Is it right for an IPSC man to be the Israel/Palestine Officer at Trócaire?

Did you know that a former National Coordinator of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Garry Walsh, is the Israel/Palestine Officer at Trócaire? Well, I suppose its no madder than a former Chairman of Dublin Sinn Fein and left-wing activist being the Communications Co-ordinator  at Amnesty Ireland.

Garry Walsh on LinkedIn.

Trócaire are an unusual bunch. Its the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. It is funded by Irish Aid (i.e. the Irish Government), which has given €116 million to Trócaire between 2007 and 2011.  Yet it has a history of left-wing activity and bias. For this reason I have always recommended that Irish people ignore Trócaire and instead donate to the non-partisan and highly regarded people at GOAL.

A long but shocking article by Blog-Irish shows that Trócaire has lied to the public about its work in Afghanistan, among other things.

Trócaire has also worked with a vile little entity called ‘Zochrot‘, which promotes the destruction of Israel and is dominated by communists. Its a tiny organisation with a handful of members, but they have plush offices in the most expensive neighborhood in Tel Aviv, paid for by Oxfam and other EU-based organisations. ‘Zochrot’ also claims to challenge what it sees as “the masculine historical narrative by focusing on compassion and inclusion”. This has Cultural Marxism written all over it, so why are the supposedly Christian Trócaire working with such people?

And how deep have the IPSC penetrated  into charities and human rights organisations with enormous levels of trust from the Irish people?


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