Michael O’ Leary On The EU, Innovation, and Why They Don’t Mix

I simply had to post this video. Michael O’ Leary is one of my heroes. He  brought the jet-setting lifestyle to the common man, making weekend trips to Prague to available to plumbers, waitresses and students. He helped change the image of the Irish nation for the better in the Celtic Tiger years and beyond. With people like him and Tony O’Reilly becoming the face of Ireland on Bloomberg, NBC and CNN, it became harder to think of the Irish as drunk men good for little but menial labor, with their battered wives at home popping out babies to add to the Pope’s never-ending legion of drones. That is why so many people hate him. I can’t recall any positive coverage of Ryanair or O’ Leary on the BBC. Yet its the likes of O’ Leary who will always make our lives better and get us out of economic malaise, not the politicians.

Marxists used to think that under a capitalist system the working classes would get progressively worse off and eventually revolt. Due to entrepreneurs like O’ Leary, they had to change their tactics. Instead, they claim free-markets hurt Third World countries (countries of course, that are nearly all socialistic) and the environment. I digress. Watch the video. O’ Leary pulls no punches.


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2 Responses to Michael O’ Leary On The EU, Innovation, and Why They Don’t Mix

  1. Toejam says:

    Mr. Michael O’Leary is the BEST thing that’s happened to Ireland in a hundred years. He’s a true capitalist and preaches the truth. Try and succeed in a business venture: great. Try and fail, but get off your ass and try again: good. But like 80% of the Irish sit on your dead butt and let the Socialist State take care of you. And that care is evident in the LOUSY health care system, the STINKIN transport system and the SUB-STANDARD education system. Socialism is for losers and Mr. O’Leary is certainly NOT a loser. He’s not a crooked, lying thug. Politicians are crooked, lying thugs. Mr. O’Leary tells it like it is. And if you don’t like it……………………Tough!

  2. A wonderful video clip!

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