Preserving Freedom Can Mean Restricting Immigration

Rose Wilder Lane, who is said to have coined the term ‘libertarian movement’, makes an interesting point in The Discovery of Freedom that could well enlighten today’s immigration policy.

Like all good commentators, Rose Wilder Lane does not expatiate on the West and the rise of freedom without extensive reference to its roots in the Jewish and Christian traditions. Lane credits Abraham with the insight that “God does not control any man… a man controls himself, he is free to do good or evil in the sight of God”. She points to the important breaks the Israelites made with the surrounding pagan cultures, including their decentralized, even anarchic, governing structure. However, she also points out that the Israelites were a small group surrounded by powerful pagan empires: “The most promising young Israelites were always falling in love with pagan girls… They would have melted humbly into those pagan multitudes  if their strong men had not stood in the way and driven them back with threats, telling them that they were like no other people, that they were set apart, chosen to know the truth and hold to it. They wanted to be “like all the other nations”. But to be like any other people, they must forget that men are free. That is the truth that they held”.

For much of history, America preserved a culture of liberty not found anywhere else. When facing a flood of immigrants from places without this culture, huge efforts were put into the Americanization of these people, through schools and other outlets. This was not only an initiative of the American government. The Ford Motor Company’s absorption classes for new arrivals are legendary. Americans knew they possessed something unique, that was vulnerable, and that had to be preserved with the maintenance of a national character. Friedrich Hayek says in the Constitution of Liberty that the experiment of the United States in having such high levels of  immigration would have utterly failed without such efforts. I find it ominous that this emphasis does not exist today.

My motive in raising this is simply to say that when a nation happens to be a repository of liberal ideas, yet surrounded by illiberal cultures, it is not necessarily a liberal policy to allow vast numbers of those from illiberal cultures to infiltrate the nation and perhaps alter its character entirely. Consider this point when you see Muslim vigilante patrols harassing people on the streets of London, or Arab teens beating a visiting left-wing Israeli filmmaker in France.

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6 Responses to Preserving Freedom Can Mean Restricting Immigration

  1. So should Israel have a stricter immigration policy at not let any European Jews in?

    • Erm… no.

      Though the arrivals from the Former Soviet Union have brought a terrible political culture along with organised crime to the country, as well as their education and skills. So the blessings have been mixed.

      Overall, Israel’s immigration policy is very sound and geared towards achieving the greatest harmony for today and for future generations.

      • So Isrealis should be managed like cattle? Not very market oriented and certainly or libertarian.

      • I don’t want Israelis to be ‘managed’. Obviously, making the Jewish National Home accessible to Jews everywhere is a fundamental task, if not the fundamental task, Zionism made for itself, and that policy is consensus in Israeli society. So Jews from everywhere should be allowed in. But we ought to be able to discuss the positives and negatives in relation to certain groups and even act on them (this applies to everywhere, not just Israel).

        I don’t think its very liberal to permit unlimited immigration from illiberal cultures. I think it could have some blow-back and maybe make the host country less liberal. Crazy, right?

  2. jewamongyou says:

    Very well-said CN. What we have now is national suicide.

    • While the Republican Party deserves a lot of blame for what has happened, I do worry about its future inability to win on a national ticket due to demographic shifts. What will its base do when they realise they are permanently disenfranchised? Secession is a possibility.

      I’ve been saying this for a while, but I think America’s future looks more and more like South Africa. The Democratic Party, currently reliant on minority blocs but dominated by whites and Jews, will become more like the ANC. That will be a true disaster.

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