The Perpetual Bonfire

Weep for George Zimmerman, the world’s first white Hispanic. For he has been trapped in the perpetual Bonfire, the one you’ll probably figure is a reference to the famous work on racism, corruption, politics and the law by the great Tom Wolfe.

As in Bonfire of the Vanities, certain professionals constantly on call to be offended rushed to the front lines at the first opportunity in the drama, in order to make sure facts never get in the way of a good narrative. These shameless hucksters include such ‘anti-racist’ icons as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, both of whom happen to be anti-Semites.  Sharpton even helped incite a black mob to riot, loot and murder across an observant Jewish neighborhood in 1991.

Al Sharpton! The adviser to the liar Tawana Brawley, who tried to ruin the lives of six innocent men by falsely accusing them of rape.

Jesse Jackson! Who pledged to cover the tuition fees of the liar Crystal Magnum, the stripper/ho who similarly tried to ruin the lives of three innocent university athletes with false accusations of rape. That lovely victim is currently being held on a murder charge.

When these belligerent black activists get excited about a victim, I get suspicious, because they’re ready to hi-jack any case and make it all about themselves.

One equally odious figure stepped in early on to inject a little racial politics. “If I had  a son, he’d look like Trayvon”, says Barack Obama. Though I doubt Oh Bummer would permit his son to get suspended from school three times and have a Twitter account under the name of ‘No Limit Nigga’, where he could express such gems as: “2 glock 40’s…. bitch u got 80 problems”.

Whatever happened that night, George Zimmerman/Sherman McCoy is probably doomed to be found guilty in a show trial and stabbed or strangled to death in a racial hothouse of a prison. All because the media and the President needed him to be an evil racist.

Of course, one feels equally sorry for the boy who has died. Yet at least there may be a silver lining for Trayvon Martin’s family, if their attempts to trademark the phrases “I am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon” are successful. In this, they follow in the noble tradition of the King family, who managed to squeeze $800,000 out of the folks who built a memorial to their father in Washington D.C.


Out and About on the Boris Bus

It was great to be on the Boris Battle Bus today with Conservative Friends of Israel and other Conservative activists. The reception from the public was very warm, from Harrow to Hendon. I think its safe to say Boris Johnson has the Jewish vote tied up for him. It probably helps that the other guy is an anti-Semitic, Islamist Trotskyite who threatens to turn London into a “beacon of Islam” and has more negative to Zionism in his autobiography than to transport.

I also got some lovely pictures!

Boris releases his inner Jew

The Derbyshire Debacle

I was deeply saddened to hear that the fantastic writer John Derbyshire has been booted out of National Review for this article he wrote over at Taki’s Magazine (a piece I certainly enjoyed). According to the man himself, after the Trayvon Martin incident: “News and opinion outlets were bursting forth with whiny articles by black writers about “The Talk” that black parents must give to their children, to help them avoid sudden death at the hands of white authority figures. Since rates of black-on-white murder are far higher than those for white-on-black, this seemed to me a hypocrisy that needed puncturing. That was the occasion of my column”.

To be honest, I don’t know how Derbyshire lasted so long at NR considering the articles he was churning out at Taki’s and elsewhere. Its probably a testament to his great talents. I’m sure most will agree with National Review’s decision. Yet I for one am quite worried. Yesterday it was Pat Buchanan, Joe Sobran and Sam Francis. Today it is John Derbyshire. Tomorrow it could be Mark Steyn.

Our enemies, the Cultural Marxists and those on their side have wielded the dreaded label of ‘racist’ to silence and scare decent conservatives. It can lead to the unjustified ruin of a career for a journalist, a Duke University athlete, and a neutered right-wing that ends up doing the left’s work for them. I have not taken an allegation of racism at face value since the whole Duke Lacrosse fiasco. I have also found much to disagree with in the writings of John Derbyshire and Pat Buchanan. Yet I still regard them as great men that deserve a wide audience.

Some day, National Review, in its urge to distance itself from the truly controversial, may end up destroying what makes it a conservative magazine.


UPDATE: Well, Rich Lowry has called Derbyshire’s words ‘indefensible’. This seems comparatively gentle compared to the other mandatory denunciations from the mainstream media.  Far rarer than shouts of ‘racist!’ have been actual critiques of what Derbyshire said, and the statistics and factual evidence he provided. Now isn’t that strange?