Now Worthless

I recall having a debate on some blog or forum disputing the oft-repeated notion that Israel killed mostly Arab civilians in Gaza during Cast Lead (as well as other conflicts). Finding the average of all the casualty estimates from Israeli military and Palestinian advocacy groups (cleverly disguised as ‘human rights’ organisations), the most generous statistic to Hamas is that a little under half the casualties were non-combatants. Even though Israeli estimates are generally more accurate, I did not pursue this during the argument. My opponent, upset that he or she could no longer use a popular trope, resorted to claiming I was being cold and disrespectful towards the dead by counting them.

The lesson I learned is that you can’t really debate the Israel bashers, as the movement has become something of a cult. Honest casualty statistics have been out for years on subjects like the Second Intifada – where, as 95% of the Arab casualties were male, we can assume fewer civilians were killed on their side as opposed to Israel’s, where the gender ratio is around 60:40. Yet facts seem to have little impact.

That is why my initial joy on hearing Judge Richard Goldstone’s retraction of the report bearing his name, a popular and powerful cudgel in the Human Rights Industry’s arsenal against little Israel, was tempered by remembering the stupidity and fanaticism of Israel’s enemies. The Hamas Interior Minister in Gaza, Fathi Hamad, admitted to a UK-based Islamic newspaper last year that most of the Cast Lead casualties were Hamas affiliated combatants (to Israel’s great credit in such a difficult region, while also verifying Israeli statistics), but there was little reaction in the popular centres of opinion.

I never went for the jugular with Goldstone, like many friends of Israel did, in the wake of the Report. I believed his daughter when she claimed on Israel’s Army Radio that her father stepped up to the position to counter the expected anti-Israel bias of the panel. Goldstone, I think, was a victim of the Human Rights Industry, who probably jumped for joy that they could put a Jew on the cover of their ‘findings’. Goldstone could do little with his biased four colleagues (more on them later) and the overall Islamic and left-wing influence in the International Order.

Much of what Goldstone wrote in the Washington Post I certainly agree with. Israel did not have a policy of intentionally killing civilians, unlike Hamas. Israel is in the process of bringing those who individually broke the rules to justice. Hamas has done nothing in this regard. Furthermore, the most serious allegation facing Israel during the conflict, the question of the deaths of 29 members of the al-Simouni family, is proving to be a result of a commander’s misinterpretation of a drone image and not a deliberate war crime.

However, I am concerned about other aspects of the article. An honest discussion of the Goldstone Report should really involve discussing the environment in which it was created – as an arm of the Human Rights Council. Goldstone is still complaining about Israel’s ”lack of cooperation” with his mission, yet in the same breath acknowledges the Council’s ”history of bias against Israel cannot be doubted”. With this in mind, why would Israel want to give more legitimacy to the farce, which has been chaired by Libya, while over a third of its resolutions have been directed against the small state of Israel? Both Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-moon have criticised the council for singling out Israel for condemnation while completely ignoring other, far graver matters. Goldstone never addresses the indisputable fact that one of the members of his panel (our friend was really first among equals) Christine Chinkin, had gone on public record labeling Israeli actions in Gaza a “war crime” well before the panel convened. Three of the members signed a letter to the Times that was sympathetic to the Palestinian side when the conflict was still ongoing. This included Col. Desmond Travers, a former member of the armed forces of Ireland, which was led by the extremely anti-Israel Fianna Fáil regime (overthrown earlier this year). Richard Goldstone’s timidity in confronting this matter indicate to me that he still needs friends in the Human Rights Industry and International Order. Also, Israel did make crucial information available informally through publishing open reports that could easily have been taken into consideration by the panel, but were not.

Yet the most tragic aspect of all this is that the damage of the Goldstone Report has been done. The Report was given extensive media coverage and greeted with an international fanfare. All major UK papers put the subject on the front pages, with a typical headline reading ”Israel Chastised” (New York Times) or ”Israel Should Face War-Crimes Trial Over Gaza” (the notorious Robert Fisk’s Independent). Will this retraction generate similar shocking headlines? Like many matters relating to Israel, the anti-Israel lies will outlive their debunking. The only hope for Israel is an official retraction of the UN Resolution endorsing the findings of the Report, and a televised apology form Goldstone himself. I would love to see headlines like ”Israel Vindicated” across the globe, but it seems unlikely.

Rabbi Shraga Simmons, who wrote on the piece this week for Aish.com, provides some relevant Jewish wisdom on Richard Goldstone’s retraction:

A Chasidic story tells of a man who spread malicious lies about the town rabbi. Later, he began to feel remorse. He went to the rabbi and begged forgiveness, saying that he hopes to make amends. The rabbi told the man, “Take a feather pillow, cut it open, and scatter the feathers to the winds. Then report back to me.” The man did as instructed. When he returned, the rabbi said, “Now go and gather all the feathers”.

Could there be a greater metaphor for Richard Goldstone?

From the Second Intifada: Statistics verifying Israel has no policy of intentionally killing civilians are well established, if not well known.

Highlights of the Goldstone Retraction:

If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.

The major cudgel used by Israel’s enemies from the Report was the finding that Israel had deliberately targeted civilians. There is no evidence for this:

The allegations of intentionality by Israel were based on the deaths of and injuries to civilians in situations where our fact-finding mission had no evidence on which to draw any other reasonable conclusion. While the investigations published by the Israeli military and recognized in the U.N. committee’s report have established the validity of some incidents that we investigated in cases involving individual soldiers, they also indicate that civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy.

Thus the most important and contentious part of the Report is bunk.

Some have charged that the process we followed did not live up to judicial standards. To be clear: Our mission was in no way a judicial or even quasi-judicial proceeding.