On ‘The Source’, and some thoughts about the Norris Affair.

Last night I had a conversation with an Irish friend, who happens to be a trade unionist. Yes readers, that friend. This conversation went lasted for over two hours.  Pursuant to this intense conversation I have decided to not give that person’s name to the media.  The reasons for my decision are:

1. My friend does not want to be named, and I respect that.

2. Its quite irrelevant. My friend contributed nothing to what I wrote in the blog, and never helped spread this story beyond inspiring me to do a little research on Ezra Nawi and David Norris. All my friend did was tell me that David Norris’s former lover (and I quote) has convictions ‘relevant to your interests’. My friend and I are on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum, we were playfully jibing each other as we often do at the time, and it just came out. My friend is adamant the convictions in question were for Nawi’s political activities in Judea and Samaria, not statutory rape, and I believe the person on that.

3. My friend is not on Michael D. Higgins’s campaign team or assisting the Higgins race in any way, so the folks there are right to deny any involvement. My friend is from the West of Ireland, where he or she indeed canvassed for Higgins, but has lived in Dublin for over a decade, and is not a card-carrying member of the Labour Party (though that was true in the past).

I hope this will be the end of that particular matter.

On another note, a tweeter today named Eric Fitzgerald (Vice President of DIT Student’s Union, don’t you know) asked of me after Norris’s press conference: ”I hope you’re happy, you cunt”. I thanked him for his concern and responded in the positive. A popular Irish blog compared me to Anders Behring Breivik, suggesting I was heading down the same path as a mass murderer of teenagers.

This led me to ponder something. If people like them (perhaps constituting the majority of Irish bloggers and the elite media) were to come by the information I did, what do you think they would have done? Would they have done nothing about it? Perhaps these people would even try to actively bury the entire thing, all because of their fondness for David Norris?

What can one say about the mindset of people like this?


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13 Responses to On ‘The Source’, and some thoughts about the Norris Affair.

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  2. Val says:

    Good work

    –it is incredible that the press did not look at these matters during Norris previous election efforts.

    I am sorry about the abuse and slander you have been targeted with.

    Bocktherobber clearly states that you are equivalent to the Norwegian assassin and he allows additional slander directed at you on his blog

    –this is an outrage and you should file legal charges for slander and other charges

    –you cannot let such slander against you stand.

    Previously many people have alleged that Bocktherobber is a misogynist, antisemitic drunk and drug addict, I do not have any evidence of his drug and alcohol addiction

    But the statements he makes on his blog are clearly antisemitic and misogynist.

    Again congratulations!

  3. John
    You are a blogging hero. A lone blogger took down a powerful politician that the media was trying to protect. No Irish blogger has ever achieved anything like this.
    That fool “Bock” could only dream of having your influence.
    I love the way he calls you immature, when your name and biography are public, while he hides behind his stupid cartoon name and stupid cartoon face. For all we know he is a 15 year old. He writes like one.
    Well done. When you’re in Dublin let me know. I sure would like to buy you a drink!

    • I would love to visit Dublin again, it has been far too long since I last set foot there.

      Unfortunately the Limerick blogger is an older leftist, for whom it is highly important to have a gay President whatever his faults. Sad, really, to see a man who can write fairly decently clutch every last straw to defend Norris and to attack me. I’ll say no more about him. I don’t feel like writing whole tracts on the personality, motives and potential future of someone I have never met and know little about.

  4. Mary Byrne says:

    I am just about to take out my violin and start playing it for you. You have gone from innocent party to victim being ‘attacked’. If you place your self in the middle of all of this, stress the importance of your involvement, are willing to accept the applause and thanks, then you should be intelligent and mature enough to realise that you are not going to appeal to all sectors. At this level in the game, you should be big enough to take the good with the bad, without moaning about it or experiencing a bruised ego.

  5. Silverfox says:

    Bock is best ignored. I used to read his blog a few years back, and once or twice posted some comments seeking to add some balamce to the mainly pro Palestinain comments.he encourages his acolytes to air on that question.
    For pro Palestinian read pro Hamas between the lines. You usually have to read bock between the lines since apart from his outburst over thesystemworks (you sure hit a nerve there) he usually poses his opinions in the form of questions. Generally Im the end I got fed up of of the abuse and stopped reading him. Unfortunately it was the top hit in a google search for thesystemworks and I read it again…

    • Silverfox says:

      The l2nd ast semtence should be:
      “In the end I got fed up of of the abuse and stopped reading him.”

  6. Mary Byrne says:

    Here is an idea, considering you are living in the UK and one would presume paying tax there, why not turn your attention to the EDL and all that org stands for. One would respect that type of ‘journalism’ and I would imagine respect the likes of Donald McIntyre who puts his ethics where his mouth is, and is prepared to actually risk something real rather than moaning about name calling???
    Thats journalism and investigation with passion i.e. interested in real change and prepared to sacrifice for it. I have yet to see Donal McIntyre back track, change stories, and suggest that a friend led him astray.

    • I’m not a professional journalist, Mary. I just post thoughts on the internet in my spare time. Yet who are you to tell me what good journalism is? I brought down down the front-runner in a Presidential race. You are just upset because you happen to like the candidate. Fine. A lot of Nixon fanatics hummed and hawed and shouted ‘conspiracy’ when he was investigated. Its pretty pathetic of you to try to change the subject to the EDL. If the BBC want to pay me to go after disparate nasty groups, I’d go for that. I have to do other things to put food on the table. I’m not here to investigate whoever you would like me to.

  7. AlanSmithee says:

    I’ll say good work John as regards journalistic efforts. Yet what exactly did this really accomplish? What you found is really just gutter press wishy washy bullshit and the only thing you are proving is that the press and your priorities are character assassination rather than anything actually constructive. It speaks volumes that the Irish Times is already calling out the hypocrisy of the press and other politicians condemning Norris as they have been up to the same antics, such as oul’ Bertie pleading clemency for a convicted Murderer on official government papers and many of the candidates even being forced to admit they too (Or their spouses) were doing the exact same thing. Yet there was only a singular focus on one person. If you really wanted a proper journalistic story, you would have FOIA’d all the candidates or checked Nexis to see if they were pulling the same bushwash instead of the Irish Times forcing the issue.

    If you don’t want people to think you have it out for one person because you have an agenda. Hide it better next time.

    • AlanSmithee says:

      Oh and congrats on pulling the “I’m not a journalist” defence already. Usually takes at least ten blog posts before most do.

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