Thoughts on the Anonymous Israeli Soldier

An anonymous Israeli soldier killed two innocent women in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. He fired his weapon at a crowd of civilians fleeing the vicinity under a white flag. His attorneys contended there was no conclusive proof that he caused their deaths -a common situation in a conflict zone – so the soldier agreed to a plea bargain. His flagrantly stupid act has resulted in a 45-day prison sentence for the illegal use of  a weapon.

Its a sad week. The only thing I can say in the defense of the country I love is that the soldier fired his weapon without permission, and was not under orders to do this. Thus, the episode does not prove that Israel deliberately targeted civilians in Gaza, as the Goldstone Report stated. This is in no way an endorsement of the Goldstone Report. That report’s namesake has effectively called it worthless and withdrawn the former allegation anyway

Even still, justice was simply not done in this case. What’s more, the Israeli justice system has added fuel to the raging fire of bigotry among certain quarters; those that most certainly don’t give a damn about right or wrong. Friends of Israel should indeed condemn what has occurred. We will not resort to hyperbole and silly comparisons with Nazism. And that can ultimately make our criticism all the more effective. Advice from friends is easier to swallow than fiery rhetoric motivated by jihadism or extreme left-wing politics, which, for good reason, will fall on deaf ears. That hurts everyone.


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