Paul Murphy MEP: What happens when angry kids are in charge


Fascism was born with the realisation that the revolutionary left don’t play by the rules and only use the institutions of liberal democracy to subvert them.

If Lenin and Trotsky didn’t exist, there would have been no Hitler and Goebbels.

Neither of these parties has any claim on or affections. However, looking at the likes of Paul Murphy MEP, one begins to understand the appeal of donning a black shirt and knocking him on the head.

With peace talks just about to get underway between Israel and the Palestinians, Murphy decided to offer his own alternative: telling Russia Today that Palestinians should begin a new violent Intifada and bring down – get this – “the capitalist establishment in Israel”.

What kind of idiot would do this?

A man stuck in an angsty teenage phase who has never had a real job in his life, perhaps.

Murphy graduated from University College Dublin in 2004. Until he landed the role of an MEP, he had never held down a real job, being described instead as a full-time activist for the Socialist Party. He did not even have to fight an election campaign: he stepped into a seat vacated by the ever sullen and gloomy Joe Higgins. Apparently, he’s also written a PhD thesis titled “Does socialist law exist?”

Does Paul Murphy’s sense of responsibility exist?

Murphy highlights the dangers of putting childish activists into positions of power and influence. Sure, the mainstream parties stuffed full of elderly people might not be up to much. They may even be gobsites. But we should not forget that there are always worse gobshites out there:


Support Free Trade? Support Israel? Just Want Cheaper Medicine? Then Support ACAA!

On Wednesday September 18th the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament met to discuss a trade agreement with Israel. The proposed bill is set to be voted on in October. If passed, the Agreement on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products (ACAA) would remove barriers to trade between Israel and EU member states in industrial products, particularly pharmaceuticals.

The ACAA is a fantastic opportunity to cut healthcare costs for Europeans and generate economic growth in Israel by further opening the European market to Israel’s renowned pharmaceutical industry.

The ACAA can only benefit the European consumer and Israeli enterprise and foster more peaceful cooperation between our peoples. Who wouldn’t want cheaper medicine for our children, our elderly and the increasingly financially squeezed average worker?

The “Palestine solidarity” crowd, that’s who. Putting left-wing politics ahead of people, Labour Party MEP for Dublin and Chair of the European Parliament Palestine Delegation has urged “caution” in the EU in regards to ending protectionist practices against Israel.

So, it seems the likes of Costello are prepared to screw their own constituents and average folks all over the EU in order to further the foreign policy objectives of people like the United Left Alliance. Or perhaps the Baathist’s best buddy in Ireland, Chris Andrews. Lobby groups like the IPSC are set to go into overdrive to stop this agreement. Unfortunately, even with the demise of Chris Andrews, many politicians in Ireland seem to believe they were elected to represent Palestinians as much as or more than the Irish.

I urge everybody who cares free markets, Israel, or simply the interests of consumers everywhere to tell these people where to shove it. Perhaps we can also teach them that the operation of the free market and free trade is the most surefire way to promote global peace and harmony. Just ask Milton:

On the Proposed EU Boycott of the Yesha

Israeli settlements are one of those things considered beyond respectability by international community and foreign observers. Even most of Israel’s supporters will issue condemnations of the enterprise, or at least the extent of them. Settlements are seen as an ogre, a villainous enterprise, as beloved as the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

I have respectable acquaintances that boycott goods produced by settlers, some of whom I would describe as in no way anti-Zionist or anti-Jewish. They may not be reflective of the type of people that generally boycott such goods, but I actually respect their decision. I don’t want Israel to continue ruling over a people that don’t want them there, a situation that has brought out the worst in some Israelis and is a massive burden on the populace (let alone the legitimate grievances this situation creates for the Arabs).

I don’t support efforts by anyone who boycotts anything Israeli or tries to blacklist the country. I believe its fair to say that the majority of those who do so are utter swine; the sinister scum of the earth, whether they be misguided Communists or demented Islamists. Firstly, and most importantly, a peace process needs to be inclusive, not focused on demonizing one side. Then there are plenty of other overlooked aspects of boycotts directed at Israel. Israelis are very aware of being singled out, which increases the popularity of the right-wing and more nationalists parties who present themselves as better protectors of the nation. Thanks, Western leftists! Looking at the statistics, it seems the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign hasn’t much of an effect either way. Israeli exports are going strong, and stronger every year. Its the boycotters themselves who have gotten poorer by depriving themselves of alternate voices; for instance, from the ban on speakers who defend Israel in many European universities.

Now, on May 15th of this year Eamon Gilmore, the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, suggested he may lobby for an EU-wide ban of Israeli settlement goods. While I may not have a problem with reasonable individuals with decent intentions boycotting settlement goods, for a number of reasons I do not support this state effort. As a libertarian, I don’t want any government making demands on another unless the countries in question are in an actual conflict with each other. Governments also shouldn’t be deciding what I can or cannot buy in stores or import from elsewhere. This is particularly true when there is no such boycott directed against other countries with similar problems, from Turkish-occupied Cyprus, Western Sahara, Tibet and China or West Papua New Guinea. Justice cannot be administered in a checkerboard manner.

It must also be said that the situation with settlements is not as black and white as some make it out to be. There are areas within the territories captured by Israel in 1967 that make far more sense to be in the Jewish State, such as the Western Wall, Mount Scopus (the original home of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Mount Scopus was actually agreed to be Israeli territory in the 1949 Armistice Agreement, but was cut off from Israel by the Jordanians contrary to the deal. UN officers and Israeli police were fired upon and killed trying to reach it. There are Jewish holy sites in the region that are in serious danger without Israeli or some other kind of supervision. Joseph’s Tomb has been set on fire by Arab mobs, and Jewish worshipers have been shot by Palestinian police there in recent years. There may need to be an area of Hevron set aside for Jewish pilgrims no matter what kind of peace settlement occurs. The idea of land swaps between Israel and a future Palestinian state have been agreed upon by all sides already. This would incorporate some settlement blocs into Israel, such as Gush Etzion (which existed prior to 1848) in exchange for predominantly Arab areas of Israel.

Withdrawal from the territories may be desirable, but it cannot be done in a way that will require Israeli incursion there in the future, should it become a base for missile attacks against vulnerable targets within Israel; particularly the Gush Dan region and Ben Gurion Airport.

Thus, for the sake of small, unintrusive government and a sensible peace process, I heartily recommend signing the below petition against this proposed boycott. This is a recently-started second petition, to replace one that passed 1000 signatures in the last few days but was removed for reasons not yet known.


Minister for Foreign Affairs: No to an EU ban on Israeli Goods


UPDATE (May 23rd): It appears that Avaaz, the site that hosted the original petition before it was removed, is part of the Soros Shadow Empire and should not be confused with normal petition sites that host grassroots demands for change.


They Must Go


It was amazing to witness the macabre media circus after Toulouse. Less than a year ago, many people irresponsibly jumped to label an attack on Norwegian leftists a jihadist atrocity, when in fact the killer was a white nationalist. In Toulouse, the situation was reversed. The left throughout the world hi-jacked the murders of innocent Jews and Muslim soldiers by blaming the killings on a Neo-Nazi in order to attack the politics of Nicholas Sarkozy. A New York Times headlined proclaimed the “Killings Could Stall Election’s Nationalist Turn” and blamed “anti-immigrant political talk” for creating a climate of hate.

Unfortunately for the left, it was a Muslim. A homegrown Salafist (now Egypt’s second largest political movement after the Muslim Brotherhood) who was actually being monitored by the intelligence services. Mohammed Merah murdered a three-year old child named Gavriel, a little boy named for one of the victims of the infamous assault by Islamists on the Chabad House in Mumbai in 2008. Merah’s relatively quick death at the hands of French police was far too kind a fate.

Jews have helped enrich all aspects of French life, from Sarah Bernhardt to the Citroen. They never got much thanks in return, from Dreyfus to Drancy, and to the murders and intimidation of the present day. There is another minority community, however, that contributes far less to France apart from welfare scroungers and violent chauvinists. For mentioning this inconvenient truth, I could be called all sorts of unpleasant things, but now is a time for truth over stupid protocol.

According to the New York Post, Merah was a petty criminal on welfare, and other sources have indicated he has received a plethora of state handouts, including housing. They not only tolerate this kind of Islamist rodent in France, the poor taxpayer has to subsidize them. Fascinatingly, the older brother of the Toulouse gunman has said he is “proud” of Mohammed Merah’s actions, and a teacher in a French school held a moment of silence and appreciation for this murderer. My solution to this is quite simple: all Islamists from or entitled to the citizenship of another country should lose their European passports and be sent promptly to whatever dump they belong in, at their own expense if possible. Mass immigration from Third World, Islamic countries is going to have to be severely curtailed. This is how you drain the subversive Islamist swamp, not by blaming Israel or justified public skepticism of mass immigration.

Michael O’ Leary On The EU, Innovation, and Why They Don’t Mix

I simply had to post this video. Michael O’ Leary is one of my heroes. He  brought the jet-setting lifestyle to the common man, making weekend trips to Prague to available to plumbers, waitresses and students. He helped change the image of the Irish nation for the better in the Celtic Tiger years and beyond. With people like him and Tony O’Reilly becoming the face of Ireland on Bloomberg, NBC and CNN, it became harder to think of the Irish as drunk men good for little but menial labor, with their battered wives at home popping out babies to add to the Pope’s never-ending legion of drones. That is why so many people hate him. I can’t recall any positive coverage of Ryanair or O’ Leary on the BBC. Yet its the likes of O’ Leary who will always make our lives better and get us out of economic malaise, not the politicians.

Marxists used to think that under a capitalist system the working classes would get progressively worse off and eventually revolt. Due to entrepreneurs like O’ Leary, they had to change their tactics. Instead, they claim free-markets hurt Third World countries (countries of course, that are nearly all socialistic) and the environment. I digress. Watch the video. O’ Leary pulls no punches.