South African police gun down more than 30 attacking miners

I’ll wager this isn’t going to attract the kind of universal scorn seen after Sharpeville, 1960. There will likely be no international outcry over this or any of the crimes committed by the regime of the ANC  – the crooked swine running a once-wonderful country into the ground.

At moments like this, I take time to appreciate some of the brave, principled critics of the new South Africa. One that particularly comes to mind is the former blogger ‘Uhuru Guru’, who has had to start a new life here in London with his wife and two young girls. Their home was raided by ANC ‘police’ thugs on trivial charges. His colleague, a lawyer, who used to run the excellent ‘South Africa Sucks’ blog with him, was found dead in the toilet of a police station. Self-inflicted gunshot wound, apparently. Sadly he is no longer blogging.

I am not under any illusions about the circumstances the police faced confronting the strikers. They were armed and dangerous fanatics, using machetes and even using tear gas. This is not uncommon at South African strikes and demonstrations, and its something the police should have been well prepared for. Its very hard to defend a reaction that left dozens dead from volley-style automatic rifle fire. After all, the police at Sharpeville were certainly thinking of their nine comrades hacked to death and mutilated at Cato Manor not long before.

At least the old SAPS was a competent force that successfully kept the twin scourges of crime and communism at bay. The quality of the police service in South Africa has so declined that today serious crimes, even murders, are often not responded to for days – if at all. The ANC has disbanded the elite, highly-regarded anti-corruption squad known as ‘the Scorpions’, to spare itself and the world from hearing the uncomfortable truths.

Remember that more people are murdered in one week under the ANC’s watch than died under the detention of the Afrikaner government over the course of roughly four decades. Remember that this is the country still held up as an ideal model for the rest of the world to follow, from justices of the US Supreme Court to the idiots of the Palestine Solidarity movement. Always remember that scenes of murder and chaos like the ones above are the real face of the regime of the ANC.


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2 Responses to South African police gun down more than 30 attacking miners

  1. Dennis Monroe says:

    a-when-we : laughable. This really irked me :”once-wonderful country” : Sorry this country was not wonderful for me, we had it pretty 3rd rate.

    • I’m not saying it was an ideal situation for blacks back in the day. But things were getting better gradually, and the National Party’s relatively conservative economic policies led to increased economic growth and standards of living for everybody. For instance, blacks in apartheid South Africa owned more private cars than the entire population of the USSR at the time.

      The black school population grew by 250 percent in the first twenty-five years of apartheid. The black share of total personal income nearly doubled in twenty years, from twenty percent in the mid-1970s to thirty seven percent in 1995, while that of whites declined from seventy one to forty nine percent:

      It also saved South Africa from the communist menace. If the ANC had come to power in the 1960s, Zimbabwe today would look enviable from the other side. Thus, I have no problem in saying that locking up Mandela for so long was absolutely the right thing to do.

      The gains were wrecked as a result of the revolutionary democratic-utopian fervour. Evolution, not revolution, was the way to black empowerment. The vote doesn’t mean much if you have no job and can’t get about your business safely.

      Today, interest groups in South Africa are fighting viciously and desperately for a bigger slice of a constantly shrinking pie. This is what leads to tragic events such as the killings at the Lonmin mine strike.

      The ANC has done in South Africa what Mrs. Thatcher said the socialists are always happy to do: make the poor even poorer, provided the rich get less rich.

      Unemployment is twice as high in South Africa as it was at the end of apartheid. Black life expectancy has actually fallen. The Johannesberg Stock Exchange, once the tenth largest in the world, has actually left the Central Business District for the safer suburb of Sandtown. This is an embarrassment. The country’s main synagogue, by the way, also once sat proudly in the centre of Johannesberg. Now its in a gated suburb for safety, and the Jewish population has declined by almost half since 1994.

      Even under majority rule, a system I have no great fondness for, it doesn’t have to be this way. The DA has paved the way for some of the great advances seen in the Western Cape, and Helen Zille’s administration of Cape Town was admirable. Yet the ANC still tries to slander them with charges of racism so much that its become comical as well as pathetic.

      For G-d’s sake, abandon the ANC before its too late.

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