Thoughts On ObamaCare, or: Why We Are All Doomed

The nastiest aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are the individual mandate, guaranteed issue and the partial community rating. The individual mandate survives thanks to the Supreme Court deeming it a tax today, even though Obama said it wasn’t. It stipulates that all persons not covered by an employer sponsored health plan, Medicaid, Medicare, or other public insurance programs, purchase an approved private insurance policy or pay a penalty.

So the government forces poor people to buy insurance from large companies. Just like they encouraged poor people to become homeowners and patronize banks, fueling a housing bubble and economic disaster. Just like how they feel that the maximum number of people possible need to go to college, because if 20% of the population go to college and get good jobs, then if 50% of the population go then 50% of the population will have good jobs. Few realize this is just diluting the value of a degree two-and-a-half times over, making the parchment increasingly expensive, causing our horrific levels of graduate unemployment/underemployment and creating yet another bubble.

Remember when insurance was a way of protecting against the risk of some low-probability/high-cost misfortune befalling you? It feels rather silly to point this out, but coming of child-bearing age and choosing to use contraception is not an insurable event. The United States is attempting an insane experiment that completely changes the nature of insurance. Americans are actually an over-insured people. This has been going on since World War II, when the Roosevelt administration decreed that compensation for labor in the form of employment-based health insurance does not count as taxable income, creating some very perverse incentives. Americans rely too much on third-party payment, whether by governments or private companies. Obamacare exacerbates this problem. Paying a third party  to cover the costs of predictable, routine health costs leads to prices shooting upwards.

The guaranteed issue and the partial community rating compel insurers to offer the same premium to all applicants of the same age and geographical location without regard to most pre-existing conditions. Obamacare will thus turn every large insurance corporation into the equivalent of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, requiring permanent taxpayer bailouts to stay afloat. When they fail, the corporations will be nationalized and unfettered capitalism will be blamed. Which I have always believed is Obama’s end goal.

Remember all those mortgages banks gave to people without the ability to pay back in recent years? This is the same thing, with insurance. How much hand-wringing do I have to do here, dammit? Why do we never learn?


By the way, I suspect many of us will be arguing with our colleagues at work or university on the role of the state in healthcare. I recommend reading these articles to start pumping you with a little intellectual ammunition:

What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us, by Yuri N. Maltsev

Medical Care Facts and Fables, by Thomas Sowell


The Martyrdom of Mick Wallace

Mick Wallace could make me laugh, but his trendy-lefty sermonizing on subjects from poverty to the assassination of Osama Bin Laden always irritating. His dress sense also offends me, but he’s fully entitled to it. His mannerisms and wardrobe are not going to impact my estimation of Mick Wallace the businessman or politician.

Once, I wouldn’t have cared about the fate of Wallace, like the vast majority of the legion of unremarkable leeches that are Irish parliamentarians, but I genuinely hope he gets through this tax debacle as unscathed as possible. I’m sure Wallace just wanted to keep his business going in difficult times. After all, which is more important: keeping a wealth-generating company above water and its employees off the dole queues or handing over millions in VAT to unlucky bondholders, Third World regimes, Sinn Féin’s printing costs or other noble endeavors of the Irish state? Wallace has worked out a deal with the Revenue Commissioners, which is probably a wiser course of action than telling them to go fuck themselves, which I might have been tempted to do.

Some governments take a lenient approach towards companies in bad economic times, deferring such payments to a later date. This seems sensible. Perhaps Wallace knew the Irish authorities would be completely unhelpful and would rather put him out of business than not get paid immediately? This is pretty much the attitude of ideologues and ignoramuses like Joe Higgins who have cried to the media and pressured Wallace to pay up fast. I cannot speculate on what Wallace was thinking, and all will be revealed in his address to the Dáil later this afternoon.

Good luck, Wallace. I wish you didn’t have to pay the bastards or prostrate yourself before the bloodthirsty Irish state in this way.

Azaria Chamberlain, The Cult of Sentimentality, and Racial Politics: Rants and Recommendations for This Week

So, Azaria Chamberlain was killed by a dingo after all. Nice work, Australians: all it took was three decades and years from an innocent mother’s life.

I’ve only recently become familiar with this case as it features prominently in Theodore Dalrymple’s powerful little volume Spoilt Rotten! The Toxic Cult of Sentimentality; a copy of which I received as a birthday present back in February.

Linda Chamberlain, mother of Azaria and two other children, was on an outing in the Australian outback in 1980 when her daughter disappeared. She went to the police and suggested her infant might have been taken by a dingo. Simply because she maintained a cool, unemotional demeanor before the police and the public she was deemed suspect. On flimsy and circumstantial evidence and some dodgy forensics, she was charged with murder and sentenced to life in prison. Linda Chamberlain served four years before the evidence was discredited and the case remained unsolved until this very week. Had Linda cried for the cameras in 1980, the poor woman would likely never have had to undergo the ordeal the Australian police and public made for her.

In his book, Dalrymple deems sentimentality “the progenitor, the godparent, the midwife of brutality”; which has become a serious danger to sensible policy-making, as well as a corruption of human relations. It analyses similar cases where the media and the mob interpreted the lack of emotion from a parent after the murder or disappearance of their children as evidence of guilt, such as in the disgraceful treatment of the McCanns and Joanne Lees (another Austrialian bungle). He also includes the outcry over the lack of emotion shown by the Queen after the death of Princess Diana, contending that “the tabloid newspapers carried out what can only be called a campaign of bullying against the sovereign” and that this was simply “bullying rather than expressing any genuine grief”. Dalrymple links the toxic cult of sentimentality with everything from the decline of British schooling to the Make Poverty History idiocy. Its a great work that slaughters many a sacred cow.

Read the saga of Linda Chamberlain, then read Dalrymple’s book, and prepare to get angry.

On another note, I’ve been reading the more recently released Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department by the inspiring J. Christian Adams. Adams is a former Department of Justice Attorney who resigned in disgust after witnessing firsthand the crooked, racially-motivated decisions of the Obama/Holder regime. Fascinating revelations in the book include how Eric Holder has prevented the prosecution of black mobs in Philadelphia – who have been intimidating and assaulting white voters at voting booths – while he has tried at the same time to instill fear into black communities by claiming his opponents are trying to block their access to the polls.  This is extremely disturbing stuff, and Adams is putting the names and incriminating statements of many officials in the Department out there for us all to see. The fact that nobody is suing him is a surefire indicator that the book is all truth. These scandals are part of a broader Democratic Party strategy to create a sense of siege among American blacks, while portraying themselves as their protectors. The Obama regime has helped to ferment what is nothing less than a censored race war, and the lid can’t be held down forever.

Read this book, and prepare to get even angrier.

No Matter What, They’ll Call You A Racist

I have a lot of respect for Helen Zille. She leads South Africa’s official opposition to the criminal gang known as the ANC, the creeps currently strangling her country to death. While the opposition is somewhat tokenistic, it is able to conduct itself with honour. Zille’s party, Democratic Alliance, holds sway in the Western Cape, the only province out of nine in the country not ruled by the ANC.

And surprise, surprise: the Western Cape is the only province doing well for itself . It has a semblance of order, the rule of law, economic growth and good governance. The province is home to the city of Cape Town. During Zille’s time as mayor of that city, crime fell by 90%, the deficit fell by nearly R1 billion, services improved, and Zille proclaimed, rightly, that “the ANC is pro-poverty, not pro-poor”.

The Western Cape has been a beacon of hope for many South Africans and even many others outside the country. Families from the Eastern Cape have flocked there to place their children in its superior schools, which has caused an acute crowding problem. This is utterly embarrassing for the ANC. Zille has referred to those migrating to the DA-run haven as “refugees”. The ANC has raised hell over her comments. Of course, the only argument they could muster was to call her a racist. Which seems to be the only argument the ANC and its foreign apologists are able to wield these days. Jacob Zuma himself even refuses to debate Zille on the most pressing issues of the day on television, because he knows he will be humiliated, and have to resort to calling her a racist. Have a read of this enlightening report:

Johannesburg – The ANC on Wednesday bemoaned opposition leader Helen Zille’s comment in which she referred to Eastern Cape pupils who flocked to the Western Cape for a better education as refugees.

“The ANC is vindicated by the statement made by Helen Zille,” said African National Congress spokesman Jackson Mthembu.

“This is typical of the erstwhile apartheid government’s mentality that resorted to influx control measures to restrict black people from the so-called white areas.”

Mthembu said the statement was “racist” and must not must not be tolerated.

The DA leader sparked a war on social networking site Twitter on Tuesday as many users were angered by her use of the word “refugee”.

However, Zille remained firm and defended herself throughout the day.

Her statement was in reference to a protest in Grabouw over overcrowding at a local school.

The DA shifted the blame to the department of public works’ continuous delays in approving alternative land to build additional school buildings in the area.

“Zille’s racist statement underpins the DA’s policy of exclusionism of blacks,” said Mthembu.

“She will never say the same thing about whites who relocate from one area of the country to the Western Cape or even those who relocate from other countries to the Western Cape.

“To reduce South Africans who have free movement in their own country as refugees is tantamount to instigating against them by labelling them with a tag associated with foreigners,” Mthembu said.

Asked by a Twitter user on Tuesday to define a refugee, Zille responded: “Refugees are ppl who have to escape because their rights are violated. That describes E Cape pupils exactly.”

Mthembu said the DA viewed blacks as useful voters to win elections and nothing else.

“We call on all black DA members to see the DA for what it is, a white racist party,” he said.

“We also call on all those blacks who are in leadership structures of the DA for window dressing purposes to resign from the DA and not be used unduly.”

That Zille was a former anti-apartheid and pro-democracy activist who exposed the Nationalist government’s murder of black youth leader Steve Biko in the 1970s means nothing. She shows up the ANC. She must be a racist.

The relative success in the Western Cape province proves that South Africa can indeed be prosperous, and that it can work properly. It just needs more Locke and less Lenin, more Israel and less Palestine, more economic growth and less anti-racism and environmentalist conferences*.

I live and hope.

A sobering survey from the Rainbow Nation, the one that was more diverse under apartheid.

* This might just be the slogan of my dream political movement.