Eugene Terre’Blanche

Its been over a year since the leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, which seeks independence for the Afrikaners of South Africa, was murdered in a particularly brutal manner on his farm during the Easter period. The precise date was April 3rd, and I had planned to write something on it then. However, Freedom Forum 2011, a gathering of young libertarians from across the UK was taking place in Birmingham at the time and it slipped my mind. I was delighted to attend this wonderful event, and may the Forum go from strength to strength!

Back on topic, however: It seems that the news media to this day insists Terre’Blanche was killed in some kind of labour dispute with his farmhands. This is a lie. Eugene Terre’Blanche was a victim of a farm murder – a gruesome aspect of the War on White South Africa, happening with the help of a government that runs the ‘New South Africa’ as an effective one-party state. This ‘Rainbow Nation’ is a place where dissident bloggers are found dead in the toilets of police stations, and where the regime has passed media censorship laws far harsher than anything seen under the Apartheid system. Whatever you think of Terre’Blanche, Mandela or the ANC, certain facts have to be recognised and serious problems tackled head on. Problems which many people in the media and academia all over the world don’t want to acknowledge.

Before Eugene Terre’Blanche’s death, 3149 white farmers had been murdered in a strikingly similar manner: more often than not, the target’s corpse is mutilated beyond recognition, with the victim  being humiliated and some  body parts frequently being used as a form of ‘trophy’. Two weeks before Terre’Blanche became the target of barbaric hooligans, a seventeen year old girl, Anika Smit, was raped, had her throat slashed (sixteen times) and her hands removed, presumably to be kept as mementos. Terre’Blanche appeared to have been sexually molested also, with his trousers removed by the killers to display his genitals. Crimen injuria (the dehumanization of the victim) is a noticeable feature of South African criminal law. Terre’Blanche was clearly murdered for the same reason as Anika Smit and thousands of others.

Afrikaner farmers effectively feed the Continent. They do this despite a constant campaign of genocide being waged against them. The annual casualty rate for a white South African farmer is 313 per 100,000 – four times the rate for the rest of the population, according to Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, who runs ‘Genocide Watch‘. This makes their job the most dangerous on earth. Miners in Third World countries suffer something like 278 casualties per 100,000.

We must not forget the tragedy of the Afrikaner people and their highly vulnerable position. People like the Boers, the first victim of ‘concentration camps’ have certainly suffered enough at the hands of the British. The fact that the current aggressors are the darlings of the Human Rights Industry on our soil makes it all the worse to bear.

Survivor of an attempted ‘farm murder’

Peaceful demonstration against the mass killings in Pretoria. We owe these civilised people some support

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13 Responses to Eugene Terre’Blanche

  1. Gubu World says:


    I disagree with your general view here. Although I think you should be commended for addressing a topic that most are afraid to discuss and are in complete denial of. When I lived in Dubai I made friends with many white South African expats. They all had personal experiences of violent crime.

    However, South Africa differs from Zimbabwe in that the government have resisted the temptation to give in to populist demands for greater land reforms and general punishments of the whites policies. And this can’t be easy, given that South Africa was run by a minority race of 10% for generations. This is especially true when you consider that whites still possess much of the wealth.

    For all the flaws of the new South Africa it is democratic and it has a non sectarian constitution. It is wrong to say that there is genocide being committed against whites. While I’m sure there are many criminals who see whites as fair game there is no organised campaign as far as I am aware. Furthermore, of the thousand of murders committed every year in SA, most victims are black. The 3149 white farmers that have been murdered (I assume since the end of apartheid) is probably a figure consistent with other sections of society.

    I suppose the question that needs to be asked is, is it better to live in a free society or a safe society. I would prefer to take my chances in a free country.


    • Ted,

      Thanks for the comment.

      The number of murdered white farmers has since climbed to 3,759. As I said, and I haven’t found it contradicted, its four times the murder rate of the general population. We still see songs like ‘Shoot the Boer’ sung at ANC rallies.

      It has not gone the way of Zimbabwe – yet. There is constant pressure for more and more affirmative action and wealth looting. Democracy may indeed prove to be the God that Failed when whites are permanently going to be politically subordinate to their black counterparts, and where unions and other parasites have massive clout over a ruling party that simply has no clue. Power outages are common now in areas where they were never before. The ANC is not averse to using heavy-handed tactics and harsh censorship laws are certainly not going to be the end of it.

  2. Edward says:

    To compare Eugene Terre’Blanche to Anika Smit is, in the most wishy-washy way, tasteless. Even more distasteful is to use Smit’s death as an opportunity to address ‘the farm killings’ – Smit, by all accounts researched, was murdered by someone who knew her and she was likely to be in a relationship with.

    With regards to Terre’Blanche, were the two accused of his murder not farm workers employed on his land?

    As far as your contention that “Afrikaner farmers effectively feed the Continent” – perhaps that is because they own the means of production.

    • The Boer farmers, 10% of whom have been murdered since the collapse of Apartheid, do not own all the means of production on the Continent. Unfortunately, for the first time in modern history South Africa has recently become a net importer of food. This is the result of radical redistribution along racial lines, and the ANC wants a lot of this project complete by 2014. This spells Zimbabwe to me. However, even people in the ANC are now admitting that over 90% of the transferred farms have been rendered unproductive.

      Whatever the background of the Terre’Blanche and Smit murders, such acts of barbarism are now the norm in the ‘new’ South Africa, where 300,000 people have been murdered, one in five whites have fled, and the nomenclature of ‘rape capitol of the world’ has certainly been earned.

  3. Edward says:

    I concede that not all the Boer farmers own all the means of (food) production in S.A. Perhaps I should have phrased that better. I understand there has been a distribution of wealth, though I must admit I have not read over the stats. I shall do.

    However, while I am in agreement with Gubu World that it is brave of you to address this issue, to state “the news media to this day insists Terre’Blanche was killed in some kind of labour dispute with his farmhands. This is a lie. Eugene Terre’Blanche was a victim of a farm murder” is a pretty powerful statement.

    As is, correspondingly, your reference of Smit’s murder as a farm murder.

    To then say, when questioned about the details, “Whatever the background of the Terre’Blanche and Smit murders, such acts of barbarism are now the norm in the ‘new’ South Africa” does not do great justice for the blogosphere nor to your overall point – the general tone of which, in this article, seems rather one-sided, ahistorical and unfair.

    • There is strong dispute over the classification over the slaying of Terre’Blanche. I, like many others, consider it a sectarian farm murder as it bears all of the hallmarks of one.

      I apologize for giving the impression Smit lived on a farm. I included the details of that case just because it occurred around the same time as that of Terre’Blanche, and the manner of the murder is quite similar to a farm attack due to the removal of limbs. I knew that the murder happened in Pretoria – such atrocities befall to urban Afrikaners also – but the style is more well-known as part of farm murders.

      Nevertheless, I have recently been reading accounts of more recent farm attacks and others from years ago, and the details are truly frightening. Never have I read of such brutality displayed towards murder victims, with the torture and rape often going on for hours. Some families have even been the victim of multiple attacks. As the vast, vast majority of serious crimes in Africa go unsolved, gangs simply have immunity to engage in this behavior. The Afrikaner farmers have their hands tied behind their backs due to strict control on firearms, and the government’s sympathy with illegal black squatters and even black sectarianism itself.

  4. Laurence Spiro says:

    John or whatever your name is Mr “System Works”. Let me put it to you in a language you can understand.


    I have never seen such a ridiculously one sided and tasteless piece of writing in my life. I think what I’m gonna do now is print it out and wipe my arse with it.

    • I hope you don’t mind me not publishing your second, very similar comment.

      • Laurence Spiro says:

        That is ridiculous. You are the one thats got issues with South Africa’s media censorship laws and now look at you. Hypocrite..Now you only choose to publish what suits you. Damn it you are so bloody useless and the worst of it is that you probably think you are so flippin intelligent but this whole blog is just an ego-feed for your obviously narcissistic personality. Fuck off and do what you want, I can’t even believe I’ve wasted my time with this garbage. You are the type of person that incites unneccesary hatred in this world.

  5. emmunatsi says:

    Some ‘truths’ are better not said, because saying them may aggravate the issue indirectly.
    Have you had a parallel survey for victims of robbery and political attacks who are African, over a fair period, and gotten a less gruelling picture.

    From the first establishment of the current scenario which leaves one section of society being viewed as in better control of resources than others, loads and loads of atrocious killings, in and outside war situations, have been happening till today. Some political, some criminal and some both.
    I know that whislt the maxim gun contributed to some Africans being subdued by the new settlers, one tactic used against indegenous fighters was digging a very huge pit, half filling it with soil, then burrying POW up to the waiste-level in the pit, alive, and setting huge fires near the trapped POW but not in direct contact with the person, and forcing their fellow African captives to watch them get heated, roasted, and eventually get charred. In the beginning, the victims would be quiet, then eventually there is more and more groaning and crying, then quietness as they die, then bodies exploding in the heat. The onlookers would then be released back into their societies where they would sure discourage further rebellion. Coincidentally, the indeginous clan from which the elder accused in the murder of Eugene is said to originate, were subdued by settlers through the described tactic.
    Revisiting these issues suck-in elements in the argument that won’t help bring a solution.
    Journalism should assume better responsibility, and desist from publishing to ‘sell’ but maybe inciting and insulting at the same time, and perhaps suggest solutions at the conclusion of each article that highlights a problem.

    To claim to be feeding indeginous Africans from the farms is inappropriate, farm produce is not for donation to Africans. They work the farms and are questionably empowered to influence remuneration, they buy food and other goods at prices they cannot influence, they very obviously lack resources and opportunities compared to other sections of society. Above all, they are a society of peoples, with all the elements of a society including noble-thinking people, criminals, polititicians, etc. Separating societies and labelling them in racial terms is the least helpful in seeking a progressive society.

    • Your comment partly describes the problem of South African democracy, or majoritarian tyranny. That is the politics of envy. People don’t vote selflessly, they vote selfishly. Unfortunately, many black South Africans vote for who they think will give them or their friend whitey’s farm, for instance.

      On improving security for farmers, I’m with you. And here is another issue. The Xhosa , who make up the bulk of the ANC’s support, also make up a large part of the black gangs that roam freely with automatic weapons killing farmers and ‘jackrolling’ (a popular term for raping sprees among SA criminals). The Boers overwhelmingly feel they are being screwed by the government because of the increasingly harsh firearms laws that leave them with a shotgun, a handgun and a limited amount of ammunition to deal with career criminals with sub-machine guns.

      • B B says:


  6. White Liberation Front says:

    @ thesystemworks ” The number of murdered white farmers has since climbed to 3,759. ” The Blacks have killed 100 times more people than the whites. 4041 farmers have been slaughtered and 68,798 White Afrikaners murdered. This is a complete Genocide.

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