Zionist Puppets Unite!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my views on those controversial Chris Andrews tweets. For those that don’t know, on June 27th Andrews tweeted:

Lab are pro-Israeli party & FG foreıgn affaırs on İsrael are determıned by İsraels puppet ın Ireland Alan Shatter Gov wıll support Israel


The ever cerebral Chris went further downhill from there, ranting that many countries, including Greece, were in the pockets of that favorite bogeyman, the Israel Lobby. Andrews defended himself from angry tweeters by doing the ‘its about human rights’ thing, in twitter hissy fits that are still ongoing.

Look, I’m sure Chris Andrews is one of those people who has his heart in the right place, but his brain is out there somewhere cold, dark and covered with spiders. It may all be just typical Fianna Fáil populism raising its ugly head, rather than something more sinister. Chris Andrews is something of a political slut when it comes to the Human Rights Industry, which he clearly wants behind him in future campaigns for parliament and possibly in order to win cushy jobs at the UN or EU.

Andrews is from one of those Fianna Fáil political dynasties, similar to the late Brian Lenihan or Brian Cowen. This type of person is usually clueless when it comes to finance or economics, as evidenced by their criminal reaction to the crisis in the Irish banking sector in September 2008, a situation in which the entire Irish Cabinet and political class were in way over their heads. These people are experts in getting liked by constituents, such as by securing a new swimming pool in their area or fixing a road. Getting aboard the Palestine™ bandwagon is just another variation on this theme. I simply tweeted in response to Andrews that this nonsense proves ”Fianna Failures should stick to shaking hands at funerals and stay out of complex matters abroad”.


On a brighter note: I believe Enda Kenny has been far more balanced than the last regime when it comes to this whole flotilla farce. He declared in Parliament in response to Joe Higgins that there was no aid on the Irish ship last year or this year, which seems to be a controversial thing to admit for some reason.


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7 Responses to Zionist Puppets Unite!

  1. Tom O'Gorman says:

    You do know, John, don’t you, that the performer of this sketch, David McSavage, aka David Andrews, is from exactly the same FF dynasty (David is the son of former Foreign Affairs Minister David Andrews, while Chris is the son of David’s brother, former Dublin MEP, Niall Andrews).

  2. Gubu World says:

    Ryan Tubridy belongs to the same clan I believe. They are all grandsons of IRA man Todd Andrews, a member of the four courts garrison from the Civil War. Chris Andrews is hard core. He seems to be mad for a confrontation with the Israelis.


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  4. September 2008, a situation in which the entire Irish Cabinet and political class were in way over their heads“. Actually, their blankets were over their heads, because most of them were tucked up in bed when Biffo and co called them to agree to the bank guarantee. They all regarded this as an issue of such trivial importance that none of them bothered their arses to get out of bed and head to the office; nor did Biffo demand that they do so. And on that rock we all continue to perish.

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