Paul Murphy MEP: What happens when angry kids are in charge


Fascism was born with the realisation that the revolutionary left don’t play by the rules and only use the institutions of liberal democracy to subvert them.

If Lenin and Trotsky didn’t exist, there would have been no Hitler and Goebbels.

Neither of these parties has any claim on or affections. However, looking at the likes of Paul Murphy MEP, one begins to understand the appeal of donning a black shirt and knocking him on the head.

With peace talks just about to get underway between Israel and the Palestinians, Murphy decided to offer his own alternative: telling Russia Today that Palestinians should begin a new violent Intifada and bring down – get this – “the capitalist establishment in Israel”.

What kind of idiot would do this?

A man stuck in an angsty teenage phase who has never had a real job in his life, perhaps.

Murphy graduated from University College Dublin in 2004. Until he landed the role of an MEP, he had never held down a real job, being described instead as a full-time activist for the Socialist Party. He did not even have to fight an election campaign: he stepped into a seat vacated by the ever sullen and gloomy Joe Higgins. Apparently, he’s also written a PhD thesis titled “Does socialist law exist?”

Does Paul Murphy’s sense of responsibility exist?

Murphy highlights the dangers of putting childish activists into positions of power and influence. Sure, the mainstream parties stuffed full of elderly people might not be up to much. They may even be gobsites. But we should not forget that there are always worse gobshites out there:


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2 Responses to Paul Murphy MEP: What happens when angry kids are in charge

  1. Joe Kelly says:

    Murphy called for a mass uprising of the Palestinian people as in the 1st intifada which means methods such as mass protests, strikes etc, not dead end terrorist tactics that were seen in the 2nd intifada. This is not an anti semetic position, in fact he calls for unity of the Palestinian people with ordinary Israelis who are also victims of the Israeli ruling class. Actually if there was a mass uprising in Palestine it would have a massive impact and be a massive boost to the social movements in Israel that are fighting austerity. This is what happened in the 1st intifada. I think you need to urgently clarify your remarks about ‘donning a black shirt’. Do you support fascism? Are you giving backhanded support to a regime that smashed democratic rights and systematically commited mass murder and genocide against the left, the disabled, Roma and Jews?

    • Firstly, the preceeding sentence to my blackshirt comment (which was a very different movement from Nazism) says neither they or the revlutionary left have a claim on our affections. Simple.

      Secondly, Paul Murphy wasn’t called anti-Semetic here. I often find anti-Zionists like to imagine somebody is calling them anti-Semitic so they can claim they are being unfairly treated. Its happened in more than one argument on this blog. So that statement adds nothing to your comment.

      Thirdly, the first Intifada was also violent, though it manifested itself in a different way and has been viewed as more legitimate than the second (including by me). Nevertheless, 160 Israelis died. 1000 Palestinians were killed by Israelis. Interestingly, another 1000 Palestinians were murdered by other Palestinians, which largely seems to have been due to the PLO clearing out rivals. That little aspect is one of the least reported sides to the uprising. Unfortunately, the spontaneous violence of the First Intifada, with its accompanying images of Arabs in scarves and carrying slings, has become romanticised in the minds of clueless left-wing activists in the West, in the same way that orderly Nazi parades get romaticised in the minds of extreme nationalists.

      Finally, all the stuff about capitalism and austerity is just meaningless guff. Indeed, more free markets are needed to address the issues the tent protestors were actually complaining about recently. I’ve written on that here:

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