Support for Israel in Ireland

I’m happy to hear that Dublin’s GPO Peace Rally in Support of Israel has been such a great success, and that over 100 may have attended.

Unfortunately, some in the media, including the Irish Independent, reported that they were ‘scuffles’ between attendees and the other crowd doing a small counter-demo. This is not true. There were a couple on the anti-Israel side hauled off for attacking Gardai (one threw an egg at a Garda). The pro-Israel side were peaceful and caused no difficulties. The differences between the people who make up the two movements are incredibly clear. Its a case of the civilised and reasonable against the savage, the Trot, the Islamist, and the Shinner.

Interestingly, there were quite a few boos from the enemy when Amhrán na bhFiann was sung at the rally. While I am not sure, this was quite possibly hard-line Republicans angry that their opponents would use such a song. Though I’ve heard some of Ireland’s ‘cultural enrichers’ participated in the booing also.

Savages… like this guy

And some normal, happy people.



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