That Hoover Film

I am of two minds on J. Edgar Hoover. As  a libertarian, I cannot help being repelled by his role in the expansion of the surveillance state and his often illegal methods of getting what he wanted. However, the part of me that looks for Reds under the bed (or Al Guardian) every night gives the man some nudging respect. A man devoted to his country’s safety above all else, and much like Joe McCarthy, J. Edgar Hoover exercised the vigilance against communist infiltration of the western institutions that American Presidents often did not. For instance, when the American hero Whittaker Chambers furnished a list of communists in the government, which included some of Roosevelt’s closest aides, FDR himself decided to do nothing. When Hoover informed Roosevelt that the Soviets were running espionage operations out of their embassy in Washington, Roosevelt warned the Soviets that they were being bugged. Is it any wonder Hoover felt the need to go behind the higher authorities to get his vital work done?

There are legitimate arguments to wield against against Hoover the man and Hoover the director of the FBI. For instance, Hoover buried reports of Communist infiltration of the black Civil Rights Movement, and the communist connections to “Dr.” Martin Luther King. However, allegations of cross-dressing and closeted homosexuality are simply nasty fabrications that distract from the real issues. That is why I am angry Clint Eastwood decided to include this tired nonsense into his new biopic film ‘J. Edgar’ and I recommend people simply avoid it. This is coming from someone who has seen the film and happens to like Eastwood’s work. Let me be clear: the rumors about Hoover’s sexual practices are not only baseless, but part of an attempt at character assassination initiated by very, very dark forces, that went viral thanks to a rotten, unscrupulous left. The allegations originate from the ridiculous account of a certain Susan Rosenstiel, a convicted criminal who had previously served time for perjury. Rosenstiel claimed to have seen Hoover at homosexual orgies in a New York hotel, and wearing women’s underwear to boot. Why this woman was present at male homosexual orgies is anyone’s guess. These claims were never substantiated, but the famous Mitrokhin Archive, brought to the West by a KGB defector, indicated that the Soviets worked hard to spread the lies about their bitter opponent. Any person of sound character capable of doing a moment of sound research would quickly realize what a sinister scam this all was. What is worse is that American liberals, those who purport to be tolerant of homosexuality and proud of it, have been so willing to use fabricated and no doubt hurtful stories about a man’s sexuality to undermine and ridicule him. Aren’t these people the least bit ashamed, or able to detect some hypocrisy in their behavior? For shame, the American left.

For shame, Mr. Eastwood.


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