The Perpetual Bonfire

Weep for George Zimmerman, the world’s first white Hispanic. For he has been trapped in the perpetual Bonfire, the one you’ll probably figure is a reference to the famous work on racism, corruption, politics and the law by the great Tom Wolfe.

As in Bonfire of the Vanities, certain professionals constantly on call to be offended rushed to the front lines at the first opportunity in the drama, in order to make sure facts never get in the way of a good narrative. These shameless hucksters include such ‘anti-racist’ icons as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, both of whom happen to be anti-Semites.  Sharpton even helped incite a black mob to riot, loot and murder across an observant Jewish neighborhood in 1991.

Al Sharpton! The adviser to the liar Tawana Brawley, who tried to ruin the lives of six innocent men by falsely accusing them of rape.

Jesse Jackson! Who pledged to cover the tuition fees of the liar Crystal Magnum, the stripper/ho who similarly tried to ruin the lives of three innocent university athletes with false accusations of rape. That lovely victim is currently being held on a murder charge.

When these belligerent black activists get excited about a victim, I get suspicious, because they’re ready to hi-jack any case and make it all about themselves.

One equally odious figure stepped in early on to inject a little racial politics. “If I had  a son, he’d look like Trayvon”, says Barack Obama. Though I doubt Oh Bummer would permit his son to get suspended from school three times and have a Twitter account under the name of ‘No Limit Nigga’, where he could express such gems as: “2 glock 40’s…. bitch u got 80 problems”.

Whatever happened that night, George Zimmerman/Sherman McCoy is probably doomed to be found guilty in a show trial and stabbed or strangled to death in a racial hothouse of a prison. All because the media and the President needed him to be an evil racist.

Of course, one feels equally sorry for the boy who has died. Yet at least there may be a silver lining for Trayvon Martin’s family, if their attempts to trademark the phrases “I am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon” are successful. In this, they follow in the noble tradition of the King family, who managed to squeeze $800,000 out of the folks who built a memorial to their father in Washington D.C.


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