The Amnesty Agenda

For a long time now I have believed that one of the most evil developments of our time has been the hi-jacking of the term ‘human rights’ by some of the most unsavory people walking the globe, from Islamists to Trotskyites. Amnesty International, because its iconic status at the forefront of the Human Rights Industry, has proven to be one of the most important targets in the sights of certain agitators, who have no business near it or any serious ‘human rights’ organisation.

When Amnesty International’s Human Rights Action Centre in London hosted the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and another Palestinian/Arabist/Islamist advocacy group called Middle East Monitor (MEMO) for a ‘discussion’ on Zionist control of the media, I tried to raise alarm. So did others. It was to no avail.

That was England. It is now time to look at Ireland, as I know there are Irish men and women who read this blog who share my concerns. An announcement or report from Amnesty is commonly regarded as unquestionable, due to the supposedly nice intentions of those altruistic souls in the Human Rights Industry. Should this be the case? Lets take a special look at one particularly heavy-hitter at Amnesty International in Ireland.

The Communications Co-ordinator  at Amnesty International in Ireland is Justin Moran, a journalism graduate from DCU. Moran’s Facebook page reveals himself to be a fan of or in contact with:

John Pilger

Noam Chomsky

Ilan Pappe

Robert Fisk

Freda Mullin-Hughes, of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Martin McGuinness

Eoin O’Broin, of Sinn Féin

An Phoblacht

Dr. Fintan Lane, a Socialist Workers Party communist and prominent Israel-basher

Dr. Sean Marlow, an advocate for boycotting Israel

Robbie Smyth, of Griffith College Dublin, said to be a communications guru for certain Irish Republican groups

Yousef al-Helou, Iran’s PRESS TV man in Gaza, almost certain to be a HAMAS affiliate

Felim Hammell (or Feilim O’ Hadhmaill), a sociology lecturer and convicted Provoisional IRA bomber, who signed the 2006 letter endorsing a boycott of Israel and a  founding member of Palestinian Solidarity in Ireland.

Justin Moran is also a  supporter of the ‘Ship2Gaza’ crowd,  and the ‘No to English Queen in Ireland’ campaign.

I am not sure how long Moran has been with the Amnesty Press Office. However, it is a sure sign that too many of those who pontificate against Israel on a daily basis at Amnesty, and who have enormous trust from the media and the wider public, may never have read a book on Israeli history that wasn’t written by the former Israeli Communist politician and pundit Ilan Pappe.

Still, its good to know what kind of people have infiltrated Amnesty in a way that would bring tears of pride to Antonio Gramsci and the Cultural Marxists. Amnesty International will no doubt have its stellar reputation for many more years, but I for one will be treating any future message from Amnesty as a party-political broadcast.


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15 Responses to The Amnesty Agenda

  1. john aust says:

    I know this blog cannot bear any criticism of Israel but Amnesty’s reputation is founded
    on impartial reporting. Proof at As here, Amnesty highlights
    human rights abuses carried out by Hamas. Why not believe them when they are carried out by Israel? EVERY DAY!

    • One must admit the discrepancy in the focus of the Amnesty awwwktavists, on Israel as well as other issues. I mentioned here an activist who approached Amnesty in order to get Jewish refugees from Muslim lands recognised at their Refugee Week last summer. Now, Amnesty were not hostile to the idea, but nobody there was aware of the fact that such people exist. We are talking about experts on refugee issues here.

  2. when & why did the Trotskyist & stalinist communist factions stop being concerned with the working class?? Are the sheiks of the Persian Gulf emirates & the royals of KSA socialist revolutionaries or capitalist exploiters or plain imperialists?

  3. Jim Stockman says:

    The reason the State of Israel came into being because displaced Jews at the end of the Second World War had no other place to go to. Being liberated from the Nazi concentration camps they were not allowed to return home nor to seek refuge in other countries. So the only escape that they had, was to enter Palestine illegally and end the British Mandate forcibly. Ever since then, the only place Jews could emigrate too is Israel. During the Cold War Jews arriving in Vienna from Eastern Europe could only go to Israel, unless a Jew was a leading nuclear physicist or such, then he or she would be snapped up by the US.

    • Jewish independence was on the cards well before the Holocaust; the League of Nations and the British government had committed themselves to facilitating it in the decades prior, but the British ended up back-peddling on that due to Arab opposition. Most Jews in Israel are not Holocaust survivors or their descendants, though most have pedigree as refugees from Europe prior to and after the Holocaust and the Middle East after 1947.

      The fear of what might result in the region after Israeli Independence made many fear mass immigration of the Jewish DPs to the then British Mandate. Allied authorities actually tried to coax Jews into returning to their residences prior to the war. However, most survivors had no physical home or family to return to, and there were significant dangers in going to countries like Poland and Czechoslovakia, where many returning Jews were murdered by anti-Semites, most famously at Kielce in 1946. I recall that Allied authorities once polled survivors on what countries they would like to emigrate to, but forbade Palestine as an option. Something like 90% ended up writing ‘the crematoria’.

      I.F. Stone in ‘Underground to Palestine’ wrote about the Jewish DPs who overwhelmingly wanted to go to Palestine rather than countries like the United States: “They have been kicked around as Jews and now they want to live as Jews. Over and over I heard it said: ‘We want to build a Jewish country. … We are tired of putting our sweat and blood into places where we are not welcome.’ … These Jews want the right to live as a people, to build as a people, to make their contribution to the world as a people. Are their national aspirations any less worthy of respect than those of any other oppressed people?”

  4. More great research John! You inspired me to take a closer look at this guy, and what Amnesty’s choice of him as its public face reveals about its prejudices. My efforts are here:
    I discovered he was a prominent Shinner for many years. He was Chairperson of Dublin Sinn Féin.
    It is incredible that Amnesty would hire someone from a violent terrorist organisation that implements the death penalty without trial. His facebook clearly shows that he is still a supporter of Sinn Fein.
    I also put up a screenshot of him gloating about the coming death of Margaret Thatcher. This is the face of Amnesty! For Shinners only.

    • Good stuff Mark. I overlooked the fact that Amnesty hosted Neturei Karta in Dublin some while ago, as you point out on your site. I’m quite sick of those loonies being paraded around by the anti-Zionist set like prize horses. Hopefully, more people will stop supporting Amnesty in Ireland because of this bizarre behavior.

  5. I also discovered some amazing facts about Amnesty.
    Sean MacBride, co-founder of Amnesty International worldwide, was a Nazi collaborator.
    Amnesty International (Ireland branch) was co-founded by a Nazi spy (Helmut Clissmann).
    Amnesty International’s Irish HQ is named after a Nazi collaborator.
    A Nazi collaborator has appeared on an Irish stamp!
    The things they don’t teach you in school.

  6. Another fun thing I discovered, in my look at WW2 Ireland, is that Todd Andrews (grandfather of anti-Israel TD Chris Andrews) was friendly with the Nazis.
    He socialised at the Nazi embassy in Dublin during the war.
    He was not a Nazi himself, but he expressed a common Irish unwillingness to support the democracies against their enemies, or even make distinctions between the two – a tradition that his grandson Chris Andrews continues today.

  7. Niall Ginty says:

    Some beauties in that list of Justin Moran’s friends and connections on facebook. Perhaps Amnesty feels justified in his selection as communications co-ordinator on the grounds that he has unrivalled experience in dealing with some of the globes most notable rogues.

  8. Rob Harris says:

    Justin Moran is a name that pops up with regard to the IPSC time and time again, e.g. on Indymedia. Interesting that he is a head figure in Amnesty now. If being a Seiner is OK, and pro-Palestinian a definite bonus, then I suspect they will soon be mining the talent at éirígí…

    In a sort of a parallel with Moran at Amnesty, another Justin (Kilcullen), head of of the notoriously anti-Israeli charity Trocaire, used one Eóin Murray as their “Palestine Programme Officer. – Murray was a former co-ordinator of the IPSC.

  9. Saoirse Mac Aodháin says:

    Besides the borderline defamatory statements made by a would-be-lawyer from a fee-paying private college, its a very generous display of pro-Israeli propaganda. I have more things to be doing with my time but for balance I would like to point out that Israel are open to criticism like any other sate. Anyone who dares speak up against the Israeli regime are subjected to abuse and ridicule.

    I feel sorry for anyone who crosses the path of these snoops. This information was only available by spies on Facebook.

    Given this information was by intruding personal Facebook pages one wonders should they deactivate their account and apply for a replacement passport.

    Although, Facebook is not the only source of these hypocrites, Norris was ruined not by Facebook leaks but by others ‘friends’ – I am sure we could all enjoy the unravelling of the ‘friend’ and their connections.

    Israel has a legitimate right to exist, what it can not do is seek to rely on laws and declarations it did not sign upto in the first place.

    They throw the palmer report around like a priest throws water around at a christening. When do they throw the other UN reports around denouncing Israel for their abuses to humans?


    • By “borderline defamatory” do you mean not defamatory in any way; a hollow and pathetic threat used to frighten people you think are stupid because they disagree with you?

      By “anyone who dares speak up against the Israel regime” do you mean wealthy academics and journalists who face absolutely no danger in bashing Israel (but might if they were to criticize its enemies)?

      By “spies on Facebook” do you mean completely legitimate regular users of Facebook like myself?

      I don’t know where your getting at with the Norris thing. Do people still believe the rubbish the SWP and others came out with about an establishment conspiracy against David Norris? And here I am sharing a semi-d in a middle class London neighbourhood!

      I don’t blame Israel for pushing the Palmer Report, because the mainstream media wanted to ignore it in the same way the New York Times blocked Richard Goldstone from rejecting the report that bears his name on their paper. Activists spouted slogans for years about an “illegal” naval blockade of Gaza because they believe international law is their to reflect their views. This went unchallenged except by the Israeli government and friends of Israel.

    • markhumphrys says:

      Oh that is priceless. We discover that the spokesman for Amnesty Ireland is a Shinner with a long standing support for an organisation that implements the death penalty without trial, a long standing prejudice against Israel, and a wish to see Thatcher dead, and the problem is not Amnesty but rather us! You’re annoyed that we found this out!

      And Israel haters are “subjected to abuse and ridicule”. Oh you poor babies!

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