Hogan to Sindo: “You Knackers!”


I nearly fell over laughing when I saw this, but it appears to be attracting the predictable hostility from the Sindo-bashers. This is silly, because overall it is the minister who is behaving most inappropriately and wrongly threatening the press.

For those who don’t remember, Hogan is referring to the Sindo publishing a photo of him looking fairly intimate with his press secretary at the Doha conference on climate change. Now, if I recall correctly, the original article published in this case was about Hogan living it up in Doha while the budget was being announced. Their headline: “Big Phil’s jaunt cost as much as cuts to respite care for 100 families for year”. However, the picture (see below) was cheekily placed and highly suggestive that there might be something going on between Hogan and the press secretary

Yes, the Sunday Independent has made itself the news, in that irritating Geraldo Rivera kind of way. Plus, the headline is very tabloid-y. Its not good journalism, though I credit the original piece for highlighting some of the ridiculous costs of these climate change shenanigans. Hogan’s behavior, however, is completely unbecoming of a minister. Hogan and his press secretary were in a public bar and they were in Doha on the taxpayer’s tab. He has no semblance of case against the paper and has no business even vaguely threatening what would essentially be a curtailment of press freedom.



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