‘Flag Racism’ at St. Andrews

Chanan Reitblat is an observant Jew, paying top-dollar to study at Yeshiva University in New York, and for a term at St. Andrews University in Scotland. Reitblat studies chemistry.

Paul Donnachie is a heavy-drinking, loutish boor who has the taxpayer to thank for heavily subsidizing his education before recently being kicked off the St. Andrews campus.

Paul Donnachie, on the far left (and in more ways that just this photo)

Paul Donnachie represents much of what is wrong in Western nations like Scotland. For one, there are far too many people in university that really shouldn’t be. I suspect he was one of them.

Donnachie is an anti-Israel activist. Rabidly anti-Israel sentiment is usually a good sign of a Western country’s decline. Scotland, much like Ireland, is full of these uninformed loudmouths. They make up much of the student population. One wonders: what on earth went wrong with the nation that produced Hume, Smith and so many luminaries of the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution?  Are their descendants overweight, on welfare and wearing keffiyehs? The people of Scotland, victims of socialist experimentation, turn their back on civilization and identify with the savage.

Donnachie put his hands on his genitals, and smeared them on an Israeli flag owned by Reitblat. The flag was a gift from his brother in the IDF, and carried high sentimental value. Reitblat was verbally abused by Donnachie, and even called a “terrorist”.

Donnachie was booted out of university, a wise decision on the part of St. Andrews that preserves the dignity of the institution. Yesterday, a Scottish court gave him 150 hours of community service. To get this matter out of the way, I must say that I absolutely support freedom of speech. If a student wishes to burn an Israeli flag at a demonstration, he should be free to do so. The nature of this case is very different.

Now, I’ve witnessed the truly insane level of anti-Israel sentiment that exists in Ireland, and its one of the reasons why I will never move back there. ‘Palestine Solidarity’ groups are similarly strong in Scotland, the home of the bombastic George Galloway, who calls Israel the “Hitler state on the Mediterranean” (while fond of leaders like Bashar al-Assad at the same time). In these places, the debate on Israel, its neighbors and enemies is completely dominated by a noisy, extreme clique made up of the likes of Paul Donnachie, the Socialist Workers Party and similarly nefarious groups. London has these idiots too (we are home to SOAS, after all) but at least there is some diversity of opinion.

I hope experiences like this don’t turn off Orthodox Jews and friends of Israel, such as Chanan Reitblat, from studying on European campuses for fear of such facing a hostile, bigoted atmosphere. That would only hasten Europe’s descent into the new Dark Age (some universities, such as in Norway, actually ban speakers who defend Israel). Europe would be a far poorer place in many senses should this occur.


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11 Responses to ‘Flag Racism’ at St. Andrews

  1. Tim Johnston says:

    Glad to see he got the boot.
    Good blog, by the way.

  2. Rob says:

    LOL Paul Donnachie certainly fits the “heavy-drinking and loutish boor” stereotype. In fact one could go further by suggesting he looks like a barrel of lard filled to excess, creaking at the seams. Too many deep fried Mars bars for this not-so-wee young laddie I suspect but being so round probably has its uses such as rolling down hills. One could look into the reasons for his antics but rubbing his ahem… “genitals” with a flag representing an object of intense personal hate could be construed as having a freudian dimension, in part since he is unlikely to be able to see said genitals directly whereby sexual conduct inevitably has an element of internalised disgust and…

  3. Guest says:

    I’m struck by the moral certitude of the anti-Semites. Whilst bringing my Toyota Bangero into for a wash recently, I was told by the two lads in the car wash that on the day in question the money
    raised would be send to the “starving and oppressed” jihad supporting people of Gaza. Starving? The WHO, talkin bout our generation, a few years back published an international obesity league table and Gazan women were the third most, er, most Rubenesque in the world. Talk about fat Sharia birds. Anyway, I told the boys that I had no wish to donate to a region controlled by a terrorist entity. They looked at me in complete bewilderment. Apparently, they have never heard a counter argument. Likewise, with an Irish school teacher – lord save our young – who joined the motley crew of anti-Semites on the failed and illegal attempt to break the legal naval blockade of Gaza recently. The “teacher” in question kept referring to Hamas in favourable terms on a local newspaper. The hairy arsed reptile interviewing her never once pointed out that Hamas have sworn to completely destroy Israel and to murder six million – ominous number – Jews, have called for the public execution of homosexuals and the suppression of women’s rights. The teacher – where do they get them – was either indulging in willful ignorance or doesn’t know the true nature of Hamas, which is even more worrying as she is calling herself a human rights activists whilst embracing a shower of depraved jihadists who have no compulsion about murdering people because of their religion or sexual orientation. Either way, this is the breed of illiterate wretch that is allowed influence the minds of our young people. As for the fat bastard from Scotland above. What can you say, except, well, he’s a fat bastard. I suppose he could always supplement his income selling shade on a beach. I reckon he’s bulimic but forgets to throw up.

    • There has not been one single documented case of death by starvation in Gaza since the blockade measures were introduced. The myth of the Gazan starving to death is an Islamist/left-wing fantasy. Remember the words of Emily Williams, an American manager of a medical NGO in the Palestinian territories: “Palestine is the best-kept secret in the aid industry… People need field experience and Palestine sounds cool and dangerous because it can be described as a war zone, but in reality it’s quite safe and has all the comforts that internationals want. Quality of life here is so much higher than somewhere like Afghanistan, but we don’t tell anyone so that we are not replaced or reassigned.” I did a post on what I call The Palestine Industry here.

      On a number of occasions, I had teachers in Ireland who disemminated anti-Israel propaganda in the classroom itself. My younger brother had the same experience. This was with children as young as twelve. Between the classroom and the media, Ireland may be raising a generation about as informed as its North Korean equivalent.

      • Rob says:

        Indeed high profile Irish pro-Palestinian Freda Hughes, who I think now hold the chair of the IPSC is supposedly a teacher. I’m not certain but I think I heard something about Trocaire reputedly mentioning the issue when speaking in classes to school children too.

        The starvation in Gaza myth was extremely popular until last year during the flotilla crisis when newspapers carried images of market stalls laden with food. Of course that doesn’t stop some of these fanatics saying it still. Joe Higgins pretty much inferred it a few months ago in the Dail http://debates.oireachtas.ie/dail/2011/06/29/00003.asp#N115

      • Trocaire are a highly politicized charity and they do use their halo status to pull off that kind of thing in schools. I recommend that all my Irish Christian and charitably inclined friends donate to GOAL, rather than the former group.

  4. Mr. John Aust says:

    .I belong to a group that regularly visit the West Bank and Gaza. No, they are not starving, but I suggest that you would not be happy there. You are under the constant threat of being ‘collateral damage’ from an Israeli air strike on a ‘militant.’ In most countries, fishermen have the freedom of their own territorial waters. Not so in Gaza where the Israelis impose arbitrary limits and shoot them up whenever they please. Hamas is as diverse as any other government. Some hardliners, some (as with the IRA) willing to talk about peace – which is the last thing Israel wants. War is it’s modus operandi for expansion. If you find that a difficult concept, I suggest you read ‘A Line in the Sand’ by James Barr.

    • I admit, the situation is not ideal. I certainly wish for Gazan fishermen to be able to freely pursue their trade, and have disagreed with Israel’s policy on banning certain domestic items and foodstuffs entering there from Israel. I am opposed to wild exaggeration though, and the kind of generalization you made about Israel in your comment. I am also skeptical of what I call The Palestine Industry, something that is getting bigger and bigger, while doing little good and a lot of harm.

    • Rob says:

      No one (not even on the Israeli side) is pretending the situation for the people of Gaza is pleasant. However, Israel also has some responsibility to protect its own populace. The embargo is unpleasant but a case of genuine necessity until such time the people of Gaza elect a different government, after they elected Hamas on a mandate of continued violence in 2006 and so bear some responsibility for the current impasse, or Hamas decide to change direction but that of course is very unlikely.

    • I would recommend reading up on the important Islamic concept of ‘taqiyya’ when dealing with people like Hamas and the Iranians also. There is an obligation in Islam to mislead non-Muslims on the nature of your beliefs and objectives, going back to the Quran. These people will rarely talk about restoring the Caliphate when there are western journalists and human rights activists around.

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