The Hypocrisy of the Anti-Zionist Left: Relations With Neturei Karta

If you are a friend of Israel online, chances are that an opponent has at some time has given you a link to the little anti-Zionist Haredi sect known as Neturei Karta. That person, who generally knows nothing about Judaism, might then lecture you that Zionism is an affront to Judaism. If you observe anti-Israel demonstrations in London, no doubt you will see a handful of this bunch put on prominent display. Our old friend David Norris even gave them a positive mention in the Irish Senate.

In recent days you will probably have encountered anti-Israel activists express horror over extremism in Israel, pointing to the group of Neanderthals harassing girls of elementary school age in Beit Shemesh. You have no doubt been warned about the route Israel is supposedly going down. You have no doubt been told that Israel is just as bad as Iran or Afghanistan.

What you wont be told is that the Haredim engaged in these atrocities are an anti-Zionist grouping known as the Sikrikim, affiliated with Neturei Karta and composed mainly of anti-Zionist Hasidic fanatics. You wont be told that this group vandalizes religious Jewish bookstores that sell what they consider to be Zionist material, and consider licking ice-cream cones an affront to Judaism. You wont be told that they even beat up other Haredi Jews who enter their ‘turf’ in Mea Shearim.

Similarly, you wont be told that Neturei Karta claimed the Hasidic Jewish couple and their guests murdered in the infamous Mumbai attacks deserved it, or that these Neturei Karta people sound awfully like a Jewish equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church. You can see for yourself videos of anti-Zionist Sikrikim calling eight-year old girls ‘whores’ and ‘abominations’. Despite the fact that other Orthodox Jews, from the Haredi or Religious Zionist camps, are often victims of Sikrikim behavior, judging by the internet forms they will be linked to it because some people outside Israel are unable to distinguish fanatical anti-Zionist Haredim from the average observant Jew.

You wont be told all this because the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Socialist Workers Party and Anti-War Movement want to continue to march with Neturei Karta. You wouldn’t want the supposedly progressive anti-Zionist left to feel a bit awkward or hypocritical marching with people less sophisticated than most Jews were in Medieval times. No doubt that George Galloway will continue to speak at conferences with Neturei Karta and give them a warm reception on his radio shows.

P.S. The Neturei Karta website is particularly bizarre, recycling many anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic canards. They assert such gems as a supposed offer by Hitler to let all the Jews of Europe leave through Spain, provided they did not go to the British Mandate of Palestine. Those notorious softies in the Nazi Party apparently backed down because Ben Gurion opposed it. It should come as no surprise what the people who believe this stuff, David Norris’s favorite Jews, are capable of doing, even to their fellow Jews.


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5 Responses to The Hypocrisy of the Anti-Zionist Left: Relations With Neturei Karta

  1. And? says:

    How about the pro-Israel fanatics?

    • They certainly exist, and stand in the way of peace.

      Yet that is not the concern of this post. My question here is why do David Norris and George Galloway support a group that helps stone seven year old girls in Israel?

  2. Roxymusic says:

    It is my understanding that the above are agin Israel cause the “promised land” has to be delivered by God and not man?

    You’d be waiting a while for God to deliver anything these days, although City beating the Evil Empire 5-0 was a good start.

    Still, they haven’t graduated to flying planes into buildings yet.

    Galloway is a repellent individual, a cesspit of every half-cocked, fucked up left-wing cause célèbre most of us abandoned at the advent of adulthood.

    • That is the gist of their view on Zionism. They have a strange outlook in may respects. They believe Jews must be lowly and humble in Exile. Neturei Karta has always opposed seeking reparations for Holocaust survivors, for instance. I was shocked to hear their leader, R. Weiss, declare to a camera next to George Galloway ‘we wish to be subservient to you [the Palestinians]’. That’s certainly not a Judaism the Maccabees would have recognized!

  3. Rob Harris says:

    Indeed John it is astonishingly dishonest for pro-Palestinians to cite the likes of the Naturei Karta as proof Jews don’t support Israel, wheel them out at pro-Palestinian events, and yet condemn Israel for religious extremism due to the misplaced tolerance it shows toward these people. IMHO they should be imprisoned if they refuse to serve in the IDF.

    The likes of Ethan Bonner, a well known Israeli basher at the New Yoirk Times wrote an article recently which misrepresented the situation in Israel to a subtle extent by failing to mention the Ultra-Orthodox represent a minority of the Jewish faithful in Israel as elsewhere (albeit an increasing one), fudging their intense anti-Zionism, and failed to even briefly mention that the Israeli government was increasingly responding to their outrages.

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