Gazing upon the Wreckage of the Norris Campaign

Two milestones have been reached on this blog of late. One is the rather minor matter that this piece marks my fiftieth posting.

The other is that the story broke on this site on Sunday July 24th has since gone national. After gathering interest for a number of days on and among Facebook friends, including some journalists and politicians, on Friday evening David Norris’s director of communications, Jane Cregan, and director of elections, Derek Murphy, resigned from Mr Norris’s campaign team. More have joined them today. Murphy and Cregan did not specify why they resigned, but Stephen Collins left readers in no doubt on the today’s Irish Times that it was due to knowledge of Ezra Nawi’s conviction for sex with a male Palestinian minor in Israel getting to the Irish public. Little did I know innocently blogging on Sunday that Norris’s letter appealing for clemency in his lover’s sexual offence case would be leaked by today. The letter is worth reading for the arrogance on display alone. Norris drops the fact that he got a double-first at undergrad level, and claims he can give ‘expert evidence’ to the esteemed judges on the High Court of Jerusalem while talking at length about other irrelevant legal systems. To any decent person, Norris’s actions must rival much of what was revealed in the Cloyne and Ryan Reports in their evil. Unfortunately, classic anti-Semitic motifs among Norris supporters, that I care not to link to, are on display all over Ireland in depicting this as an Israeli conspiracy. No, people: I was the conspirator.

After it all, I’m left pondering a few things. I was able to put damning evidence on Nawi and his relationship with Norris together in a few hours of searching Google and LexisNexis. What was wrong with the Irish media that the pieces were not put together years ago, or even after the Helen Lucy Burke Affair? Clearly if David Norris were an English politician this would never have been the case. Either the Irish media are more respectful of our private lives, or they are marred by timidity. This is a another triumph of the blogosphere, which has really come into its own after the financial crisis of 2008.

Then there are the people in the Norris campaign team, and Norris himself. I have no illusions that these people were not aware of the ticking bomb. The fact that Cregan and Murphy immediately resigned on the news coming out, rather than putting up some kind of fight, is telling. I am only reminded of John Edwards in the 2008 US Presidential election. How could a man continue campaigning knowing he could never keep the affair a secret, much less the resulting child, all behing the back of a dying wife? Was it arrogance? Delusions of grandeur and invincibility? Can we compare this with Norris?

When I get through all the hate mail, I might come back with an answer.


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16 Responses to Gazing upon the Wreckage of the Norris Campaign

  1. 40 shades of green says:


  2. JL Pagano says:

    Quite a bit of arrogance on display in this post as well, wouldn’t you say?

  3. Eoin says:

    congrats on breaking a story but seeing that you’re following it with twitter updates about ‘serious dirt on Obama’s mother’ coming soon makes me despair that an investigative mind is just going to become another trashy journo who’s crock of gold is any shit they can find on famous people’s relatives. #waste #parasitejournalism #notsomethingtoaspireto (and yeah im aware hash tags have no effect on a boad but #whocaresifeltlikeit)

  4. eamo says:

    Sent just to tick “notify me” box.

  5. 40 shades of green says:

    Have you any idea what the other two skeletons in the Norris cupboard that Joe Jackson referred to are?

    Also you have to wonder if the mainstream media would have been as lax in investigating the past of a right ring nutter should one have gone for the presidency.

    40 shades

    • Right now I am working on getting more information from Israeli sources on Nawi’s activities and his relationship with Norris. This matter isn’t over by a long shot.

      UPDATE: Most sources are now telling me Joe is full of hot air and that the other two scandals are really just extensions on the Nawi relationship.

  6. 40 shades of green says:


    I have been wondering why no mainstream media outlets picked up on this until Saturday and that was only after the resignations happened.

    I was asking myself was their enough news directly relevant to Norris (as opposed to Nawi) In your first post and on reflection I think there was.

    “Presidential Candidate arranges for Joint Foreign Affairs Committee to support Paedophile former lover” strikes me as both an accurate and relevant headline.

    Where were theainstream media on this?

    • AlanSmithee says:

      Thankfully we have a press that is significantly better than the British press (For want of an example) in that they won’t run anything without evidence first, lest they be dragged to the Press Ombudsman. Bloggers can be awfully full of hot air at times, so doing the research first and confirming it is paramount to their operation.

      Not that it excuses some of the utterly appalling reporting and editorial that has appeared in light of it though (Particularly in the Irish Daily Star and Irish Daily Mail) that is in serious breach of the press code. Methinks Senator Norris will be bringing a few complaints of his own soon.

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  9. AlanSmithee says:

    Actually, if anything, you have exposed the damming hypocrisy in Ireland in that that anyone who dares, DARES, to have past misdeeds in a sexual nature and defended someone they loved (not knowing the full extent of the issue), they are awful people and must have salacious gossip spread liberally around the press because JAYSUS HELP US we can’t have someone like that in the presidency (Yet we have actual current EU leaders getting away with worse. Sarkozy and Burlisconi, anyone?). Yet when someone is obviously fleecing the country monetarily and making us all suffer, we give them a slap on the wrist and never question them because even though they screwed us they are making money out of it.

    I mean, I can’t fault the well done journalism, but it just opens up bigger issues on the priorities we have in this country.

  10. Silverfox says:

    What is this about – more on David Norris coming down the tracks?
    “A journalist has claimed there are at least two other controversies to hit the Norris campaign, but declined to give details.

    Speaking on This Week, Joe Jackson said he had contacted Senator Norris’s communications manager last week saying he was aware of three impending controversies that were about to break.”

    I am – maybe I shouldn’t be – surprised his resignation as a senator is not being demanded by more people. At this stage his views on underage sex between boys and older men is fairly obvious – he has some system of making rash statements and then trying to play them down.

    1. The Magill interview where he spoke in favour of “classic Greek Paedophilia”
    2. His defence of sex tourist Cathal O Searcaigh and attempt to prevent the documentary on that subject being shown.
    3. His letters pleading clemency for Statutary rapist Nawi – in which he accuses the presiding judge of being “factually incorrect” by comparing the case to similar cases involving heterosexual rape.

    I am delighted that this unbelievably pompous, shrill voiced narcissist is not going to be the international face representing this country. He should also be forced to resign from the Seanad.

    • I’ve said it before here that I believe Joe Jackson is a peddler of nonsense. The other two scandals are probably just extensions of the Nawi relationship issues.

      I respect a lot of what David Norris has accomplished. Though whereas I once saw him as a dignified scholar, in more recent years I tend to see him more as a pompous man who never left school.

    • AlanSmithee says:

      Yet Ireland is somehow happy with conniving schemers and con artists in charge of the country. One man might have defended people who didn’t have a voice at the time and has his words twisted and suddenly “JAYSUS HES A PEDO”.

      If anything it’s showing how tawdry gossip is informing the people rather than actual sensible reporting. Good job System Works for proving that the gutter press still rules all.

    • roxymuzak says:

      Interesting point about his position as a Senator. If the auld Aras bandit had to pull out of the race for the Park because of the scandal
      then surely it is a resigning matter for the Seanad also?

      Meantime, Norris had got the job God only knows what skeleton would emerge from his closet. He was over in Palestine a lot….. I reckon was only a matter of time before the following headline emerges on the successor to the News of The World.

      “Irish President Admits He Took Yasser Arafat’s Nephew Up the Aras.”

      “He occupied him on the West Bank, going forward,” a source close to the President claimed, yesterday.

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