What is EAPPI?

Last week, the General Synod of the Church of England endorsed something called the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI). EAPPI is a program I knew little about, but I was intrigued by the statement of the Board of Deputies of British Jews on the matter. It mentioned that one EAPPI publication called ‘Chain Reaction’ endorsed hacking Israeli websites and sit-ins at Israeli embassies. If the Synod was aware of this, their endorsement was a completely inappropriate and rotten act that damage the credibility of their church. I desperately wanted to see the EAPPI material in question.

I must mention that I am a researcher for Anglican Friends of Israel, which has a natural interest in this subject. My research was carried out on AFI’s behalf.

I contacted EAPPI and the Quaker Press Office. EAPPI in the UK and Ireland operates out of the Quakers. I asked them for a copy of ‘Chain Reaction’, as there was no version on their website. EAPPI said it ceased publication 4 years ago and they could not supply one, electronic or otherwise. I did not believe them. The Board of Deputies and several other contacts of mine were later able to give me a copy.

And here is the funny thing. When calling the Quaker Press Office, I used my real name and said I was from AFI. Anne van Staveren, their press officer, called me back and insisted that ‘Chain Reaction’ was put out by ‘a group of individuals’, and was clearly trying to distance the Quakers and EAPPI from it. She even went so far as to say it was not EAPPI’s publication.

When I called EAPPI, for obvious reasons I never mentioned Anglican Friends of Israel. They seemed to have no problem taking responsibility for ‘Chain Reaction’ and did not try to deny it was theirs.

The whole thing stank to high heavens. The Quakers and EAPPI were clearly lying and conspiring to cover up the truth about their past publications, in the wake of the attention EAPPI received from the Synod’s endorsement.

The Board of Deputies provided this screen capture from EAPPI’s website:

Not an official EAPPI publication, eh?

Here is a typical issue of Chain reaction. Pages 23-25 contain an article by Ronan Quinn and Trond Botnen. It does indeed endorse hacking Israeli websites, sit-ins at Israeli embassies and illegal activities. Ronan Quinn is an interesting figure I have never encountered before. He’s clearly active in Palestinian and left-wing causes. Note also the endorsement of Trocaire, an Irish Catholic charity heavily biased against Israel.

The lies of EAPPI and the Quakers have little to do with Christianity, but everything to do with left-wing politics. Which highlights a great absurdity of out times. How on earth can even left-wing Christians like Stephen Sizer stand alongside Communists, responsible for the murder and torture of millions of his co-religionists, and Islamists like Raed Salah, responsible for the murders of countless Christian missionaries and the destruction of ancient Christian communities all over the Middle East? How can they do all this in the interests of undermining Israel, the only country in the Middle East where Christianity is actually going and Christians enjoy basic freedoms?

Oy vey is mir.


See also: NGO Monitor on EAPPI.


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3 Responses to What is EAPPI?

  1. Trocaire, an Irish Catholic charity heavily biased against Israel

    For those who might doubt that a Christian charity is actually not only biased against Israel, but is in effect virulently pro-war pro-Hamas/Hezbollah, go to:

    + Unworthy Charities
    + Trócaire Fisked not Fixed
    + More Scandalous Politics from Trócaire

    • Tony,

      Very interesting stuff. I have always recommended that Irish people ignore Trocaire and instead donate to the non-partisan and highly regarded people at GOAL. Also, don’t give to Oxfam. When visiting Tel Aviv I discovered they are funding a radically anti-Zionist organisation called ‘Zochrot’, which promotes the destruction of Israel and is dominated by communists. Its a tiny organisation with a handful of members, but they have plush offices in the most expensive neighborhood in the country, paid for by Oxfam and other EU-based organisations.

      There was an interesting book by the journalist Linda Polman released a couple of years ago, which provides shocking evidence of the aid industry actually fueling wars and genocide. The subject was covered in a New Yorker piece called Alm’s Dealers. Makes for interesting reading.

  2. Jim Rea says:

    These comments and the source article are interesting and indeed worrying. Israel is the only Middle East Country that not only protects Christians but also has both Arab Muslims involved in the Political process, and still depite all the conflict, provides food, electricity and other services like hospital help to Gaza residents. The surrounding Muslim Countries however, generally persecute Christians, so how can the C of E Synod be so tunnel minded in their attitude to Israel. No wonder the English Church has falling followers with people like these producing reports and promoting such action, is their not one G.d

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