Kim is Dead

Now I worry that his more westernized sons, with their European boarding school educations and ill-fated trips to Disneyland Tokyo, might mess up all that lovely equality that exists in the Hermit Kingdom.

Look at that all that equality


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3 Responses to Kim is Dead

  1. Roxymusic says:

    I’m convinced that the real reason the USA wanted to assimilate North Korea was because of their dismal performances in the Ryder Cup, not because they are a shower of nuked up, mad commie fuckers. Leaving aside that golf is not really a sport, the Yanks are being trounced regularly by Europe in the Ryder Cup. Likewise, our late, beloved leader Kim Jong, according to the infamous press realse from Pyongyang a few years back, notched 11 holes in one during his first venture onto a golf course, in between writing 1.500 books and curing cancer, plague and pestilence, as you do. Tiger Woods, meantime, insisted that Jong be on the US team before Europe inked him to a contract. Alas, it never happened. Our beloved leader is now dead, long time.

    As for our neighbours sneering at the comical scenes of mass consternation. Well, at least the North Koreans have a valid reason for their apparemt grief; they will be shot in the back of the head if they don’t wail – onions sellers must be making a fortune out there.

    In contrast, a few years back we had an outbreak of mass hysteria when Diana, who was in her own way a bigger tyrant that Song, did the decent thing and got killed in a car accident. What excuse have the Brits. The weren’t coerced into expressions of consternation by the thought police.

    They, the sad bastards, really believed that a brain dead gold digger was the People’s Princess.

    • I will hopefully post more on North Korea in the next day or so. By the way, did you happen to see the evil Jimmy Carter’s condolences to the Kims and his well-wishing to Mr. Kim Jong-Un? Isn’t it funny how all these people bleating on about ‘human rights’ and ‘apartheid’ in one particular place seem to have great affection for these despotic dark corners like Syria (see Chris Andrews) and North Korea? Of course, it may have nothing to do with high-minded principles at all. As I’ve written before, Palestine is big business. Write some screed about the “Israel Lobby” and you can laugh all the way to the bank. If you are a communist of Jewish background prepared to air your gripes against Israel, you can have yourself a good post at a British university and adulation on your bravery from the Guardian on a daily basis. You can even commit statutory rape and have David Norris, Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky lobby for leniency towards you.

      Anyways, always glad to hear words like yours on Princess Diana. The Cult of Diana is still going strong in this country.

  2. Roxymusic says:

    Carter is an utter clown. Then again, we once had a President who expressed his condolences on the death of the deformed pygmy to the German embassy during WW2….. The Guardian serves one useful purpose – you read it and arrive at the opposite point of view with confidence.

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