A Quick Response to the London and Manchester Attacks

Folks have been asking for my opinion on recent events and my ideal response, so here goes:

Firstly, this is an immigration problem and EVEN MORE SO if the perpetrators of such attacks are from second-generation immigrants, as was the case in Manchester. Assimilation is part of immigration policy. The murderers are not becoming radicalized after reading Shakespeare and socializing exclusively with people with names like Smith, Cooper, or Jones. The assimilation game gets harder when minority communities have the numbers to form what become impenetrable enclaves constantly in contact via the internet and TV with their old homelands.

Secondly, we have to realize that life comes with trade-offs. You may value diversity for its own sake and not want to reduce immigration from Muslim countries on principle. But the reality is that if you don’t have a wall around your country, you will probably end up with a wall around every home and neighborhood (see places like Johannesburg for what many more cities might end up looking like). We already have liquid allowances at airports and other manifestations of the security state all around us. These things have come about as a direct consequence of having large Muslim communities. This will only get worse. MI5 admit they can’t track the majority of jihadists already here.

Thirdly, even if you do admit to needing better policing and schools, you had better be prepared for the implications of this. Racial profiling is useful and effective, but the civil rights lawyers are well prepared to raise hell. The forthright teaching of British, European, and American values has long fallen out of fashion and been decried as anti-minority and anti-immigrant. Any policymaker is going to have to possess the fortitude to ignore or ridicule charges of racism.

Fourthly, we don’t need the constant affirmations of our “liberal values.” British liberties are indeed a precious birthright and something I would like to hold on to. But they sprang from a particular, mostly homogeneous people on a particular soil over many centuries. Old certainties no longer apply when fundamental change has occurred on the ground. When New Labour admitted three million aliens into Britain they broke the social contract. The government should now feel free to take drastic measures like stripping Islamists who possess dual citizenship of their British passports and handing them over to the authorities of their natural homelands. Foreign funding of mosques in the UK might have to be restricted, and some clerics might have to be sent into exile. The courts will most certainly not like it. They will have to be ignored. Liberal values cannot be made into a suicide pact.

Lastly, cut the candelit vigils (that curious habit of the “spiritual but not religious” types). I have had the dubious pleasure of hanging around with Islamists and believe me they get a kick out of watching them in the aftermath. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually encouraged more attacks.