The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland and Jihadists

According to the Irish Times, dozens of young Muslims in Ireland have gone to Syria to assist the anti-Assad cause. This does not include medical or humanitarian volunteers. We are talking about people actually fighting. This largely unreported phenomenon also occurred in Libya. Few are aware that between five and ten Muslims who traveled from Ireland were killed in clashes with pro-Qaddafi forces. One of those involved in Syria is Mehdi al-Harati, a pro-Palestinian activist in Dublin who took part in the 2010 flotilla provocation. He founded the Tripoli Brigade, which was one of the first rebel units in the Libyan capital. Now, he leads a brigade in northern Syria.

Of particular interest here is the role of the Islamic Cultural centre of Ireland:

DR ALI SELIM , a theologian at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, in Clonskeagh in Dublin, compares those who flocked to Libya last year and Syria today to the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War. “They see it as a battle against injustice that transcends nationality,” he says. The prospect of “martyrdom” is also a strong motivation, he adds. “Many of them, before they leave here, say, ‘Make prayers for me; I want to be martyred,’ because they understand that, in Islam, martyrdom is the way to eternal life,” he says. “If they die as martyrs, they will be held in high esteem. If they survive and come back, they will also be held in high regard, because they have performed a very important duty.”

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an influential Muslim Brotherhood-linked Egyptian religious scholar with strong connections to the cultural centre, recently called via Twitter for people to go to fight in Syria or send weapons there, describing such assistance as obligatory.

Is the ICCI an active recruiting ground for these fighters, or are they turning a blind eye? And what are the motivations of those going to Syria? Selim’s reference to injustice that “transcends nationality” and opportunities for “martyrdom” indicate a strong jihadist presence: men who dream of creating an Islamist state in Syria, or even pan-Islamists who dream of restoring the Caliphate.

The Irish “Anti-War” Movement has been silent about all this, which is no surprise given that its a communist front that takes takes sides in wars more than it opposes them.

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, Clonskeagh, Dublin


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2 Responses to The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland and Jihadists

  1. Mrs. Rene O'Riordan says:

    Have you seen the viciousness of these “rebels” in Syria? I have and they are not fit to be in any civilised society. Also they target the Christians and anyone who supports Assad. – Rene

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