Dissenting on the Mandela Myth

What are people celebrating about the ‘New South Africa’ Mandela and the ANC have wrought, exactly?

That one in five whites left the country due to crime and the state of the economy? Half a million Europeans immigrated to South Africa in the 50s and 60s.

That about 10% of Boer farmers have been murdered, while 90% of land seized so far by the state the government admits is unproductive?

Unemployment is twice as high in South Africa as it was at the end of apartheid. Black life expectancy has actually fallen. The Johannesberg Stock Exchange, once the tenth largest in the world, has actually left the Central Business District for the safer suburb of Sandtown. The country’s main synagogue once sat proudly in the centre of Johannesberg. Now its in a gated suburb for safety.

White South Africa had its problems, but widespread misconceptions about it, spread with the help of communist regimes and left-wing activists, led to a takeover by the brutal ANC who are running the country into the ground and making life worse for blacks and whites.

While it was not an ideal situation for blacks back in the day, things were getting better gradually, and the National Party’s relatively conservative economic policies led to increased economic growth and standards of living for everybody. For instance, blacks in apartheid South Africa owned more private cars than the entire population of the USSR at the time.

The black school population grew by 250 percent in the first twenty-five years of apartheid. The black share of total personal income nearly doubled in twenty years, from twenty percent in the mid-1970s to thirty seven percent in 1995, while that of whites declined from seventy one to forty nine percent.

It also saved South Africa from the communist menace. If the ANC had come to power in the 1960s, Zimbabwe today would look enviable from the other side.

The gains were wrecked as a result of the revolutionary democratic-utopian fervour. Evolution, not revolution, was the way to black empowerment. The vote doesn’t mean much if you have no job and can’t get about your business safely.

Today, interest groups in South Africa are fighting viciously and desperately for a bigger slice of a constantly shrinking pie. This is what leads to tragic events such as the killings at the Lonmin mine strike.

The ANC has done in South Africa what Mrs. Thatcher said the socialists are always happy to do: make the poor even poorer, provided the rich get less rich.

If conservatives and libertarians are too afraid to address these things head on, we will always lose.


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8 Responses to Dissenting on the Mandela Myth

  1. jewamongyou says:

    Unfortunately, people perceive wealth and well-being in strictly relative terms. The “poor” of today’s America don’t stop to consider that they live better than royalty did through most of human history. All they care about is that others are less poor than they are TODAY. Therefore, since South African whites were also better off in apartheid S.A., its blacks are blind to their own good fortune at the time.

  2. Johnny Tranquilo says:

    I personally think that Mandela was a good man who wanted justice and freedom for all but underestimated our shady masters and their intentions. South Africa is probably a bad place for black and white poor, working class or white farmers. But for our psychopathic shady overlords it remains the same gold, diamond, platinum mine it always was and the plunder and pillage goes on.

    • The best you can say about Mandela is that he was probably a better man than his party.

      The more you think about it, though, there is really no record to praise (or perhaps even criticize) Mandela on. With all that’s gone wrong, it’s important to remember Mandela was only President of South Africa for two years, and several ANC apparatchiks were vying for control of his diary the entire time. He sat in prison for most of the ANC’s violent campaign, though he was caught with enough explosives to level quite a bit of Johannesburg, and fully intended to use them. Most of the obnoxious elements of the system were already gone well before he was released from prison: all that was left was the eventual transfer to power-sharing or majority rule. Activists at the height of the anti-apartheid campaign were largely campaigning against a regime that didn’t exist; a straw-state, if you will. But hey, it made them feel good.

      It seems the best many representatives of Official Conservatism can say about Mandela is that he didn’t start directly slaughtering minority groups en masse after coming to power. That’s not exactly praiseworthy; its the absolute minimum one would expect in a leader. But that’s the tyranny of low expectations for you.

      Mandela was just a face for something he never particularly active in, his image being largely manufactured by white communists at home and abroad, like the Anglican Bishop Trevor Huddlestone, the journalist Anthony Sampson, and the Communist Party’s Bram Fischer. Still, his is an image used to justify and cover-up evil.

  3. 40 shades says:

    Can you cite some sources for your statistics. I would like to use them in an argument but won’t get away with “I read this blog that said…”

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