Dissenting on the Mandela Myth

What are people celebrating about the ‘New South Africa’ Mandela and the ANC have wrought, exactly?

That one in five whites left the country due to crime and the state of the economy? Half a million Europeans immigrated to South Africa in the 50s and 60s.

That about 10% of Boer farmers have been murdered, while 90% of land seized so far by the state the government admits is unproductive?

Unemployment is twice as high in South Africa as it was at the end of apartheid. Black life expectancy has actually fallen. The Johannesberg Stock Exchange, once the tenth largest in the world, has actually left the Central Business District for the safer suburb of Sandtown. The country’s main synagogue once sat proudly in the centre of Johannesberg. Now its in a gated suburb for safety.

White South Africa had its problems, but widespread misconceptions about it, spread with the help of communist regimes and left-wing activists, led to a takeover by the brutal ANC who are running the country into the ground and making life worse for blacks and whites.

While it was not an ideal situation for blacks back in the day, things were getting better gradually, and the National Party’s relatively conservative economic policies led to increased economic growth and standards of living for everybody. For instance, blacks in apartheid South Africa owned more private cars than the entire population of the USSR at the time.

The black school population grew by 250 percent in the first twenty-five years of apartheid. The black share of total personal income nearly doubled in twenty years, from twenty percent in the mid-1970s to thirty seven percent in 1995, while that of whites declined from seventy one to forty nine percent.

It also saved South Africa from the communist menace. If the ANC had come to power in the 1960s, Zimbabwe today would look enviable from the other side.

The gains were wrecked as a result of the revolutionary democratic-utopian fervour. Evolution, not revolution, was the way to black empowerment. The vote doesn’t mean much if you have no job and can’t get about your business safely.

Today, interest groups in South Africa are fighting viciously and desperately for a bigger slice of a constantly shrinking pie. This is what leads to tragic events such as the killings at the Lonmin mine strike.

The ANC has done in South Africa what Mrs. Thatcher said the socialists are always happy to do: make the poor even poorer, provided the rich get less rich.

If conservatives and libertarians are too afraid to address these things head on, we will always lose.


Cover-Up in Benghazi

Does Mitt Romney want to win the election in November? Sometimes, I doubt it. There are echoes in this race of John McCain’s blunders in 2008, when he refused to confront Obama on the matters of Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and Obama’s bizarre past writings. One only need look at a golden opportunity he appears to have missed: an Obama administration cover-up that could and should bring down a Commander in Chief.

Pat Buchanan provides the devastating details.

In summary: We now know that the September 11th attack in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens was observed in near real time by the State Department’s Charlene Lamb. Lamb was in contact with the security section at the Benghazi compound. Scores of men with automatic weapons and RPGs launched a night assault. There never was any protest at or near the site—not against the anti-Muslim YouTube video The Innocence of Muslims or anything else.

The next day, September 12th, Fox News and Eli Lake of The Daily Beast reported that U.S. intelligence had concluded that what happened was a planned act of terrorism. Within 24 hours of the attack, U.S. intelligence had already identified some of the perpetrators as members of an al-Qaeda affiliate in the Maghreb.

Two weeks later, Obama was still blaming a video. Just like the White House press secretary, Jay Carney, had said on September 14th, and UN Ambassador Susan Rice said two days after that. We now know that these people all knew better.

Why did they lie?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that they needed to cover-up the reality of a terrorist attack in a city they had rescued from Qaddafi’s vengeance eighteen months before.  Obama didn’t want the American public to know that Samantha Power, Susan Rice, as well the Wicked Witch of the White House herself, Hillary Clinton fouled up by promoting intervention in Libya and ended up handing a big prize to Islamists in North Africa. Chris Stevens payed a big price. There are others that need to pay up too.

South African police gun down more than 30 attacking miners

I’ll wager this isn’t going to attract the kind of universal scorn seen after Sharpeville, 1960. There will likely be no international outcry over this or any of the crimes committed by the regime of the ANC  – the crooked swine running a once-wonderful country into the ground.

At moments like this, I take time to appreciate some of the brave, principled critics of the new South Africa. One that particularly comes to mind is the former blogger ‘Uhuru Guru’, who has had to start a new life here in London with his wife and two young girls. Their home was raided by ANC ‘police’ thugs on trivial charges. His colleague, a lawyer, who used to run the excellent ‘South Africa Sucks’ blog with him, was found dead in the toilet of a police station. Self-inflicted gunshot wound, apparently. Sadly he is no longer blogging.

I am not under any illusions about the circumstances the police faced confronting the strikers. They were armed and dangerous fanatics, using machetes and even using tear gas. This is not uncommon at South African strikes and demonstrations, and its something the police should have been well prepared for. Its very hard to defend a reaction that left dozens dead from volley-style automatic rifle fire. After all, the police at Sharpeville were certainly thinking of their nine comrades hacked to death and mutilated at Cato Manor not long before.

At least the old SAPS was a competent force that successfully kept the twin scourges of crime and communism at bay. The quality of the police service in South Africa has so declined that today serious crimes, even murders, are often not responded to for days – if at all. The ANC has disbanded the elite, highly-regarded anti-corruption squad known as ‘the Scorpions’, to spare itself and the world from hearing the uncomfortable truths.

Remember that more people are murdered in one week under the ANC’s watch than died under the detention of the Afrikaner government over the course of roughly four decades. Remember that this is the country still held up as an ideal model for the rest of the world to follow, from justices of the US Supreme Court to the idiots of the Palestine Solidarity movement. Always remember that scenes of murder and chaos like the ones above are the real face of the regime of the ANC.

No Matter What, They’ll Call You A Racist

I have a lot of respect for Helen Zille. She leads South Africa’s official opposition to the criminal gang known as the ANC, the creeps currently strangling her country to death. While the opposition is somewhat tokenistic, it is able to conduct itself with honour. Zille’s party, Democratic Alliance, holds sway in the Western Cape, the only province out of nine in the country not ruled by the ANC.

And surprise, surprise: the Western Cape is the only province doing well for itself . It has a semblance of order, the rule of law, economic growth and good governance. The province is home to the city of Cape Town. During Zille’s time as mayor of that city, crime fell by 90%, the deficit fell by nearly R1 billion, services improved, and Zille proclaimed, rightly, that “the ANC is pro-poverty, not pro-poor”.

The Western Cape has been a beacon of hope for many South Africans and even many others outside the country. Families from the Eastern Cape have flocked there to place their children in its superior schools, which has caused an acute crowding problem. This is utterly embarrassing for the ANC. Zille has referred to those migrating to the DA-run haven as “refugees”. The ANC has raised hell over her comments. Of course, the only argument they could muster was to call her a racist. Which seems to be the only argument the ANC and its foreign apologists are able to wield these days. Jacob Zuma himself even refuses to debate Zille on the most pressing issues of the day on television, because he knows he will be humiliated, and have to resort to calling her a racist. Have a read of this enlightening report:

Johannesburg – The ANC on Wednesday bemoaned opposition leader Helen Zille’s comment in which she referred to Eastern Cape pupils who flocked to the Western Cape for a better education as refugees.

“The ANC is vindicated by the statement made by Helen Zille,” said African National Congress spokesman Jackson Mthembu.

“This is typical of the erstwhile apartheid government’s mentality that resorted to influx control measures to restrict black people from the so-called white areas.”

Mthembu said the statement was “racist” and must not must not be tolerated.

The DA leader sparked a war on social networking site Twitter on Tuesday as many users were angered by her use of the word “refugee”.

However, Zille remained firm and defended herself throughout the day.

Her statement was in reference to a protest in Grabouw over overcrowding at a local school.

The DA shifted the blame to the department of public works’ continuous delays in approving alternative land to build additional school buildings in the area.

“Zille’s racist statement underpins the DA’s policy of exclusionism of blacks,” said Mthembu.

“She will never say the same thing about whites who relocate from one area of the country to the Western Cape or even those who relocate from other countries to the Western Cape.

“To reduce South Africans who have free movement in their own country as refugees is tantamount to instigating against them by labelling them with a tag associated with foreigners,” Mthembu said.

Asked by a Twitter user on Tuesday to define a refugee, Zille responded: “Refugees are ppl who have to escape because their rights are violated. That describes E Cape pupils exactly.”

Mthembu said the DA viewed blacks as useful voters to win elections and nothing else.

“We call on all black DA members to see the DA for what it is, a white racist party,” he said.

“We also call on all those blacks who are in leadership structures of the DA for window dressing purposes to resign from the DA and not be used unduly.”

That Zille was a former anti-apartheid and pro-democracy activist who exposed the Nationalist government’s murder of black youth leader Steve Biko in the 1970s means nothing. She shows up the ANC. She must be a racist.

The relative success in the Western Cape province proves that South Africa can indeed be prosperous, and that it can work properly. It just needs more Locke and less Lenin, more Israel and less Palestine, more economic growth and less anti-racism and environmentalist conferences*.

I live and hope.

A sobering survey from the Rainbow Nation, the one that was more diverse under apartheid.

* This might just be the slogan of my dream political movement.

Saving Sierra Leone

I can’t help but notice that the United Nations and its defenders have been desperately trying to improve the organisation’s awful reputation by portraying themselves as the saviors of Sierra Leone. This is  in the wake of the recent conviction of Charles Taylor.

Few heroes emerge from a war such as the one waged by Foday Sankoh’s Revolutionary United Front and their friend Charles Taylor against innocent men, women and children in this corner of West Africa. But there are some, and they are most certainly not Kofi Annan and the men in the blue berets.

In March of 1995, when Sankoh’s rebellion was at its height, 200 South Africans with the fortitude typical of Boer warriors secured the diamond fields of Sierra Leone, that bought Charles Taylor’s support for RUF. The RUF scattered with remarkable speed in the face of real soldiers. Relative peace came upon Freetown for the first time in years; peace which enabled a civilian government to be elected in 1996. The South Africans were from the private military company Executive Outcomes.

The UN, no fan of white South Africans or free enterprise, didn’t like this one bit. The organisation put pressure on Sierra Leone to expel Executive Outcomes and threatened her with the loss of international aid. UN forces were eventually dispatched to replace the South African PMC.

The episode makes the UN’s silence in the face of the Rwandan Genocide shortly before all the more astonishing. It seems that if the genocide was to stop in this part of Africa, the credit had to go to some enlightened racially diverse UN bureaucrats, certainly not Boer mercenaries.

The UN forces, placed in Sierra Leone as part of a United Nations PR exercise, completely lost control of the situation. Tens of thousands died in the resumed RUF/Taylor rebellion.

And it was all the UN’s fault.