Vincent Browne: Israel Is A Cancer

The Irish broadcaster Vincent Browne is a leftie. Of that there is no doubt. However, I am often impressed by the way he can give other Irish lefties a good grilling on his show, even if they are disproportionately represented on the panels in the first place. I’ve always been fond of Tonight with Vincent Browne. Its the only television program from Ireland that I bother to catch up with online.

On one subject, unfortunately, Browne lacks all objectivity. And it really shows. That subject is Israel:

Browne has talked about Israel in this way before, but never in so openly vicious a manner. Still, I doubt he will get into too much trouble for this. Demonizing an entire country as a ‘cancer’ (something that must be eliminated, of course) is language associated with hardcore bigots. Nazis have said it of the Slavic nations. Socialists said it of Kulaks. Islamists say it of Jews. An Israeli who says it about Arabs is likely to be labeled a Kahanist lunatic, and certainly isn’t going to be welcome among progressive circles. But from the aisles of organic food stores and the auditoriums of universities, the notion that Israel is a ‘cancer’ is almost taken for granted.

Nevertheless, this kind of talk has no place on a respectable current affairs program, even in Ireland. Its particularly unworthy of  Vincent Browne, who likes to give the odd lecture on media ethics. Browne’s words are an echo of the vilest propaganda produced by Islamic fundamentalist states. For this, Tonight with Vincent Browne has lost a fan.


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10 Responses to Vincent Browne: Israel Is A Cancer

  1. tallrite says:

    TV3 claims in the Indo that it “was not aware of any complaints being made about Mr Browne’s remarks“,

    That is a provable lie. I personally sent in the following two texts to TV3, which acknowledged them individually, and I am only one person.

    Text message to TV3, tel 53131, on Friday 25th October 2012 at 2315 hours, acknowledged by TV3 return text:
    TONIGHT: Kindly invite Vincent Brown to retract and apologise for his anti-Semitic remarks about Israel being a cancer. Or is he endorsing Ahmedinajad’s call to “wipe Israel from the map” as if it were a cancer?

    Text message to TV3, tel 53131, on Friday 26th October at 2349 hours, acknowledged by TV3 return text:
    TONIGHT: Refer show 25 Oct. By what hubris can Vincent Brown “resent” that his anti-Semitic remark about Israel being a “cancer” is accurately described as anti-Semitic? Cancer must be treated through chemical attack, nuclear radiation and/or excision. With Israeli Jews as his target, how is his remark NOT anti-Semitic? Still awaiting his withdrawal and abject apology.

    • Baz says:

      One small point – it’s Browne with an ‘e’. So I guess that TV3 could be claiming they only got a complaint about a ‘Mr. Brown’ and not Vincent Browne?

  2. Baz says:

    Browne has had a distinguished journalistic career, confronting many of Ireland’s crooked elite in his time. But he has made a horrible mistake here. This is the language of the mullahs and is completely unacceptable. He must apologize.

    • Sean Doyle says:

      Apologize for what? Telling the truth!

    • tony says:

      why should he apologize. it’s the absolute truth. israel is the most destructive country in the world besides the US and britain. as a soldier who served numerous tours in south lebanon i’ve seen them for what they really are. the call anyone who critisizes them as anti-semites. a large percentage of jews in israel are not even semites. the palestinians and lebanese they murder weekly (and i’ve seen it personnally) are also semites.

      • So, Mr Anonymous (understandably unwilling to identify yourself) tony, “it’s the absolute truth. israel is the most destructive country in the world besides the US and britain“?

        Have you never heard of, for example,

        + Chechnya (in 2000, Grozny flattened, 50,000 civilians killed by the Russian government)?
        + Sri Lanka (in 2009, thousands of Tamil Tigers and civilians killed, while surrendering, by the Sri Lankan government)?
        + Syria (in 2012-3, 70,000 citizens killed by the Syrian government – and counting)?

        This is to mention but three countries that are far more destructive than Israel.

        Thus you are utterly wrong on fact and as such are articulating a slur on Israel.

        Moreover, by claiming that Vincent Browne’s anti-Semitic “cancer” slur on Israel is “the absolute truth“, you too are implicitly calling for its destruction by chemical attack and/or nuclear attack and/or excision, for how else does one treat a cancer?

        So now we have Vincent Browne, Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and yourself all with the same objective in mind.

        Which one of you is not, thereby, an anti-Semite?

      • tony aughney says:

        well tony. i stand by my comments. they are not the only cruel countries and russia,syria and others are no stranger to murder. but israel seems to be the only country that you can’t critesize. i have seen them attack villages in lebanon at will. if the british army conducted themselves like that in northern ireland the world would be in uproar. and when they are challenged they and people like you jump to the anti-semite justification which is cowardly and wrong. the israelies are not the only semites in the world. that race come from palestine,syria,saudi and parts of turkey,iran and iraq. israel may be hated universally in the middle east but no one is looking to gas or destroy them in a nuclear attack. that’s propaganda to justify their actions. israel is the only nuclear power ther and they have more weapons than britain. i have no problem with the jewish race. i have been to israel and liked it but their actions against their neighbours is too heavy handed and one sided. like you i have a right to an opinion.

      • Tony, you said that Israel was the third most destructive country in the world. It patently is not.

        “Israel seems to be the only country that you can’t critesize”? More like the only country that you can criticise for the crime of defending itself against foreign terrorist attack. The UN singles out no other country for criticism like it singles out Israel.

        I agree that Jews are not the only Semites in the world. However through long usage the term anti-Semite has only one meaning in the English language and that is anti-Jew. It would be better to use the latter term.

        So you think “ no one is looking to gas or destroy them [Israeli Jews] in a nuclear attack“? Tell that to Saddam and Assad with their chemical weapons and attempted nuclear plants (destroyed by Israel, fortunately for everyone). Tell that to Iran now in the latter stages of developing nuclear weapons and delivery systems. You think they don’t have Israel firmly in their sights? Iran has said as much.

        Incidentally, I note that the BAI exonerated Vincent Browne of anti-Semitism in the last paragraph of its judgement. I find that cowardly and inexplicable. The exoneration was however pretty woolly:

        Regarding that element of the complaint whereby the complainant stated that the presenter’s remark were anti-Semitic, it was the Committee’s view that this element of the complaint was not substantiated by the programme content and that there was nothing to indicate that the remarks made were of this nature.

      • tony says:

        well tony. was hoping you would reply. i don’t know you from adam and don’t want to get into a long pissing match over the net but i do like a constructive debate even if we have major differences of opinion. up until few years ago i was a supporter of israel to a point but the last few operations into lebanon and gaza made up my mind for me. i’m not some dumb nobody who jumps to conclusions. i have served in the middle east and seen first hand israels foreign policy towards it’s neighbours. eventhough i will admit the israeli people suffer badly because of terrorism, their policy of forcibly evicting palestinians from their land and massively out of proportion retaliation only makes more enemies. when you flatten a village in with heavy artillery or airstrikes in retaliation for an IED attack you can see where i’m coming from. as for other states in the region such as syria, i have seen them in action too and don’ support them either. you mentioned grozny and what the russians did and the casualties they inflicted. i reply with the illegal invasion of iraq and hundreds of thousands dead so that the US and UK could control energy. it took me a while to see through their lies too. and my criticism of britain is not because of what they have done in ireland. look forward to your reply.

  3., Minute 5
    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran –
    Israel is a cancerous tumour. What do they do with a cancerous tumour other than removing it, what else can be done to treat a cancerous tumour?

    Vincent Browne –
    Israel is the cancer in foreign affairs“.

    Can anyone spot the difference? Does either of them NOT advocate that Israel should be eradicated?

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