Azaria Chamberlain, The Cult of Sentimentality, and Racial Politics: Rants and Recommendations for This Week

So, Azaria Chamberlain was killed by a dingo after all. Nice work, Australians: all it took was three decades and years from an innocent mother’s life.

I’ve only recently become familiar with this case as it features prominently in Theodore Dalrymple’s powerful little volume Spoilt Rotten! The Toxic Cult of Sentimentality; a copy of which I received as a birthday present back in February.

Linda Chamberlain, mother of Azaria and two other children, was on an outing in the Australian outback in 1980 when her daughter disappeared. She went to the police and suggested her infant might have been taken by a dingo. Simply because she maintained a cool, unemotional demeanor before the police and the public she was deemed suspect. On flimsy and circumstantial evidence and some dodgy forensics, she was charged with murder and sentenced to life in prison. Linda Chamberlain served four years before the evidence was discredited and the case remained unsolved until this very week. Had Linda cried for the cameras in 1980, the poor woman would likely never have had to undergo the ordeal the Australian police and public made for her.

In his book, Dalrymple deems sentimentality “the progenitor, the godparent, the midwife of brutality”; which has become a serious danger to sensible policy-making, as well as a corruption of human relations. It analyses similar cases where the media and the mob interpreted the lack of emotion from a parent after the murder or disappearance of their children as evidence of guilt, such as in the disgraceful treatment of the McCanns and Joanne Lees (another Austrialian bungle). He also includes the outcry over the lack of emotion shown by the Queen after the death of Princess Diana, contending that “the tabloid newspapers carried out what can only be called a campaign of bullying against the sovereign” and that this was simply “bullying rather than expressing any genuine grief”. Dalrymple links the toxic cult of sentimentality with everything from the decline of British schooling to the Make Poverty History idiocy. Its a great work that slaughters many a sacred cow.

Read the saga of Linda Chamberlain, then read Dalrymple’s book, and prepare to get angry.

On another note, I’ve been reading the more recently released Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department by the inspiring J. Christian Adams. Adams is a former Department of Justice Attorney who resigned in disgust after witnessing firsthand the crooked, racially-motivated decisions of the Obama/Holder regime. Fascinating revelations in the book include how Eric Holder has prevented the prosecution of black mobs in Philadelphia – who have been intimidating and assaulting white voters at voting booths – while he has tried at the same time to instill fear into black communities by claiming his opponents are trying to block their access to the polls.  This is extremely disturbing stuff, and Adams is putting the names and incriminating statements of many officials in the Department out there for us all to see. The fact that nobody is suing him is a surefire indicator that the book is all truth. These scandals are part of a broader Democratic Party strategy to create a sense of siege among American blacks, while portraying themselves as their protectors. The Obama regime has helped to ferment what is nothing less than a censored race war, and the lid can’t be held down forever.

Read this book, and prepare to get even angrier.


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