The Martyrdom of Mick Wallace

Mick Wallace could make me laugh, but his trendy-lefty sermonizing on subjects from poverty to the assassination of Osama Bin Laden always irritating. His dress sense also offends me, but he’s fully entitled to it. His mannerisms and wardrobe are not going to impact my estimation of Mick Wallace the businessman or politician.

Once, I wouldn’t have cared about the fate of Wallace, like the vast majority of the legion of unremarkable leeches that are Irish parliamentarians, but I genuinely hope he gets through this tax debacle as unscathed as possible. I’m sure Wallace just wanted to keep his business going in difficult times. After all, which is more important: keeping a wealth-generating company above water and its employees off the dole queues or handing over millions in VAT to unlucky bondholders, Third World regimes, Sinn Féin’s printing costs or other noble endeavors of the Irish state? Wallace has worked out a deal with the Revenue Commissioners, which is probably a wiser course of action than telling them to go fuck themselves, which I might have been tempted to do.

Some governments take a lenient approach towards companies in bad economic times, deferring such payments to a later date. This seems sensible. Perhaps Wallace knew the Irish authorities would be completely unhelpful and would rather put him out of business than not get paid immediately? This is pretty much the attitude of ideologues and ignoramuses like Joe Higgins who have cried to the media and pressured Wallace to pay up fast. I cannot speculate on what Wallace was thinking, and all will be revealed in his address to the Dáil later this afternoon.

Good luck, Wallace. I wish you didn’t have to pay the bastards or prostrate yourself before the bloodthirsty Irish state in this way.


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4 Responses to The Martyrdom of Mick Wallace

  1. Kunthookz says:

    Youre right but only If by ” worked out a deal ” you mean worked out exactly how much they’ll never ever get from him

    • Wallace’s unpaid liabilities amounted to €1,418,894. Revenue are putting interest of €289,146 on top of that and penalties amounting to €425,668. So he will actually end up paying 2.1 million euros.

      • According to columnist Justine McCarthy in the latest Sunday Times, €1,418,894 is enough to have “paid 7,000 special-needs assistants for a decade”. Who knew they were such great value for money.

  2. Rob Harris says:

    Its interesting that on the 7th June, when news Mick Wallace held back almost 1 and a half million in VAT, his technical group, comprising mainly the United Left Alliance, was very reluctant to criticise him. They only caught up the day after the news broke. The most they managed to do was say it was wrong and that he should pay it all back. Other political opponents and commentators pointed out the fact that they would have been immediately up in arms, demanding enquiries etc. if it was anyone else outside their select coven, and perhaps that of their Shinner buds. I wonder what would the likes of Richard Rich Boy Boyd-Barrett have to say about anyone else using heavies to prevent union officials gaining access to their building sites?

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