The Arab Spring: The Big Lie of the Middle East

Remember how often we were told that only a tiny minority of Muslims in the world are Islamists? With the success of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in recent years, we were assured that they were in fact moderate Islamists, in a different league entirely from the likes of Bin Laden. I can’t count how many times I was chastised by some leftist – inevitably enamored with the protests across the Middle East – for ‘scaremongering’ about the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then came the Egyptian elections, with the Muslim Brotherhood coming out on top, and the even more extreme Salafists landing in second. Both groups came out far ahead of the nearest liberal faction. The result was only a surprise to the western journalists who spent the entire time sipping coffee with Egyptians who looked and acted just like them. The western left suddenly developed a bit more critical distance when it came to the Brotherhood.

So, was anybody at this stage surprised by Mohammed Morsi’s crackdown on challenges to his presidential authority?

Its high time to stop the fantasies and projections about “The Arab Spring”.

Unfortunately, the Arab world has merely swung from one set of bad ideas – Nasserism, Baathism, Pan-Arabism, Socialism, etc. – to Islamism, largely due to the failure of the former to live up to their crazy promises. That is all.


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