Irish Travellers: Whatever Next?

So, it seems five Irish Travellers have been arrested on suspicion of enslaving two dozen people on their site in Bedfordshire.

English, Polish and Romanian men were found by detectives in filthy and cramped conditions. Travellers lured these people to their site, sometimes from soup-kitchens, on promises of work and lodgings. They ended up being caged, beaten, intimidated and forced to remain and toil on the site, some of them for up to fifteen years.

I suspect similar situations exist in Traveller encampments all over this country.

Vanessa Redgrave considers Irish Travellers a “strong, wise, warm, and gentle community”. Redgrave even claims her brother died defending this lovely, persecuted race of men.  The stress of campaigning on their behalf gave him a heart attack, she says.

Just like the hundreds of anarchists and communists camping at Dale Farm, Redgrave, Traveller activists and the entire British left seems to have been in the dark about this modern-day slavery. Just as they are on the rampant child-abuse, misogyny and homophobia among Travellers; not to mention the environmental destruction they bring to wherever they settle.

Its great being a Designated Victim Group, isn’t it?

Vulnerable Poles and poor, desperate Englishmen certainly didn’t see the supposed gentleness of the community that Vanessa Redgrave. Then again, Redgrave hasn’t invited the Dale Farm Travellers to live on her own ample grounds. Lets face it: this community is about as warm, gentle and romantic as cancer of the testicles. It’s time to stop babying them.

200 police officers were involved in Sunday’s raid in Bedfordshire


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3 Responses to Irish Travellers: Whatever Next?

  1. Guest says:

    Paddy Joe and the Pikey’s keeping slaves, surreal. Ain’t they considered a seperate ethnic entity, whatever, across the water? At least we haven’t gone down that road……. yet

    • Somehow, they managed to get that status. They are a separate category on all of the diversity monitoring forms and such, something which you have to fill in over here for absolutely everything.

  2. Guest says:

    There be grants in them there ethnic entity hills

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