Six Million Jews Should Die, Says Left-Wing Anti-Zionist

Yes, its true. It was said at SOAS (where else?) by Antony Lowenstein, a left-wing anti-Zionist of Jewish extraction. Lowenstein was promoting a book he and several others wrote in favour of the destruction of the Jewish state*.

When asked how many Israeli Jews would have to die if they refused to go along peacefully with this idea, the moderator (Frank Barat) said ‘200,000’. When pressed, Lowenstein said six million, and asked the questioner to “write that down”.

This incident tells us a lot about the ‘one-stater’ movement. The moderates are fine with 200,000 Jews dead in order to acheive their vision. This is far, far more than the number of Israelis and Palestinians killed in the entire conflict up to now. The more extreme (or perhaps more honest) among them want all the Jews dead. They actually wouldn’t mind a situation in Israel and Palestine far worse that the status quo as long as Israel is destroyed.

So don’t believe these people when they talk of peace, human rights, and all that baloney. People like Lowenstein are in the same grain as the revolutionary left and right wing movements of the last century, who were happy to sacrifice hundreds of millions of lives for ideology.

* His previous book, My Israel Question, was endorsed by John Pilger. Pilger was one of the many journalists responsible for fabricating atrocities in his coverage of the Battle of Jenin in 2002.


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4 Responses to Six Million Jews Should Die, Says Left-Wing Anti-Zionist

  1. Baruch says:

    No actually, it’s false. It wasn’t said at all.

    The question that was put to the panel (in a very belligerent and bellicose manner) was “how many have to die” for there to be one state.

    Not how many Jews have to die.

    Now unless the words ‘how many’ only applies to Jews, then the headline and the main body of text in this blog are both inaccurate and deliberately misleading.

    Unless of course non-Jews are not [people]? In which case this blog entry takes an altogether darker turn.

    • So you’re saying he believes it would be worth the deaths of six million PEOPLE to achieve the destruction of Israel… Yeah that’s much better. An equal opportunities mass murderer, so to speak.

      Even if this interpretation was true – and it is debatable – it doesn’t take away from my central point: the anti-Zionist movement has no problem with replacing the current status quo with something unbelievably worse just as long as there is no Jewish state. Thus, it is not a movement for peace or human rights. I mean, even 200,000 dead is well over twice the amount of Israelis and Palestinians killed in the entire conflict so far. So Frank Barat is just as evil.

      And nice try attempting the last refuge of the left-wing scoundrel by trying to bring a racism angle into this.

  2. Baruch says:

    It’s hardly an ‘interpretation’ and therefore something that’s up for debate. The question “How many have to die” is clearly audible here:

    Not ‘how many Jews’ or even (as you later embellish) ‘how many Israeli Jews’.

    So the fact remains that your blog title and main body text are false, inaccurate and (most probably) deliberately misleading.

    That you then go on to extrapolate from your stated inaccuracies doesn’t, as you imply, say a lot about the ‘one-stater’ movement, rather it says a lot more about the credibility (or complete lack of it) of the blog entry itself – and some might say of your whole blog-site.

    After all, if someone’s prepared to invent a ‘truth’ once and then go on to embellish further to fit their agenda, why would anyone trust anything else they write?

    • The essence of the question was that if Israel’s Jewish population reject Lowenstein’s idea, what would be acceptable in his opinion for such a solution to be imposed on them?

      Lowenstein didn’t say six million Israeli Jews should die, but its hardly going to be Mexicans getting killed.

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