More on my least favorite charity, Trócaire

Must read articles:

1. Dr. Mark Dooley, Catholic philosopher, slams Trócaire in yesterday’s Irish Daily Mail. Dooley says that as the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church, Trócaire has no business waging ideological battles, particularly in such a selective manner. He also says the Trocaire position is far away from that of most practicing Catholics he knows in Ireland, which is encouraging.

2. Why I Don’t Care for Trócaire (Irish Independent, March 2007). An excellent piece. Trócaire is something of a sacred cow in Irish society and deserves more skepticism.

3. Shedding Light on the Pay of Charity Chiefs (Irish Examiner, September 2011). Trócaire CEO Justin Kilcullen is noticeably overpaid. He gets €2.32 per €1,000 of Trócaire income, but the CEO of Concern gets only €0.78 per €1,000. Concern’s has an income of €167 million but Trocaire has only €63 million.

4. Garry Walsh isn’t the only IPSC figure at Trócaire. The idiot activist Eoin Murray is their Campaigns Coordinator. He is the former National Coordinator of the IPSC and writes for Electronic Intifada.


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