Another Flotilla Farce

I once found living in Ireland somewhat depressing, given the country’s reputation of hostility towards Israel. I later found, however, that the Israel-bashers who dominated the conversation on matters Israel and Palestine were not very representative of the Irish people at all. The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign I discovered to be dominated almost to a man by Sinn Féin, or even more hardline Irish Republicans, and Trotskyites. Folks like these had very little support among the Irish populace (though Sinn Féin has done well after the economic disaster of recent times, as you would expect with populist nationalist types). Indeed, I found many Irish people refreshingly engaged on Middle East matters and with sensible views. However, they often complained of receiving too much hostility if they offered any kind of defense of Israel, and thus would not do it too regularly or loudly.

The latest flotilla provocation to Gaza pretty much proves the point. I believe there were fifteen Irish participants. Seven were connected with Sinn Féin, three were Trotskyites, one was Muslim Brotherhood, another was a former Fianna Fáil parliamentarian (a populist political party ousted from power due to its disastrous economic policies), and apart from Trevor Hogan I’m not sure about the others. Now, these are people I would not put in charge of the trash collection, and most Irish men and women would agree that if these politicians and activists were in power Ireland would look something like Uganda, or slightly worse.

The former Fianna Failure member of parliament, Chris Andrews, I have written about before in relation to his controversial labeling of  Fine Gael’s Alan Shatter as ‘Israel’s puppet in Ireland‘. At the time I was reluctant to label him as something as sinister an an anti-Semite, suggesting it was typical populist Fianna Fáil behaviour. Now I’m not so sure. I recently came across this disturbing image from a constituency leaflet put out by Mr. Andrews:

Yes, all chummy with Mr. Assad of Syria. Andrews is either a sinister individual or startlingly stupid (especially considering all his talk about ‘human rights’). I’m leaning towards the former given his behavior in regards to the the flotilla. You see, the participants claimed to be carrying tens of thousands of euros worth of aid on board. However, when Israeli naval forces boarded the vessel and brought it to the port of Ashdod, intending to bring the aid through the channels permitted by the Israeli government (via road and after Israeli inspection), no humanitarian aid was to be found on the two ships. Essentially, Irish politicians went to provoke Israel, a nuclear power with one of the world’s most powerful militaries, and lied to their own people about the purpose of their mission. I for one find that vile and irresponsible. A part of me would have been happy to see these fauxtilla folks rot in Israeli prisons for a while, but I don’t want the Israeli taxpayer to be compelled to  feed Chris Andrews. So I welcome their safe return and hope that next time they wont forget to bring that aid they promised. Children in Gaza simply cannot be expected to go on living without Trevor Hogan’s signed rugby balls.


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  1. Good find, John.
    Though you seriously need to buy a new scanner!

  2. OK I got sent a better scan of it.
    See the very bottom of this page:

  3. Roxymuzak says:

    Did any of you gents notice the letter in today’s Irish Times from the repellent Robert Ballagh, co-signed by assorted dhimmis.and bastards,
    calling on UeFa to revoke its decision to grant Israel its U/21 tournament.

    They say that the Palestinians are “dismayed” that Israel has been granted the tournament – I reckon that the Palestinians don’t even know about the tournament that the Irish left are getting dismayed on their behalf.

    Either way my heart if fucking broken for the dismayed Palestinians and their supporters.

    Meantime, just across the border from Israel, Assad and crew are murdering their citizens on the streets, while Roy Keane lookalike Ah- mad- inejad and the mullahs are close to getting their hands on one of Oppenheimer’s deadly toys in Iran and are lined up for an almighty kick in the bollocks from Israel.

    With the Muslim Brotherhood settling in nicely the hieroglyphics are on the wall in Egypt, while a shower of semi-depraved Islamists, the Koran in one hand and the ballot box in the other, are now in power in Tunisia.

    The shower in Tunisia describe themselves as moderate Muslims. This means that the only want to drag human civilisation back to the 6th century as opposed to the third courtesy of their more committed

    Whilst all this is going on, the only thing concerning the Irish left is an U/21 kick around in Israel. There’s no alternative but to laugh.

    As for the clowns on the weekend flotilla – a national and international embarrassment.

    • I think you are right on the tournament, some people are more Palestinian than the Palestinians themselves.

      I saw the stupid letter that seems so laughably misplaced given all that is going on next door in Syria, and as you say, the Islamist factions gaining ground everywhere. The exact same letter signed by exactly the same people (apart from Ballagh and Raymond Deane) appeared not long ago in Al Guardian. Raymond Deane is, of course, the state-funded composer who wrote to the Irish Independent claiming Israel only sent a medical team into Haiti to take photos for propaganda purposes and immediately left, which was a great surprise to the hundreds of Haitian children saved by the emergency IDF field hospital there. They never published my response or any response to that insane allegation, and I know for a fact many were written.

  4. Roxymuzak says:

    Disgusting that they did not publish your response, absolutely. I never heard a note of Deane’s music but I’m reliably informed that mice start throwing themselves in their traps the minute he picks up an instrument.

    There is a logic to this appeal to UeFa I reckon. They, the Irish left, look back with misty-eyed wonderment at the anti-Springbok demonstrations when South Africa arrived to play Ireland in the late 60’s.

    Likewise, the left would like to paint Israel as an apartheid state. Sport can be a powerful weapon in this regard. It’s a vehicle that anti-Semites will try to use in their campaign to delegitimise Israel.

  5. Brilliant article. Very well done. I’m trying to get this out on Facebook and Twitter. It’s disgusting that this individual clearly has no problems meeting with a psychotic dictator whom he professes to find “charming” according to a tweet on April 28 (2011?).

    “Met Syrian President Assad a year ago as part of delegation. Was charming but could see steel in him. Also warned of alternative to his Gov.”

  6. Roxymuzak says:

    Have you any background on Allan Boesak, the wretched creature who believes that Israel is an apartheid state. Is this the same Boesak that was jailed for robbing money from a childrens charity a few years back and is involved with the ANC?

    Any further info would be welcome.

  7. Roxymuzak says:

    Thanks, I believe he robbed money for a charity for children, which would of course make him the perfect poster “boy” – some piece he wrote – for the deranged claim from the Irish left that Israel is an apartheid state.

  8. Roxymuzak says:

    oooops, “from a charity for children above”

    • Its a great article, as are most of his pieces in the Irish Independent.

      I wonder, however, why people are still puzzled over the double-standards within the Irish left and the Human Rights Industry vis a vis Israel. To me, it shows that people still believe that the far-left actually has a real sense of right and wrong. They do not. Leftism has no regard for right or wrong, its about favoring Designated Victim Groups. The left views foreign affairs in the same way they view economic affairs. I actually suspect that if Hamas were a group of Christian fundamentalists, the left would have cheered on Operation Cast Lead, as Christians of all types are very low on the DVG-scale. If Israelis were predominately Arab Muslims, nobody would give a damn what is happening in the region, especially the left, as they could not feasibly demonise one side for the crime of being more white and western than the other.

      • markhumphrys says:

        Cracking comment, John. I’m going to quote that on my site. It sums it up.

      • Thanks Mark.

        By the way, that Raymond Deane fellow seems more insane as time passes. He recently claimed on Facebook that I work for the Israeli Embassy in Dublin and run their social networking campaign.

  9. Roxymuzak says:

    Horrific to read that these idiots were reenacting scenes where they dressed up as IDF troops harassing and shooting
    at Palestinians on Grafton Street.

    But will they reenact scene in which Israeli Jewish and Arab school kids have 30 seconds to sprint, in terror, to the nearest air raid shelter,
    as their Islamofacists buddies launch most of their rockets from Gaza into Israel in the morning, around the time children are going to school.

    Maybe they could reenact a scene in a Dublin restaurant or pub where a Palestinian terrorist detonates himself and kills everyone in the room.

    How about asking one of the many construction companies – they have plenty of machinery lying vacant these days – can they borrow
    a crane.

    They could then reenact a scene where they hang a homosexual from the crane in public, just as their buddies in Hamas
    intend to do with homosexuals after they’ve tortured them.

    I think it was on Mark Humphry’s excellent site that I say a pic of the Gay, Lesbian, Transsexual, Transgender – and whatever your shagging yourself this weekend – crowd mingling with Hamas supporters at a rally in Dublin.

    What is wrong with these people. Are they completely illiterate?

    And behold in the distance a Turkey marching with steely-eyed determination to cast his franchise in favour of Yuletide…….

  10. Roxymuzak says:

    Shocking stuff gents, truly shocking.

  11. Roxymuzak says:

    Interesting poll findings. 40% of Arabs in Jerusalem would perfer to live in Israel. I wonder why…… 42% of same say that if they found themselves in a Palestinian state after all the horse trading is done that they would try to get back into the land of the “great Satan”, Israel.

    I can’t understand these Palestinian Arabs myself. Why wouldn’t,er, anyone like to live under the rule of a shower of depraved jihadists.

    Down with Israel and democracy and that sort of thing.

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