Jewish New Yorkers Give Democrats Headache, But Why?

Alright, this Drudge Report banner is funny, but I’m thinking the media is spinning this historic result in New York’s Ninth Congressional District into something it isn’t. Was this really all about Obama and Israel, or even mostly about Obama and Israel, given the state of the economy? After all, look at Republican Scott Brown’s recent win in heavily Democratic Massachusetts. This simply seems like a similar revolt against reckless economic policies and career politicians, something the Democrat David Weprin represented as opposed to the Republican businessman Bob Turner.

The Democrats are confused and panicking, however, which is always fun to see. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is assuring the flock that the upset is the fault district’s Orthodox and Russian-Jewish residents, and that this demographic isn’t representative of the wider American Jewish population. However, it can’t be ignored that the Ninth Congressional District hasn’t seen a Republican victory since 1922 and the observant Jewish population has been around for a while now. The possibility that Jewish Americans are no longer a group that be counted as knee-jerk Democrats is an exciting one, and may change the tactics of both parties in their future lobbying efforts.


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