The student pro-life movement begins

How great it was to attend the London Launch of the Alliance of Pro-Life Students last night. Yes, active pro-life students in the UK actually exist. Founded only last February, APS has generated a fantastic amount of support and enthusiasm. That was evident at the swellegant, elegant cocktail party at the Thistle Hotel in Marble Arch yesterday.

A bunch of shrill idiots set up what they called a Posh-Party-Picket to greet us outside the front entrance. They were noisy in the extreme, but none managed to infiltrate and disrupt the soirée, which has apparently happened at APS launches elsewhere. I took the protest as good news. It shows APS is being taken seriously.

Lord David Alton gave a speech that could only described as inspiring, copiously quoting Chesterton and dropping in a little Talmud and old Irish wisdom for good measure. He made special mention of the travesty of gender-selective abortions, which has left India and China deprived of hundreds of millions of females, and western feminists in a state of remarkable indifference. Its hard to believe this man was once a Lib Dem.

The lovely Eve Farren, the South African born recent graduate who runs APS, spoke eloquently about her own journey to the pro-life cause and the difficulties faced for activists in this area. APS has been subject to terrible harassment from campus feminists and the usual suspects. Its ranged from disruption of their outreach activities to motions to make various universities officially pro-choice. How strange it is that so many campus women’s organisations care far more about promoting abortion than they do about lobbying for facilities to help students who are pregnant, or already have children. Its a sad truth that its easier for a young lady on a London campus to find an abortion than a creche.

Farren also stressed that APS is dedicated to working with reasonable feminists and pro-life groups across the religious spectrum. They even work with a group called Pagans for Life.

You couldn’t meet a nicer group of people than the folks at this gathering. They are also dedicated and intelligent. No wonder some people are so scared. I foresee a bright future for APS.


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