Jack Cafferty tells the truth on the ‘Debt-Ceiling’ ‘Deal’

I don’t have a television. When the one in my living room developed a problem a long while back I made sure not to fix it. Television lures you into thinking you have ‘free time’. You don’t. Recreation time is important, but that isn’t the same thing. My advice is to dump your television, or give away a small amount of money for every show you watch.

CNN’S Jack Cafferty might just be one of the few news presenters that could make me change my mind on getting a TV back, but only if CNN were to give him a couple of hours a day for his own show. There’s a reason why the man is only given a few minutes every day under the careful scrutiny of Wolf Blitzer. Turning vehemently against the Iraq War, he still earns the hatred of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee for talking straight from the gut on primitive barbarism in the Arab world. He shocked Soledad O’ Brien with his very un-CNN like levels of testosterone when he described American liberalism as being synonymous with Communism, but he still loathes Sarah Palin like no other.

Now he says it like it is on the American ‘debt-ceiling’ (how many ceilings just keep getting higher and higher like this one can?) and the Washington spin.


“The government is selling snake oil – again.

Look closely and this so-called ‘deal’ on the debt ceiling crisis is a triumph of sleight-of-hand over substance.

Sunday night it was, ‘We will cut a trillion dollars in the first 10 years.’ By this morning a trillion had become $917 billion, which means we lost $83 billion in cuts overnight. Makes you afraid to go to bed.

In the first three years of the Obama presidency, the deficits will total about $4.2 trillion. Cutting $917 billion over 10 years, or $91 billion a year, is chump change.

Then there’s the commission, another one. Remember the commission President Obama ordered to come up with answers to this stuff last year?

They did. Their report was full of a lot of good ideas. It was ignored by the president and Congress. But they want us to believe this commission will be different.

Baloney. There has been no attempt to address tax reform or entitlement reform. That will be left for ‘The Commission.’ My guess is they won’t touch it anymore than the current crop of folks tackled it. And without those two things, we are doomed.

Supposedly there will be triggers in the legislation that will require additional cuts totaling $1.4 trillion across the board if the committee and Congress cannot agree. Color me skeptical.

We are facing more than $61 trillion of unfunded liabilities from Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other obligations – $61 trillion.

There is no money to meet those obligations and our government knows it. But they have the unmitigated gall to march out Sunday night as though they had found a cure for cancer and expect us to break down in uncontrolled adulation. They make me ill.”

Finally, mainstream media doing its job. Maybe Cafferty will earn abuse and be compared to mass murderers too. Oh, wait: Joe Biden already called Tea Party people in Congress ‘terrorists’. Great to see the Democrats engaging in violent political rhetoric as soon as Gabrielle Giffords comes back to Washington.

Commentator Charles Burris calls on the Tea Parties to answer this monstrosity:

”Rather than sulk in resigned despair over yet another stab-in-the-back betrayal by the D. C. elites in the debt ceiling scam, now is the time for the Tea Party millions to immediately go on the offensive and recapture their vim, vigor, and vitality heroically displayed during the ObamaCare town hall gatherings. From coast-to-coast, at every constituent meeting of every Democrat or Republican representative or senator who voted for this monstrosity, throngs of enraged Tea Partiers should amass and loudly chant, “Judas, Judas, Judas,” while shaking little bags of thirty quarters. The time for complaisance and passivity is past. Let the establishment know that the revolution has begun in earnest. Under the leadership of Speaker John Boehner, the Republican Party has become morally impotent and intellectually bankrupt. The GOP deserves to join the fate of their Whig predecessors, thus fulfilling the artistry of cartoonist Thomas Nast when he depicted these two gangs of murderers, liars, and thieves symbolized as the mules and the mastodons, one sterile and the other extinct.

The “Judas, Judas, Judas” chant and shaking of the coins should fire up the evangelicals in the Tea Party. This gesture is consciously reminiscent of the hundreds of thousands of Czech demonstrators in the 1989 Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia shaking their car keys, signaling the Communist Party elites that it was their time to go”.


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