Remembering The Good Old Days, When We Could Massacre Jews At Our Leisure

Not long ago I reviewed the worst drama series ever seen on British television, the crude anti-Israel Channel 4 agitprop ‘The Promise’. One of the worst parts of the show was when the main character encountered an old Arab lady in Hebron being tormented by her Jewish neighbors. The lady complained bitterly as her father had supposedly aided the Jews there during the 1929 massacre and subsequent flight of the Jewish community which had existed for many centuries (Jews living there now are automatically considered racist, illegal occupiers).

Here is a much more realistic view of the opinions of Hebron’s little old Arab ladies. I wish all Channel 4 viewers could see the woman in this video below, who fondly recalls her father taking part in the massacre and looting Jewish property. Words like this could never be put into the mouth of a Palestinian character in a British series (thanks a lot, Edward Said):

Thankfully, today Arab Muslims can no longer do what they wish to their formerly second-class Jewish citizens. That is what these people in the video really mean by the word ‘Naqba’. It means the loss of a part of the former Islamic Caliphate to dhimmis. The Jewish state is strong, the best place to live in the Middle East, and could wipe this woman off the face of the earth if it wanted. To paraphrase Golde Meir, its better for Jews to be strong, alive and be criticized by the British left than to be dead and loved by them, like the Jewish victims of countless massacres in the past.


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