Oh, No! Jim Corr Is After Me!

Evil practitioners of Alternative (aka non-working) Medicine abound…

Recently I posted a link on my Facebook account about Jim Corr from broadsheet.ie. HERE it is, and its funny.

Within a short time I received this hilarious message from a certain Sandra Barr, who appears to have pestered the folks at broadsheet.ie as well:

… someone hacked into Jim Corrs Facebook account, and posted this stuff all over facebook. Jim did not post this stuff, nor would he ever. I spoke with him at length this morning, and whoever the hackers are, they seem to have had a well organised plan, that when they hacked Jims account and posted this stuff, that it would at once go viral on the net. I have already contacted the Broadsheet site admin about this matter.

I can assure you 100% that Jim did not post that link, and he is currently looking into legal action, and trying to trace the hackers. In the mean time, anyone seen posting this stuff and attributing it too Jim, will be viewed as suspect, and possibly connected to the hackers.
I would advice you remove that post, or face being connected to them, as Jim is taking this matter very seriously

Sandra Barr

Sandra Barr is a reflexologist and Reiki practitioner. You have to love these moments, when someone who believes you are as ignorant of the law as they are issues you with these threats.

But this wasn’t the end of it. Nine people subsequently private messaged me menacing death threats and accusing me of the usual: being a Mossad agent, a Rupert Murdoch minion and employee of Royal Bank of Scotland out to bring Jim Corr down. Seven out of ten members of Jim Corr’s army who contacted me are apparently in the field of ‘alternative medicine’. This actually seems to be typical homeopath and crystal healer behavior.

One man, trying to be the next Joseph N. Welch inquired: ”HAVE YOU NO DECENCY, SIR?!”

To which I responded in the positive: ”Indeed I do sir, though I appear to have left it on Sharon Corr’s nightstand”.

I have no desire to bring down Jim Corr. I have never even visited his website, that the journalist Harry Browne complained about on his Late Late Show appearance. It does bother me, however, that the brave and truthful Lord Monckton was interviewed alongside Mr. Corr on the Late Late Show, which was a clear attempt to put skeptics of the Global Warming scam on the same level as ”9/11 Truthers” and anti-Mossad conspiracy peddlers. I complained about this to RTÉ and they have never given me a satisfactory response.


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5 Responses to Oh, No! Jim Corr Is After Me!

  1. Shanghai Mary says:

    WOW! I’ve just watched that youtube clip. Jim Corr is madder than a box of frogs. I love the blaming of the Rothschilds and Goldman Sachs for the banking crisis at the end. Those surnames ring a bell!

    However, as I’m not Irish I’m lost as to why he’s not ridiculed more. We Brits had our David Icke and he’s been relegated to the margins of polite society. Maybe Ireland keeps Jim corr in the limelight for some circus type of entertainment.

    • You know, I had never known what Jim Corr was up to until that show aired. Though I am aware these ‘seminars’ of his have been quite popular for some time. He seems to have quite a following amongst the Reiki crowd. Its unfortunate that many people who would not consider themselves haters of Jews spout the old Rothschild canards as accepted facts, or utilize their new incarnations directed at Israel, not realizing that this was a staple of the fascist societies they frequently claim to loath and a cause of Europe’s betrayal of the Jews.

  2. Gubu World says:

    Fair play to Harry Browne for pointing out that the roots of many conspiray theories can be found in anti semitism. I like to think of Jim Corr as being harmless, but suggesting the Israelis brought down the twin towers, that is highly irresponsible and plays into the hands of jihadists.


  3. 40 shades says:

    Lord Monckton was speaking at the same conference Jim Corr was speaking at, hence the joint invite to the Late Late Show.

    Lousy call by the good lord.

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