Obama’s Incredible Smear Machine – Was Cain The Latest Victim?

Some readers may like to view the post I wrote in August about, among other things, the amazing tendency for Barack Obama’s electoral opponents to have their confidential divorce papers leaked to the press and their campaigns ruined. Blair Hull and Jack Ryan might have a new companion in Herman Cain, who has been on the receiving end of highly suspect allegations of sexual harassment. I found the complaints against Cain very unusual, considering that several were initially made anonymously. These drove the media into a frenzy, despite the fact there were no real details about what the harassment was supposed to entail. Instead we were fed impossibly vague stories of a woman who felt Cain had “gotten too close” to her. Another claimed Cain simply made her “feel” he was coming onto her.

Only after a week or so did Sharon Bialek step forward and provide a specific, disturbing account. This woman, by startling coincidence, lived in the same building as David Axelrod, the political consultant best known as Barack Obama’s top adviser as well as his chief strategist in 2008. He may very well be again in 2012. Conservative pundit Ann Coulter has made a big deal out of the fact that Cain has never lived in Chicago despite all the allegations originating from there.  However, it must be said that Bialek claimed the events happened in Washington D.C. when she traveled there for an interview with Cain. Yet strange it is that all the harassment is alleged to have taken place during Cain’s time at the helm of the National Restaurant Association. This is a mere three year period out of his long life and career. Why were these three years so marked by misogyny and lewd behavior, that Cain has never been accused of in the times before or since? The fact that it was Sheila O’ Grady who dug up Herman Cain’s personnel records from the National Restaurant Association says a lot. O’ Grady is an Axelrod confidante and former chief of staff to Chicago’s former mayor Richard M. Daley. She now works for the Illinois Restaurant Association. By all accounts, this girl lives to spin.

ABC reports that Bialek has had nine jobs in seventeen years and has filed for bankruptcy twice. Relatives have referred to her as a ‘gold-digger’. More unusual methods such as voice-analyzing software have been deployed to cast her as untrustworthy.

Another interesting tidbit: it seems no Hollywood types, American liberals, the usual black spokespeople or even folks of the Congressional Black Caucus have helped a brother out by playing the race card in the way so many have done for Barack Obama. A man who is only half-black, after all, and a lot farther from the typical black-American experience than Herman Cain. Is it possible that the Obama crowd feel a black opponent would do their man the most damage?

I have never endorsed Cain for President. I’m not doing so now. Still, I can’t help but like the guy, and these brutal attacks have only improved his standing in my eyes. After all, how could a man with the smile seen in the wonderful ad below be even a little bit pervy?


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