A Word On David Norris’s Book

I didn’t want to bring this up at first, because I thought all copies of A Kick Against The Pricks would end up pulped or remaindered by Christmas. Norris’s self-aggrandizing behavior, bitterness, and wishful thinking in relation to the sexuality of certain historical figures should have accomplished that better than any critic. I also simply wanted to leave the whole Presidential brouhaha of 2011 behind me. Yes, I am proud of playing a part in what many Irish people have told me was the most entertaining political spectacle ever seen in the country, though I may disagree on that point. That really hit home again when I visited Cork over the Christmas period. The final outcome may not have been ideal. Certainly, Gallagher was robbed of a victory only because Higgins was the media’s next favorite candidate. The effort to do good all seemed so futile.

Now, I am more convinced the country had a lucky escape.

One thing I respected Mr. Norris for at the height of the controversy was his condemnation of the nasty conspiracy theories that were floating about. He did this immediately after he made his exit on a Today FM interview, something which I told the people there I was most satisfied with. I made sure to mention to all journalists who asked that I thought he acted like a gentleman and I respected him for it. This was rarely reported of course, as the media would prefer a bitter conflict on matters like this. Norris made it clear he did not believe in the nonsense when he announced his re-entry to Ryan Tubridy (who referred to ‘dark forces’ rumored to be at work).

So, what a shame it was to open page 313 of A Kick Against The Pricks and see Norris blaming the whole affair on a conspiracy operating out of the Israeli embassy in Dublin. I don’t want to give this the dignity of a response, only to say that Norris provides no evidence for this point whatsoever.

My remaining respect for David Norris is gone entirely. He truly is a disgraceful tramp.


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3 Responses to A Word On David Norris’s Book

  1. Rob Harris says:

    The way in which so many people latched onto a Jewish conspiracy for trying to destroy Norris was comical, and indicative of an anti-Semitic undercurrent in some segments of Irish society. It is indeed telling that Norris has now gone the same way. Either he was lying at the time, has found some new truth he has not revealed to the world or has succumbed to the same tendency, the latter not unlikely considering his apologism for Hamas etc.

    If the Israeli embassy is unaware of what Norris has said, they should be advised. They should be prepared to issue a legal challenge over the matter because this is the kind of conspiracism that not only plays into the hands of pro-Palestinianism but anti-Semitism more broadly.

    • Plenty of people, like the parliamentarian Finian McGrath, attacked me and called for an investigation into the role of the Israeli embassy at the height of the controversy. I thought this suggestion was absolutely disgusting.

      However, I would actually like to see Norris exposed as a liar through the courts given he’s pinned his colors to that mast now.

  2. so glad we got Mr Higgins, I just can’t picture either of the other pair doing the job, representing the country and all of what is best in Ireland.

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