Why I Like Bibi

Politicians are, overwhelmingly, a loathsome class composed of parasitical, murdering sociopaths. Readers of this blog can attest that I don’t refrain from denouncing anyone of the ruling class, whether the subject be Dishonest Abe, the criminal gang that is the ANC, Bush the Lesser or Barack Hussein Obama. Don’t get me started on the fare in Irish politics either – the sickening gombeens and the populist Israel-bashers like Osama bin Andrews and Terry Laden (not to mention David Norris).

Yet sometimes there’s a man, and I’m talkin’ about Bibi Netanyahu here, well… he’s the man for his time and place.

I don’t have to agree with every policy of Binyamin Netanyahu to appreciate the fact that Israel’s Prime Minister is on a higher level than his political peers, not least his audience at the United Israel-Bashers yesterday. The Arabists at the BBC, the men behind the curtains in Brussels, the professional sugar-coaters of Islam, the NGOs, and countless other dark forces – they want us to hate Netanyahu, like we hate no other. That’s because Bibi is *SHOCK* a patriot. Bibi knows and appreciates the history of his people, and puts the security of his own nation before its Arab neighbors who might be inconvenienced by a roadblock or suffer some other indignities because of it. Surely he can’t be allowed to do that? Israeli Jews aren’t a Designated Victim Group, last time I checked with the Politburo and some academics at SOAS. Bibi believes his country is perfectly entitled to take steps to ensure it maintains its Jewish character. This sane proposition is now regarded by many as one step from building the next Auschwitz.

Bibi isn’t like the political fools we suffer in the rapidly declining West. Bibi Netanyahu isn’t working hard to deracinate his own country, something that seems to have been actual government policy in the United Kindgom. Nelson Mandela, for example, destroyed a thriving, highly-developed nation by introducing horrific, racist, racial socialism. He was beatified, and becomes the international community’s arbiter of what is right and what is wrong. His dysfunctional country names highways after Yasser Arafat, the very mention of whom earns cheers at a UN where Israel is condemned more than all countries combined. A man like Bibi, if he were magically at the helm Europe, would not import tens of millions of seventh-century Muslim immigrants and punish those Europeans not enlightened enough to appreciate their wonderful gift. A man like Bibi would not have brought Thilo Sarrazin before a kangaroo court to chastise him for suggesting uneducated, crime-prone Muslim immigrants are bad for Germany, and certainly not as nice a minority as Jews might be (Sarrazin’s book, meanwhile, sells like hotcakes among the Germans who believe life for the white European should not be a never-ending series of apologies – the silent majority?). A man like Bibi Netanyahu would not regard Enoch Powell as England’s wannabe Hitler, a figure the Guardians of Acceptable Opinion should continue to ensure is only disparaged on the BBC even while bands of ‘youths’ are pillaging, stabbing and burning right outside on our doorsteps. No, android phones, twitter and even Hasidic Jews were responsible for the riots, I’ve heard Al Guardian say.

Bibi Netanyahu is the opposite of the smooth-talking Harvard academic, who wants to bring millions of barely-literate and hostile Mexicans into US territory previously won from Mexico, but can’t stand the ‘racists’ who point out these Mexicans are barely-literate and hostile to America. Bibi Netanyahu would laugh away a bleeding-heart who lobbied him to adopt Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s vision to bring all institutions down to the level of black achievement, and then hire armies of PhD-holders to explain why the country and its institutions are failing, while assuring us that the highly reasonable Charles Murray is another closet Nazi. Bibi Netanyahu wouldn’t put a self-described affirmative action baby onto the Supreme Court, one who managed to enter Princeton yet had to peruse books like The Troll Under The Bridge in the summer months to improve her reading skills.

For his first term in the nineties, Bibi Netanyahu put the Israeli economy in a significantly stronger position than it was when he entered. Who believes Obama is going to do the same in his country? Yet poor Bibi was ousted in 1999 due to a vote of no confidence in the Knesset. Leftist-backed protests, trumped up corruption charges and the evil Bill Clinton’s meddling allowed a cabal of leftist tycoons and NGO’s oust Netanyahu and replace him with Ehud Barak in time for Camp David. Now the NGOs are screaming blue murder because the Likud is getting one back.

If this is why Bibi is so hated by all the talking heads on Christiane Amanpour, lets have a Bibi over here, please.


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2 Responses to Why I Like Bibi

  1. roxymuzak says:

    Great speech by Netanyahu and good to see that Obama has finally matured and is offering unambiguous support for the only democracy in the ME against the forces of backwardness and terror. The US veto on the outrageous attempt by the Palestinian Authority to establish a Palestinian state is to be welcomed by all right thinking people.

    The PA, with the emphasis on the word authority, have absolutely no authority over a sizable percentage of their undefined state, namely Gaza, which is controlled by the terrorist entity Hamas, a depraved anti-Semitic cabal whose entire raison detre is the complete destruction of Israel.

    Moreover, and in relation to the PA’s lack of authority over Gaza; not only do they have no authority but Hamas has a macabre track record in murdering PA officials. I reckon they’ve murdered more PA members than Jews.

    Some state this would be. On the one hand we have a PA President – correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t his term expire two years ago, nod, wink? What harm …..sure our Arab friends are only getting used to this democracy lark – who can’t speak for Gaza, and on the other hand we have a shower of religious funda-mental -ists who want to wipe out their neighbours.

    But despite Hamas’ vow to destroy Israel – and the PA’s complete lack of influence over this terrorist entity – and murder six million Jews – ominous number -, the UN, which, given its frenzied hatred of Israel, was quite rightly described as a “theatre of the absurd “by Netanyahu, could still end up recognising Palestine as a state. GUBU.

    I’m reminded here of a peace I read recently. The Jews are the only Palestinians it read, referring to the Jews ancestral homeland, the name of which is taken from the Roman word Palestinia which is derived from the Hebrew word Pleshet. There is no Arab word for Palestine.

    That’s an interesting stat, but that’s all. The fact is that one day their will be a Palestinian state. We’ll all welcome it, most of all Israel. But at the moment they couldn’t run a piss up in St James Gate never mind a state. Handing these people sovereignty in their present state of uproar – in which they refuse to recognized Israel and want to destroy it – is the equivalent of handing a six-year-old the keys of a car.

    The Palestinians are in many ways the Pikey’s of the ME. Nobody wants them, most of all their Arab neighbours. Unfortunately, they tend to prefer the Katyusha to the Sulky.

    Maybe if they had accepted the two-state solution way back then instead of attacking the nascent state of Israel they would have grown up by now.

    Talk about Sunningdale for slow learners, as Seamus Fallon memorably said when the Unionists accepted the Good Friday agreement.

    Of course, the Palestinians would have got more if they had accepted the first deal. Then again, their objective has never been a two-state solution. They want a one-state solution. That state will be called Palestine and all the Jews will be either murdered or gone.

    But is Obama playing to the gallery. I read this week about a Jewish precinct in New York that hasn’t voted Republican since 1922. However, given Obama’s disastrous track record in regards to Israel over the last two years they were beginning to turn from blue to red.

    Maybe the Democrats just don’t want to lose the Jewish vote. Regardless, it is encouraging to finally see Obama grow up from his disastrous speech in Cairo over two years ago.

    He’s finally seen the hieroglyphics on the wall. Arabs always see appeasement as a sign of weakness. Up to the other day he was speaking softly but wasn’t carrying the big stick as advised by Teddy Roosevelt.

    I reckon he deserves a lot credit on this one, and complimenting Obama for me is the equivalent of buying a copy of that bastion of eternal studentism and English self-loathing – The Guardian.

    • roxymuzak,

      Thanks for commenting, you really get the major points across. I wrote about the recent vote in New York’s 9th Congressional District earlier. While Israel-policy may have played a role, I don’t think it was the largest factor, which I believe was the economy (compare it to Republican Senator Scott Brown’s win in heavily Democratic Massachusetts). The Obama crowd, of course, would never concede there are sane people who believe there are better economic policies that can be followed than the policies of BHO, so they may actually be thinking more about Israel. I agree, Obama’s recent speech showed great improvement from his surrender to the Muslim world at Cairo.

      By the way, one very telling difference between Israeli and Palestinian society was evident in the past couple of days. While Abbas’s speech was broadcast in full all over Israeli television, the Palestinians blacked out Netanyahu’s address, much like Arab stations would do when Israel won the Eurovision.

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