Anti-Semitism in the Kerry School: Yes, it was Trócaire

News of the appearance of anti-Semitism among the schoolchildren of Cahirciveen has spread like a prairie fire. Coláiste na Sceilge have now released an official response, which denies the journalist Sarah Honig’s allegations:  

As Principal of this school I was shocked when I read the contents of the blog by Ms Honig. The students and teacher vehemently deny the remarks attributed to them.

Part of our mission statement states that ‘we are committed to developing people who are fair, caring assertive…’ and we are .

Colaiste na Sceilige has worked with the Trocaire Pamoja –together for human rights – Project for the last number of years.

Last year our students looked at Uganda and raised money for Trocaire for two mobile HIV clinics by singing Christmas carols.The year before it was Honduras and they raised money for Trocaire to build a house for a family.This year it was Palestine and they raised money for Trocaire to buy olive trees for displaced Palestinian families.

The lesson content provided by Trocaire states clearly that ‘Trocaire is neither pro Palestinian nor pro Israeli’ and having spoken to the teacher and students it is clear that the material was delivered in an unbiased manner. Anything else would be entirely unacceptable.

Students read newspapers ,watch the news and are in touch with the world around them. Ms Honig has referred to the plethora of anti Israeli feeling in the media.

We try to teach our students to be critical thinkers to examine both sides of an issue. We may not always be satisfied with the conclusions students draw and can only try to set them right when they go wrong.

By making such allegations, and indeed publishing photographs of children on a website without parental consent, the writer has been irresponsible and has done our school and the people of Kerry a great disservice.

John O’Connor

School Principal

It is not certain from the Principal’s statement whether the school received the controversial Trócaire education pack, which Justin Kilcullen told Richard Humphreys, who raised a stink about them, had not been sent to schools. It could be earlier Trócaire propaganda. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kilcullen lied about not sending out the material. Kilcullen is Ireland’s pious fraud, a proven liar who is noticeably overpaid in comparison with other Irish charity chiefs. I certainly don’t believe Trócaire uses the money it raises to plant olive trees in Palestine. Its far more likely that it uses the money, or at least the majority of it,  to fund far-left NGOs that bash Israel. That, however, is not the way Trócaire is marketed.

Articles from The Kerryman newspaper on the matter here and here.

NOTE: It has been put to me that Trócaire’s involvement is really a minor matter in all this. The central point is that schoolchildren and a teacher have been accused by a journalist of anti-Semitism and are contesting that allegation.

I do not quite agree that Trócaire is a tangential issue. It is very likely that Trócaire whipped up the climate of hate in the first place by providing the schoolchildren with a biased, misleading, simplistic, good vs. evil account of the Israel-Arab conflict.


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5 Responses to Anti-Semitism in the Kerry School: Yes, it was Trócaire

  1. The Chronicle of a Pious Fraud, by my old friends at the now long-defunct Blog-Irish, starts off by referencing my Tallrite Blog, which prompted their item, but does not link to the archived version, “Unworthy Charities“.

    So here it is:

  2. Rob Harris says:

    John O’Connor the School Principal stated: “The lesson content provided by Trocaire states clearly that ‘Trocaire is neither pro Palestinian nor pro Israeli’ and having spoken to the teacher and students it is clear that the material was delivered in an unbiased manner. Anything else would be entirely unacceptable.”

    Oh they say they aren’t pro-Palestinian so it must surely be the case then! It is worrying for the Irish education system that a school principle could be such a retard or a barefaced liar. The lesson content is so supportive of the Palestinian cause that (if memory serves me rightly) there isn’t a single sentence that merely gives the Israeli perspective in the several pages of material.

  3. Johm M says:

    If my children were involved in that that school in cahirciveen thats spreading hatred..i would remove them immediately…the sad thing is those who profess to be Christians have never read the Bible and if they did they could see the truth for themselves..but as the Bible says ” they worship me with their mouths, but their hearts are far from me” So to all those supposedly christians out there here (including Trocaire followers ) is the litmus paper to your true beliefs.(not religious beliefs , religion is mans way to try and get to God on your terms)..are you born again, do you love Jesus, do you love israel cant sit on the fence you are either a fully fledged christian with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a love for Israel or a follower of Hatred…and Satan… because God is a God of LOVE ..not hatred

  4. It seems certain that the Trocaire material used by the Cahirciveen teacher was an earlier product than the ‘educational resource’ which appeared on their website in November 2012 and was referred to by Richard Humphries. The second document does not contain the words ‘Trocaire is neither pro-Palestinian nor pro-Israeli’.

    If Ms. Honig had imagined or made up the kids’ anti-Semitic comments, she would most likely have used the phrase ‘they crucified Jesus’ and not ‘they crucified Our Lord’. The latter would be very familiar to children raised in Irish Catholic homes but is not used by most non-Catholics and certainly not by non-Christians. It will be interesting to see the principal’s comments on this if she replies to his statement.

    The new (withdrawn) Trocaire resource does say that the charity was established ‘in order to help protect the most vulnerable people on the planet’. It seems to have escaped the attention of the authors that the rather tubby young lad posing on the cover with his BMX looks a million miles from fitting this definition, considering what we have seen of earthquake victims in Haiti, flood victims in Pakistan and jihad victims in Sudan and Mali, to mention a few examples.

    • I don’t believe this was made up. Its a phrase I’ve heard often in Ireland, though kids nearly always used it jokingly. There may have been some misunderstanding between Sarah Honig and the teacher, but there’s no way this is all a figment of some woman’s imagination. The principal’s denial came very quickly; before the school could have really investigated it in my view. I’m not sure if the truth will ever come out in this one.

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