The Nobel Committee’s Great Mistake

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the EU its Peace Prize for its  six decade contribution “to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights  in Europe”. Heaven knows it needs the prize money. The odds of this convincing Norway itself to join the union are slim, however.

What can explain last week’s surprising decision? The Committee may have revealed a political agenda in favor of European integration and the currency project. Since World War II there hasn’t been a war between the powers of Western Europe. That’s all well and good, but was there really much of a chance of that happening after 1945? Is the EU responsible for these decades of peace?

I doubt it. The Nobel Committee is re-writing history.

The EU as we know it today is far away from the European Coal and Steel Community of the 1950s. Its only existed since the Maastricht Treaty of 1992. And that’s where the problem lies. It was Maastricht that led to the euro.

The Nobel Prize Committee is making a massive gamble that this experiment will hold out. They did this despite the large-scale riots on many of Europe’s streets, widespread unemployment, and the significant gains made by both communist and fascist parties in the recent Greek elections.

Its a choice that I believe will come back to haunt them when currency has all but collapsed.  Germany can’t pay for the whole of Southern Europe forever. The unrest now can easily be just the tip of an iceberg.

Well, at least they’re not likely to get the Nobel Prize in Economics.

The Irish politician Mary Hanafin once remarked that unless there was a united Europe, we’d have another Auschwitz. Historical ignorance like this abounds among European policy makers. Supranational experiments, the placing of different peoples under one flag and currency, have rarely turned out well. At best, they split at the first opportunity. This happened with the Czechs and the Slovaks. At worst, they descend into outright chaos, war, and even genocide. This was the case in the Balkans.

My hope is that top-down European ‘integration’ doesn’t go so far as to lead to lead to a disaster on the scale of Yugoslavia when the time comes to dissolve.

Here’s a link to hear Nigel Farage on the matter.


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2 Responses to The Nobel Committee’s Great Mistake

  1. tallrite says:

    If the Nobel committee believe that 67 years of peace in Europe deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, then it should be awarded not to the EU but to America’s muclear cruise missiles positioned in Europe (in the face of massive protest). They more than anything protected Western Europe from Soviet invasion and domination. The EU was merely the beneficiary of American nuclear beneficence.

    God bless American nuclear weapons in general. It was just two of them that brought the war in Japan to an abrupt close and gave birth to Japanese democracy, peaceability and prosperity.

    • It is clear that major interstate war the world over has been on the wane since 1945. The EU cannot take credit for that. The cause of this is indeed nuclear weapons. I accept the argument of Martin Van Creveld in this respect. Major interstate warfare on virtually any scale has practically abolished itself thanks to these weapons. Dark, chilling, but true.

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