Given who it’s coming from…

… I’d take it as a compliment, Bibi.


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One Response to Given who it’s coming from…

  1. Henry Wood says:

    Sarkozy = Pot, Kettle, Black.

    Obama = Don’t get me started! Do you remember how this President decided to ignore all US allies and praise many US enemies at the beginning of his term of office? This was to show how *he* was a *different* President.

    Well, he’s showed that, OK. As he sowed, so shall he reap, and I reckon Obama’s barns are going to be pretty empty when he gathers his crops at the end of his tenure on the US fields. Whilst the country was by no means in a bountiful situation when President Obama took over, it is now barren.

    The man who follows this charlatan will find he has a very tough job ahead of him.

    God bless America.

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