Here’s How I’m Feeling Right Now…

Sorry folks, I could only help destroy the campaign of one completely inappropriate candidate for the Irish Presidency. Still, I take some comfort in the fact I might have given the opportunity for someone who isn’t a lunatic leftist to win in the first place. If the Irish people can’t see why a friend of Nicaraguan Communists who attends candlelit vigils for Yasser Arafat shouldn’t be President, then I don’t wish to be associated with the place for the next seven years at least. Ireland is now added to the list of countries and institutions I’m boycotting, which includes Scotland and the Methodist Church. However, I do have  a mother and grandmother over there, so I would have to make an exception in the event of some momentous event that may require a visit.

My affections were increased to the point of reconsidering the boycott now that the evil proposal on Oireachtas investigations has been defeated by a sound margin. For the love of God, remember the former (blessedly) TD Chris Andrews calling Alan Shatter ‘Israel’s puppet in Ireland‘? What about Terry Leyden’s similar comments about both Shatter and Barack Obama? Then there was Finian McGrath calling for an investigation into the Israeli governments role in Norris’s downfall. Imagine these people (Palestine’s puppets in Ireland, perhaps?) having the power to potentially persecute friends of Israel in the Republic. Of course, this proposed amendment was similarly worrying when you consider the attacks leveled against other opponents of the regime, such as the brave patriot and anti-Lisbon campaigner Declan Ganley, by the disgraced Dick Roche and his Fianna Fáil thugs, which led many of the Irish sheeple to regard Ganley as an agent of the CIA and similar nonsense. Lets not forget the buffoon Brian Cowen, who was along with Brian Lenihan and Patrick Honahan the greatest looter of the Irish nation since Cromwell, arresting a man and confiscating his property, while successfully intimidating the media, because he placed an unflattering painting of him in an art gallery.

812,008 votes in favour and 928,175 against. There is sanity in Ireland still.


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4 Responses to Here’s How I’m Feeling Right Now…

  1. Jonathan says:

    So…. you don’t believe in democracy. Who are these 928,175 voting against anyway. We do not have a first part the post system.

  2. Rob says:

    I recall that Ivana Bacik creature stating in her defence of the amendment to the constitution that it would give (greater?) powers to politicians rather than the judiciary, which she justified because they were “elected” lol. She made that unbelieveable assertion in the Seannad early in the week before the referendum which was shown on Oireachtas Report. So that means ignorant twats like Mick Wallace are better to sit in judgement of Irish citizens are they? It is interesting that of all the opposition parties, Sein Fein were strongly supporting the amendment too. I can only imagine how they would use such powers. Numerous critics said the present gov’t wouldn’t misuse it but a less ethical one (seeming to infer to Sein Fein) might.

  3. Roxymuzak says:

    Could we get Higgins to drive past the book depository whilst we are above on the er, grassy knoll, in, er, Dallas let’s say. All it takes is one motivated Marine.

    Meantime, will Michael D be inviting Suha Arafat to the Aras to quiz her on the 11 million doubloons in her account and she slumming it, a one stage, on the entire top floor of a leading Paris hotel at a cost of 16 grand a night?

    “I attended a candle lit vigil when your old man kicked the bucket Suha,” droned the diminutive one, rising on his hind legs/

    “I was attending a Parisian Haute couture bash with heroin addicted designers whose clothes most women wouldn’t wear from a bet on the same night, but my thoughts were with my late husband, the “starving” people of Gaza and you ” says she, as she clutched his hand tightly, convinced as she was that he was a leprechaun, who was obliged by tradition to grand her three wishes, but who, if you didn’t keep a tight grasp on the bastard, would vanish into the Celtic mist.

  4. JV says:

    Oh no! You’re not coming back to Ireland unless there’s a tragic accident in your family? Well that just breaks my fucking heart.

    Why just the other day, I was in a café getting lunch when I just smashed my plate on the ground in despair. People asked what the hell was wrong with me and I explained to them through sobs, “It’s just that… Well there’s this guy who writes a blog. And he says, he, he’s better than everyone else in the country, he’s living in London now but he’s not coming back. Like ever! And I know he’s cool cuz he likes Ayn Rand and free-market economics, and if there’s one thing this country hasn’t had enough of over the last 25 years, it’s neo-liberal economics! We could really use a guy like him around. And he’s cool with how the Israeli Govt are mistreating people like the South Africans did under Apartheid too. His opinions are just SO important. Why else would someone start a blog? But now we’ll never have those important opinions here in this country!”

    And everyone gathered around and patted me on the back. They were all pretty much gutted that you aren’t coming back too. Perhaps through time, and expensive counselling sessions, I’ll get over it. I wish your family good health, even though that means our nation won’t ever have the privilege of your presence ever again. 😦

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