What I’m About

Hello and welcome to my Cranky Notions. I happen to be that notorious libertarian, Zionist, Neo Confederate blogger who wrecked the 2011 Presidential campaign of the Irish Senator David Norris. Sound interesting yet?


There is only one rule I maintain that is possibly unique to this blog: all Nazi comparisons are forbidden. I believe this improves the level of debate substantially.

When I was pondering whether starting a blog was worth it, I thought of Matt Drudge. That sealed it. The Drudge Report exposed the mainstream media for the pygmies they are in 1998, by broadcasting the fact that Newsweek were trying to bury the story of Monica Lewinsky’s liaisons with Bill Clinton, first dug up by investigative reporter Michael Isifoff. The power of the new media was evident. Five months after I began blogging, I had my ‘Matt Drudge moment’ when I found the Irish media clearly protecting a darling candidate. The speed of the whole process actually took me by surprise.

By the way, I’m a 23 year old law graduate living in London. I enjoy travelling, learning, and a good argument. I’ve been described as a first-class shit stirrer, but otherwise a nice fellow.

Bloggers need to eat, in order to take down the Establishment. A donation would be most welcome.


55 Responses to What I’m About

  1. Like your site! Give us a shout sometime on the enclosed email address. Mark

  2. I have two sons who surf. I’ve just about convinced myself that they are not in constant danger of drowning. Now I’m worried that the water will affect their reason.

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  5. eamo says:

    What are “Lincoln fans”??. Thanks.

    • Devotees of the myth of Abraham Lincoln.

      ”Anyone who embarks on a study of Abraham Lincoln… must first come to terms with the Lincoln myth. The effort to penetrate the crust of legend that surrounds Lincoln… is both a formidable and intimidating task. Lincoln, it seems, requires special considerations that are denied to other figures…”

      – Robert W. Johannsen (Lincoln, The South and Slavery)

  6. Tarek Qunber says:


    People like you incite hatred
    You have nearly incited hatred in me.

    As an irishman, born to a Palestinian father, brought up in Jerusalem, and who had jewish school friends, I know that you are not representative of the vast majority of secular Israel. You are part of a sick diaspora that gives jewish people a bad name.

    You interference in the Irish presidential election – based solely due to the fact that you disliked Senator Norris’ pro-Palestinian leaning says enough about your state of mind.

    Enjoy your time in the limelight – however short lived. Ignonimity will soon return. And that is the proper and rightful place for any small minded person like yourself.

    I really pity you, I pity you that your parents reared you to be like this, and I pity your future children knowing that their future is likely to be brain-washed as you have.

    Sorry we never crossed paths in Bantry when you were living there – perhaps if you ever met a real Palestinian, and had a real discussion – you might have had a more open mind.


    • Tarek,

      I must thank you, in a way, for providing a reasoned critical comment more eloquent than what has been received here so far.

      However, you do make a number of errors. I have met plenty of Palestinians and have been to the regions of Judea and Samaria. I have met very nice Palestinians. I have spoken to decent people with special Lebanese passports that mark them as Palestinians on the front, that reminded me of the ‘J’ mark on Jewish passports in Nazi Germany. I have sat down with a Palestinian man whose son was shot in the Second Intifada. I have seen rotten ‘refugee camps’ that are in fact adjuncts of Palestinian cities cut off and ghettoized, with their officials driving flashy sports cars. Don’t make presumptions about me.

      On top of that: while David Norris bothers me in many respects, if I had found this type of information on any candidate I would have written about it.

      • Tarek Qunber says:


        That being the case, and being that I do not know you at all – I would hope that you are speaking the truth.
        On the matter of Senator Norris, I think he is going to be hung out to dry, and that is not right. No one is advocating under-age sex (albeit this has been attributed to the senator in the past – taken out of context I believe). What he did was reach out and ask for clemency – something that many politicians in Ireland do regularly. His actions are most akin to those of Trevor Sargent last year – who did resign – and that is now the yard stick he is being measured by. However, at the time of the Sargent affair – no one was asking, nor expecting his resignation – and this is an extreme reaction to the issue at hand.

        I would have voted for Senator Norris – for no reason other than I believe him to be a decent person, who would serve the office of president very well.

        Lastly, I am happy to be wrong to think that you had not been exposed to palestinian suffering. Many palestinians live in extreme poverty, and they too deserve a voice. I know that it must seem like overly sympathetic reporting to many Jewish people, but I too have seen the other side of this. You have to realise that this is a game, played on both sides.
        Hyper propoganda.

        If both sides were willing to be more pragmatic, less dogmatic, then maybe a viable 2-state solution could emerge.
        I just feel that if you dont realise that your fervent Zionism enrages someone like me – then you are just doing the wrong thing. You might on some level enjoy (?) or gain some satisfaction from this sort of reaction – but you are losing in the long run.

        The only true lasting peace between Jews & Arabs, is through mutual respect, and friendship – and I am no hippie peace-nik either. But I offer you 50-60+ years of evidence that hardline politics has consistently failed in that region. Perhaps its time to try something else.

        Salam, Shalom, Good luck & Thanks

      • ‘Fervent Zionism’ need not enrage anyone. I believe in self-determination for all nations: I would be a fervent Zionist and support Palestinian statehood for that reason. That’s why I have written in favor of the Confederate States of America, the destruction of which I regard as one of history’s greatest tragedies (and I have received a lot of attacks for this position).

    • CITIZEN 6079 SMITH W says:

      There’s no such thing as a “real” Palestinian. There are assorted arabs, mainly from Saudi Arabia who migrated to the region.

      As it doesn’t take much from dwellers in the “Palestinian” entity to be incited to murderous, genocidal hatred. So congratulations on deciding to withhold your raging hatred against a young man who posts a blog.

      That’s quite a feat.

      • MarkW says:

        The ‘Peleset’ in the Egyptian record of the ‘Sea Peoples’, dated to around 1175 BCE, are regarded as Philistines – this would be the earliest non-Biblical record of Palestinians. (The Stela of Merneptah, regarded as containing the first reference to ‘Israel’, is dated to about 30 years earlier.) Before that the land now Israel and Palestine was inhabited by Caananites.

        Furthermore, there is no archaeological evidence for a great Kingdom of David or an exodus from Egypt. It is common for historical events to be exaggerated by future historians, eager to promote their own viewpoint.

        It’s pretty clear that failing to achieve a two state solution based on 1967 borders (the stated US, EU and Russia position), that a one state solution in all of historic Palestine (i.e.during British Mandate) is the only equitable solution.

      • Your comment is a bit bipolar, consisting of two elements unrelated to each other.

        Firstly, the Philistines were an Aegean people (related to Greeks/Cretans, perhaps?) who settled along what is today Israel’s southern coastal plains (though they integrated quite quickly with Canaanites). They have nothing to do with today’s Palestinians apart from being their namesake. That was largely an accident of history, thanks to the Romans re-naming Judea for the historic enemies of the Jews after the failed Bar Kochba revolt in 135CE. Their civilisation became extinct somewhere between 1000-7000 BCE. The Canaanites similarly disappear from history around 500 BCE, and later books of the Bible refer to some Canaanite nations in the past tense (e.g. Chronicles’ description of the Amalekites). Given the area of Israel and the Palestinian territories exists on a land bridge between Africa and Asia and a popular trading route, it has been crossed by too many conquerors to count, with the local population being slaughtered, displaced and replaced quite often.

        The extent/power/wealth of the Kingdoms of David and Solomon is an interesting topic, but completely irrelevant to your ending point.

        The notion of placing two national groups under one state in the name of humanitarianism is quite possibly the most disastrous idea around. The ‘one-state solution’ appears to have failed even in highly-developed countries like Belgium, which hasn’t had a government for a while now. It may fail in the United Kingdom with the process of ‘devolution’. That approach seems to be swimming against the tide of history. See, for example, the breakup of Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, etc.

        I welcome these developments such as devolution. I believe in self-determination for all nations, and very strongly in the right of secession.

  7. Ashleigh says:

    Hope you’re proud of yourself you malicious little boy

  8. Benjamin says:

    Keep up your valuable work – much respect

  9. Graham says:

    What a small minded little boy you are. Mr. Norris did make a mistake of that there is no doubt. However, the acted with his heart and his not his head, a crime many of us are guilty of. You have seized on this mistake and twisted. Reading your different rambling blogs there appears to be something missing, emotion. You prattle on and on but there’s no passion in your words. Theres nothing other than an over inflated ego and a lonely little man in a dark room. I have taken the time to read your postings and i really do feel bad for you. You do write well, but your writing lacks any soul, any heart or any real commitment to the subject.
    Congratulations on your moment in the sun and congrats for costing Ireland a good president. Despite his failings ( which we all have ) Norris would have championed this country around the world. What do you do to help Ireland, nothing.

    • William says:

      Graham, Senator Norris’s mistake, while admittedly made with his heart and not his head, was not at all appropriate for a man in his situation. I say this as a man who was in support of Senator Norris’s campaign before this was revealed and i still in most aspects respect the man who is a champion of civil liberties and should always be thought of in that light. But when he sought clemency he did not seek it as a friend of Mr Nawi. He did it in his position as a representative of the Irish people. In that capacity is it not the acts of rightful presidential hopeful and thus completely improper and I thank Mr. Connolly for bringing this to light.

      I do not agree with a lot of what this blog represents as i am pro-Palestinian but I do not believe that in a proper intellectual debate that this blog represents that it is not right or civilized to use personal insults such as referring to this blogger as a “small minded little boy” that sort of personal attack has no place in the tone of this blog.

      I freely admit that i disagree with the Zionist message of this blog but this man is the voice of opposition in an important debate which has gone beyond the borders of Israel and Palestine. No proper debate can be decided without coherent and informed arguments on both sides and I thank you Mr. Connolly for your contributions.

      • William,

        I thank you for one of the most reasonable comments, that cuts straight to the real issues, ever posted on this blog.

        This is not an ‘anti-Norris’ blog, and I acknowledge many of the man’s positive contributions. He also bowed out of his campaign (before returning, anyway) like a gentleman, condemning the nonsense that was being spread by his fanatical supporters on his Today FM interview.

        Now that the dust is settling, I must say I was angry at the way I was smeared for my views by the likes of RTE Radio, who for instance asked me at the height of the controversy if I was happy to call myself a pro-Israel blogger. I responded in the positive (though many of my posts are not about Israel), only to hear it go out on the radio minutes later claiming I said that I ‘did it for Israel’, which led to some serious hate that I could see spreading on the likes of Twitter.

      • William says:

        That was a disgraceful representation of most arguments in Ireland. Whether political, economic or of any kind, most people in Ireland tend to directly associate the argument with the status of the arguer. This is a fallacy which is all to common in the Irish media. Any valid point or argument should be seen as relatively separate from the person making the argument. I would have no problem agreeing with a genuinely valid point put forward by the likes of Martin McGuinness even though i find him and his party loathsome.

        You released a fact about what Senator Norris did. There is no question as to whether he did it or not yet the discussion turned to your motives. This is the most frustrating element about having to watch news in Ireland.

        Although i must admit i was surprised by the outrage at Senator Norris’s past mistakes portrayed in the media, yet the apparent lack of outrage at Mr. McGuinness’s past.

  10. Brian says:

    Where is the essay I posted regarding the land question in the Middle East? I thought you were open to a free debate?

    • The comment boxes on most blogs aren’t the kind of places where one posts essays.

      In any case your piece was full of factual errors and showed a lack of understanding of many issues. There were absolutely no sources from rightist or even centrist academics.

      • MarkW says:

        TSW, you chose not to discuss what you called ‘factual errors’ and just censored it. If you thought there was an error, wouldn’t it be prudent to point it out and discuss it?
        Just because information doesn’t come from what you refer to as ‘rightist’ sources doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s incorrect.

        Resorting to an ad hominem was unnecessary.

      • The essay has since disappeared from the trash folder. I will not discuss it at this stage, nor will it ever be posted, as comments over 300 words or so become very frustrating for readers.

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  12. roxymuzak says:

    “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better,” wailed Norris, quoting the demented Samuel Beckett.
    Indeed, so there you have it folks. If your write a letter defending a child rapist and it fails, then do it again, but this time write a better letter defending a child rapist.

  13. Liberty & Freedom says:

    Your a fkn muppet, your deleting, editing and censoring everythin people put up here. You refused to put my post up, and your page is sickening. You give Jews a bad name with your propaganda you tube clips, there is no difference with your shite and the crap the extremist Muslims push out.

    You have one clip about funding the arab palistinians receive, and your you tube clp says this money could be used to help people starving in Africa, but yet you pretend you care for the poor ghettoized palistinians, your an idiot.

    Do you even realise that Israel gets twice as much in funding from the USA, they get 6 billion annually, why not give that to the starving africans along with the 3 billion the palsitinains get. Fucken scumbag

    • You post comments here with personal abuse and bullshit (easily researched) statistics and you expect to get clearance?

      I haven’t edited any other person’s comments either.

      Good night, sir (for good).

  14. spoony says:

    I don’t see why Mr Connolly is getting so much hate on here and other forums and in media coverage of the Norris story he simply brought to light some facts that people need to know. Norris did not commit the acts himself but his knowing and continuing the relationship I argue was by extension sanctioning the acts committed which can not be seen as good. The catholic church in Ireland knew of pedophilia by its members and did nothing and yet they are the condemned, but certain people almost absolve Norris of any wrongdoing because he is seen as somehow good for the Irish political scene, I ask is he any better the the church higher-achy, can his views and opinions really have changed that much since the end of the relationship, I think not.

  15. Graham says:

    Eh you removed most of my comments mate.

  16. Liberty & Freedom says:

    Jews against Zionism….Jews are not to have a government before the mesiah??Never heard this but cest la vie

  17. roxymuzak says:

    To paraphrase yourself, it is essential that Palestinian speaks out for Jewish rights, although me thinks you’d have a better chance of the Papal Nuncio inking a three-year deal to play in central midfield for Glasgow Rangers. Palestine is not interested in a two-state solution. It is only interested in a one-state solution. That state will be called Palestine, after six million Jews – that number again – have been murdered, as dictated by the Hamas charter. You have to start thinking your way back out of this nonsense sir, as we here in Ireland had to start thinking our way back out of murderous and irredentist claims of the IRA, not that the Jewish claim to their ancestral homeland is irredentist.

  18. roxymuzak says:

    Palestine, 8th word in.

  19. TSK says:

    Why not spent your energy supporting and building Ireland instead of jumping on the zionist bandwagon to support a foreign country? If ever there was a country that could use a little zionist spirit it is Ireland. Ireland should be your Zion.

    • I don’t live in Ireland anymore. Nevertheless, I have written about Ireland here, and Irish people are certainly able to take on board the anti-Keynesian, pro-freedom message I promote.

      • TSK says:

        You don’t live in Israel either.

        Why crusade for the jews fighting for territory halfway across the world when you have a quarter of Ireland still in foreign hands? You have a young nation of your own in need of improving and strengthening. An ancient language that needs saving – like Hebrew was saved. Your crusade is right under your nose. Perhaps the high profile of the Israeli/Palestinian issue in the media makes it “sexier” to you? Forget the media and get your priorities straight.

      • What, you want me to run for office in Ireland or come and help out with the harvest? Do you really think the Irish political and media establishment would want to have anything to do with a person like me?

        I believe I know myself the best and don’t need anyone else to dictate my priorities, least of all a stranger. I have lived and worked in Israel, and Israel has significant personal importance to me. End of story.

        Its not like the Jewish national project is even my entire focus anyway, as you can see from my blog and my daily life if you actually knew me.

  20. Declan says:

    Please get in touch at the below email address. I am interested in discussing the Norris Nawi controversy.

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  22. avitchi says:

    Great writing John… and it was nice to meet you during our car journey today.
    You do not have to publish this… just wanted to give you my email 🙂

  23. Gideon G says:

    There is a sugar rush from hatred that can thrill and motivate but there is also a price to pay. Hatred turns the soul to decay in a pernicious,insidious way. You did not destroy Norris. The man is protected because he is so full of love and kindness. Try to find the courage to love or be vulnerable before you harm yourself.

  24. mary says:

    another zionist nut job get circumsized and go live in london you would fit in with the bnp and edl stay out of Ireland

    • Here is the great tragedy of the Irish nationalist and anti-Israel gobshite: how to balance blatantly sectarian and bigoted views while always making nods to the ideals of anti-racism.

  25. Beautiful reply, John! “Mary” is definitely having trouble with that balancing act!

  26. mike says:

    so, jews are admirable, and pygmies are reprehensible? Is that what you believe? that’s what your words imply.

  27. John Connolly says:

    I recently traveled to Israel and Palestine on a Christian pilgrimage. At a checkpoint, I was arrested, detained and harassed because of my name: John Connolly. Israeli military questioned me about my fathers name ?????

    Are you in Israel’s “shit list”?

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