Idiots Not Included

I received this comment on the post concerning the shocking attitudes towards Jews and Israelis seen in modern Ireland:

In the light of all these difficulties, could you perhaps propose a Final Solution to the Pesky Palestinian Problem?  I am sure the Israelis would be grateful.

The comment came from a ‘Sol Weinstein’ with a UK IP address. I trashed this comment while it was awaiting moderation. Just as I trashed a similar comments from ‘Sol Greenberg’ and a ‘Seth Cohen’ in Ireland. This is because these people are posting inflammatory anti-Israel messages under fake Jewish-sounding names, names that they believe will add strength to their ‘argument’. This form of deception is not tolerated on my blog. The fact that Ireland has such a small Jewish community was a hilarious giveaway.

Israel’s enemies love finding Jews who agree with their opinions. For similar reasons, the Nazis cherished Lord Haw-Haw and the Italian fascists gave frequent airtime to Ezra Pound. Pathetically, they claim that because a certain Jew agrees with them, they must be right on the issue of the Jewish state. This is despite the fact that the vast majority of Jews are supportive of Israel, so they will always be ‘out-Jewed’ in every dispute. As well as that, many of the anti-Zionist Jews are loathed by the rest of the community, and most often they are alienated from their background. Sometimes, they are even completely hostile to anything Jewish. Personally, I would love it if friends of Israel copied our enemies behavior for a while, which would surely drive them up the wall (SEE! This JEWISH lawyer Dershowitz agrees with ME!).

The tactic is often used to deflect charges of anti-Semitism. I counter that by using Ireland as an example. If I constantly preached to Irish people that there is no justification for Irish independence and there should be one state in the British Isles, many Irish would dub me as a racist or imperialist. The fact that there are Irish unionists in the Republic of Ireland is simply not a proper argument for the merits of the idea itself.

Opposition to Zionism in the Jewish community comes broadly in two forms. Firstly, there are Jews who happen to be on the far-left, such as Communist Tony Greenstein in the UK, Marxist Shlomo Sand in Israel and post-modernist psycho-babbler Jacqueline Rose at Queen Mary. These people hate Israel for the same reasons their non-Jewish counterparts do (such as Alexander Cockburn, George Galloway or Richard Boyd-Barrett), and not for any particular ‘Jewish’ reason. However, some like to link (highly unconvincingly) their political agenda with their Jewish backgrounds. In comparison, Leon Trotsky should be admired for his honesty on claiming his Jewishness by birth gave him no special insight to matters Jewish. ‘I am a social democrat’ he once declared ‘and that’s all’. An excellent analysis of many of these people can be found HERE and HERE, from English lawyer Anthony Julius.

The other strand comes from elements of the Haredi community, most notably from the tiny, extremist and bizarre Naturei Karta, but also the Satmar Hasidim. They base their opposition to Zionism on a midrash (a kind of exegesis) in the Talmud based on the Song of Songs. That debate I will not go into, but the link provided has an overview. One should also consider that the way the very secular early fathers of Zionism attacked religion and traditional Jewish beliefs left a bitter legacy and distrust that does not heal easily. The Zionists also threatened to take leadership power away from the Rabbis. Some Haredim do not call themselves Zionist, but would be considered pro-Israel by any standard. The supposedly anti-Zionist Haredi paper Yated in Israel occasionally features editorials attacking the secular government, but is hawkish when it comes to Iran and Hamas and does not at all wish for the end of Israel’s existence. Naturei Karta themselves are insignificant, and would be completely unknown if it were not for the media in Islamic countries giving them prominent airtime, and anti-Zionist groups like RESPECT and HAMAS inviting them to become their Jewish fig leaves. They also happen to be nuts. Their website recycles the anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic canard that Hitler offered to let all the Jews of Europe leave through Spain if they did not go to the British Mandate of Palestine, but backed down because Ben Gurion opposed it. Like secular Jewish anti-Zionists, the wider public exaggerate their importance as the leftist and Islamic media give them a platform that does not reflect their numbers or influence.

Right. Any Israel-basher who tries to argue that ‘Jew X agrees with me so I must be right and not anti-Semitic’ will get a similar response to the one above from me. The dirty tricks of ‘Sol Weinstein’ et al. will not be tolerated. However, I would love to know if groups like the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign are encouraging this kind of behavior among their members.

William Joyce, aka Lord Haw-Haw. A handy tool for the Nazis.

Left-Anarchist Noam Chomsky. Israel-bashers love him, though admittedly he is a lot more intelligent than most of them.


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3 Responses to Idiots Not Included

  1. md says:

    there not their

  2. Noel says:

    “The tactic is often used to deflect charges of anti-Semitism. ”

    From what I’ve seen, it is used only, or at least generally, to deflect charges of anti-Semitism levelled as a knee-jerk response to criticism of Israel’s behaviour.
    And it is valid when the Jew referred to is obviously comfortable with or proud of his Jewish identity, or of his Israeli citizenship. There are fortunately very many of both groups.

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